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40+ Hotels Who Go Above And Beyond To Spoil Guests

Most of us have visited a hotel at least once in our lives — or maybe your one of the few that lives in the limbo that is hotel reality — jumping from one meeting point to the other, unaware that the guest experience could be improved with just a few more free chocolates. We can all agree that staying in a hotel can be a sort of retreat from our daily lives. It is quite a tempting notion to think of staying in a room all day, having people give us endless amounts of fresh towels, or eating a whole bowl of sweet candy while watching a good movie in bed. Obviously, there are numerous perks of being out and about and getting served (or spoiled, should we say) as needed. Besides, we can also grace our eyes with the hotel’s décor, for those of us that fancy these things.

On the other hand, we may miss some of our daily comforts that a hotel just can’t offer. In most cases, employees have learned to give exceptional service even with a touch of class to make us feel at home while we are away. However, some hotels can sometimes do an overwhelmingly outstanding job to keep their customers happy by offering services unique to the hotel experience, making them forget about the things they are missing! Go ahead and have a look at what some hotels have to offer their guests for an amazing hotel experience!

Lit keyhole

There are many pesky things that can happen whenever we are in a dim room, and we want to trust that our motor skills are exceptional even when we can’t see. Most of us have tried to ram our keys inside keyholes by attempting a series of aggressive hits and misses in the dark.

Image courtesy of AndrewH/Reddit

Luckily, this hotel came up with the brilliant idea to put a light in their keyholes so that people don’t have these issues anymore. Even if we can see, sometimes we can get a bit too tipsy from a night out, and all we want to do is go back to the hotel without worrying about our key. This is when a light inside of a keyhole comes in handy!

Clean floor under the bed

Two of the most protruding secrets from the beginning of mankind are: First, who let the dogs out? And secondly, are there any hotel employees that ever cleans the floor beneath the hotel room beds? No one knows and no one seems to know the answer.

Image courtesy of awils429/booking 

Fret no more, for this hotel staff makes sure to relieve your concerns by simply placing a sign beneath the bed that reads the following: “Yes, we have cleaned under here also!” Now we don’t have to even imagine what is running astray underneath this bed!

Secret passage to a pool table

We bet that almost every single one of you has fantasized once about being in a James Bond film. And maybe you thought about trying to find a way into the main villain’s secret meeting room by finding a random prop from a random book!

Image courtesy of bobert_the_wise/Reddit

At this fancy hotel, that scene can be made into a reality, since behind the unsuspicious-looking white bookshelf in the room, which happens to be filled with many books and cheesy ornaments, we can find an adjacent secret room with a red felt pool table. How cool is that?

Weather-indicating mirrors

Has it ever happened to you that you were on vacation, stood inside a room without any proper natural lighting and the air conditioning on blast, and went outside expecting a beautiful day only to come across a cloudy gray sky with no sunlight in sight?

Image courtesy of bonesakimbo/Reddit

With this awesome yet super simple invention, you can say goodbye to unexpected and unfavorable weather surprises. This hotel offers a mirror that literally reads you the weather outside in the simplest terminology possible. Now you can go outside safely, knowing what clothing items to wear so that you can make the most out of your day!

Cedar House Sport Hotel card

If climate change was a person, their relationship with the carbon footprint is undeniably toxic. Every single thing that we do in regards to the use of industrialized machines and processes is likely to harm the Earth in one way or another, whether intended or not.

Image courtesy of bunnymamallama/Reddit 

Cedar House Sport Hotel found an environmentally friendly and clever way of marketing their hotel by limiting the toxic processes and materials involved in making their business cards. Instead, they are made out of recycled wood. A very wise decision for the current times we are experiencing.

Monitor lizards

The good thing about going on vacation to a place is abundant in nature and animals is that you usually have the chance to see the animals very closely and also how the they react to their environment around them. The bad thing is also that… you get to see the animals very close.

Image courtesy of c08306834/Reddit

This hotel has very strict policies against disturbing monitored lizards while they are doing their thing and enjoying their environment. So, what the hotel is basically advising is if you don’t like the wildlife roaming free, mind your own business and let them be.

Mini colgate tube

There are many negative things about having to pack many items for trips. Particularly, hygiene elements. Most of the times, the original bottle is too big. They also tend to be very bulky and make up for most of the unnecessary weight in our bags. What a bummer.

Image courtesy of cactusdan94/Reddit

But, there are still clever people around today that think about these needs, especially at Colgate. They created a very small toothpaste tube that allows you to carry only the necessary amount of needed toothpaste without having to drag with you ludicrous amounts. Attaboy Colgate!

4 persons or 1 horse max

Life is always plagued with one too many questions. One of them is obviously calculating the maximum limit of weight that an elevator can handle while performing its lifting duties. So, why not measure it in horses or bananas? I mean, isn’t that what you were thinking?

Image courtesy of CplRicci/onedio

You know, some of us are not cut out for executing even the simplest math, so having clear images painted within our heads about how much weight is too much weight can be extremely handy. Even more so when we are casually cruising around on our horses.

Dogs are welcome. Humans not so much

If there are any animal lovers out there, be it cats, dogs, or even lizards, you know how frustrating it can be having to ask every single hotel where you want to go if bringing pets with you is allowed. This is one hotel’s reply:

Image courtesy of CrazybyRX/Reddit 

We are not ones to judge anybody, but this hotel staff is preaching straight facts. As animal owners, we are tired of having to put up with lame excuses that don’t allow us to bring our furry friends when humans are the troublesome species anyways. This is starting to become a rant.

Low green exit sign

One of the dangers of staying at hotels is that people usually engage in reckless behavior, particular from a wild night out, that can result in fires or danger being ensued. There are even popular songs written around this specific theme, so we are being honest about this issue.

Image courtesy of dicec/onedio 

This hotel created a very useful and safe way of indicating the way out in case of a fire so that you don’t have to get up to see where the exit is, running the risk of inhaling smoke or being in danger. They decided to make their signs green putting two near the exit door, one on the top and one on the bottom, so the guest will be less confused.

Hotel room for cat people

After having issued a rant about hotel owners and managers not allowing pets into hotels for the most part, we also have to stand up for those hotels who do, and especially in such a distinct and thoughtful way like this one.

Image courtesy of DocCaliban/Reddit 

This hotel does not only allow animals to enter the rooms, but they also include a cat bed, litter box, and a nail scratcher. It almost seems like animals are extremely encouraged to tag along. The person who came up with this idea is a cat lover for sure, 100%.

Boeing hotel room

Maybe it’s just us, but have you ever fantasized about sleeping in a plane in the most comfortable way possible? Well, here you can transform your fantasy into a reality in this hotel. How? By sleeping in a hotel made out of a Boeing 737.

Image courtesy of Reddit user EntirelyForgettable

This hotel features the inside interior of the world-recognized airplane while maintaining the overall characteristics and features of the plane. Just be careful when you wake up in the morning and remember you are not actually flying high in the sky.

“Do not disturb-housekeeping” light switches

One very big problem of staying in hotel rooms that particularly makes us not feel at home is that people, and staff don’t know when it is appropriate to offer their services within the facilities. Sometimes, we just want privacy. The solution lies before you:

Image courtesy of Reddit user EntropyVigilante

The creators of these light switches came up with the amazing idea of showing the staff when not to disturb their customers, and when it is possible to enter the rooms to do the cleaning by one press of a button. An idea worth millions.

Comfort Suites red slides

Another really burdensome situation that we can add to the already lengthy pesky hotel room mishaps list is that going up and down staircases can be a quite irritating thing to do if an elevator is not in sight, particularly when children just want to get back to the room. Now, check this out:

Image courtesy of F#ckmerit/onedio

Comfort Suites decided to add a huge red slide to make the descent to the ground floor so much more fun, efficient, and unique, especially for the kids! Beware of the rash as a result if you are wearing shorts. Don’t say later that we haven’t told you so.

Posh burgundy room with blue LED numbers

People who are inclined to fancy decorations, this is the post you’ve all been waiting for. Burgundy walls, expensive-looking marble, clean fluffy towels, and a very, very, big shower. The epitome of class, luxury, and tidiness lies in front of you:

Image courtesy of gabe840/onedio

This very enticing hotel room bathroom even contains some blue LED imagery for you to know what time it is on a constant basis, all while lathering your precious locks. You already know how the saying goes, “time is money.” Now go get yours.

Classy sleeping tent with champagne

Many people really have the desire to go camping, but they dislike what it even entails such as, blood-thirsty mosquitoes, people lurking around the tent, and the likelihood of being eaten alive by a savage bear. You know, the usual stuff.

Image courtesy of InGordWeTrust/Imgur

People at this hotel came up with the idea of placing a tent on top of a bed, while enjoying all the luxuries a five-star hotel room has to offer, such as expensive champagne, pastries, and comfy beds. You just don’t have to worry about the mosquitoes and monstrous bears.

Shower that allows you to choose the temp

We know our homes like the back of our hand, even down to how we reach the most desirable temperature for our shower water. One of the main things that makes us not feel at home in hotels is trying to decipher the adequate amount of hot water and cold water outputs in order to figure out a golden ratio for showering. The solution:

Image courtesy of JabberVapor/Reddit

I guess that we can all agree upon the fact that these should be sold more often in stores, since it can be a valuable item to have at our houses anyways. This hotel decided to make the guests lives’ a lot easier by including the water temperature directly on the shower head. This invention will definitely make us feel more comfortable.

Planters Inn teddy bear

As we have already discussed earlier on, it is nice when the hotel staff is willing to make an extra effort to make us feel more at home by spoiling us in thoughtful ways. But sometimes, minor misunderstandings can make up for great stories.

Image courtesy of JenAshleyWright/ Reddit

This is the case of Jennifer Wright, who went to a hotel along with her parents for a food festival. The funny thing is that the hotel staff thought that a little girl would appear judging by the interaction they had with her parents over the phone. The outcome is hilarious and still extremely thoughtful.

Robot butler

Another one of the already numerous fantasies people may have, especially those fond of gadgets, is to be served by a robot butler. If you happen to rent a room at this hotel, you can make your gadget dreams come true at last.

Image courtesy of jmill90/onedio

This hotel has a robot butler (yes, it even has a tuxedo on!) that serves you drinks and caters by simply loitering around on the lookout for thirsty clients. That thing even has built-in blue lights. Really enticing stuff right there.

Double peephole door

Sometimes when we are minding our own business, hotel staff may come around in order to offer their services. However, there are people with moving disabilities, such as those in wheel chairs, who have a hard time reaching the height in order to see out of the peephole.

Image courtesy of Kenndooo/Reddit

For that reason, this hotel came up with the idea of including a lower peephole, so that people on wheelchairs or even shorter people can observe who is around without having to open the door or guess beforehand. Or, uncomfortably try and reach the upper peephole.

Hotel room with aquarium

There are times in our lives when we think to ourselves, “What is the maximum amount of luxury a person can experience while staying in a hotel room?” This is the closest we can think of for an undeniable guest experience.

Image courtesy of KietyFate/Reddit

Yes. What you have in front of your eyes exists in real life. And it is very… real. There exists a hotel room that has an actual fish tank inside the wall of the room, just like an aquarium. It is a very beautiful sight. Well, not so much if you’ve ever seen the film “Jaws.”

Hotel room with U.S. constitution

For some guests across the United States, having only the Bible offered as reading material can be somewhat offensive if there is not other option available. This is because not all of the guests follow that specific faith or have different views all together.

Image courtesy of lives4summits/Reddit 

This hotel in the United States came up with a clever solution to offer both a copy of the US Constitution and the Declaration of Independence so the guest can learn about how the country was built. This can be an interesting read for those who are passionate about history, literature, or politics.


While there are many upsides to traveling alone and discovering what the world has to offer, one of the most notorious and cumbersome issues that come with traveling is the feelings of loneliness. This hotel came up with a really brilliant idea for this common problem.

Image courtesy of Mich_Cooke/imgur 

“Rent-A-Fish” is an idea conceived by a hotel in Belgium in order to combat loneliness. The negative part is that this small companion can be acquired for 3.50 euros a night. A a little bit pricey, for sure. But hey, your on vacation anyway, and this is a new experience!

Recyclable headphones

In addition to the carbon footprint problem that we have already delved into, another very big issue the world is facing is the uncontrolled disposal of cheap electronic goods, which includes an enormous part of the waste dispatched by humans.

Image courtesy of minacbalen/onedio

These hotel owners came up with a genius idea of creating an earphone garbage bin for users to throw away their earphones if needed in order to recycle them afterwards. Even outside the hotel realm, this should be regularly implemented, as it will decrease dispatched garbage.

Natural fruit juice dispenser

Practically every time we go on vacation, we feel particularly guilty of indulging in unhealthy eating habits, as a way to “let loose because we deserve it.” We tend to drink sodas, alcohol, and and other beverages that are just empty calories.

Image courtesy of MrCringeKidYT/Reddit 

This hotel decided to offer a natural fruit juice dispenser that contains water and a variety of sliced fruit for people to drink as a refreshing beverage. This is an excellent idea to foster healthy eating habits and try to curb excessive sugar consumption. Plus it looks amazing as well.

Polar bear shower

Ludicrous water consumption is a very complicated matter that scientists are trying to solve, and we are all guilty of taking long showers once in awhile. Since future generations might be faced with a shortage of water in the near future. It is imperative to solve this for forthcoming people.

Image courtesy of nashto/Reddit 

A very cool device (no pun intended) was created in order to elevate consciousness about water use. It basically measures the liters of water used in your shower. It also shows a melted ice casket when you exceed the limit of average water usage. Very useful indeed.

Bed for phone

It is very nice to be able to use our phone at all times. We always use them when we go on vacations to take pictures, or to upload social media posts to keep our loved ones in touch with our adventures.

Image courtesy of Nikko012/Reddit

However, finding a safe place to charge the phone can be a disturbance. Somebody came up with the cute idea of creating a bed for the smartphone to lay on so it can “rest” while it gets its battery charged in order to be ready for the next day.

DEVA Hotels pillow menu

We all know that many people have sleeping issues. Most of the time, they attribute it to a lack of proper comfort when sleeping, as they find items such as pillows uncomfortable or “too soft.” At DEVA, they got it all sorted out.

Image courtesy of Reddit user orf_46

DEVA Hotels birthed the idea of creating some sort of “pillow menu” where you are able to read the different characteristics of the different pillows they have to offer. The best part of it is that it’s a free service provided by the hotel!

Towel origami

Origami is a type of Japanese discipline which consists of folding paper without performing any cuts to it with scissors, creating interesting shapes and characters. Many Japanese people take up this hobby as a form to relieve stress or entertain themselves.

Image courtesy of OyeSimpson/onedio 

Someone in this hotel had the brilliant (and maybe tiresome) idea of folding service towels into the shape of a bird reading the newspaper while sitting on the toilet. It even looks as if a person were actually using the toilet at first glance.

Coca-Cola Olympics bottle

Coca-Cola is a popular soft drink created in 1886 by John Pemberton. It was originally created as a form to cure addictions by replacing its use with the name “Coca-Cola.” The name stems from the use of two ingredients: cocoa leaves and kola nuts.

Image courtesy of pwickings/Reddit

Here, this hotel offered something exclusive. We can observe a Coca-Cola bottle with a very particular design. It has transparent contents in side the bottle, a very slender design, a violet cap, and the classical five-ring official Olympics imprint on it. That has to be a limited edition.

Two-in-one washing sink and toilet

Since water consumption troubles are recurrent theme found in this article, we dare to say that this is one of the most creative inventions the world has witnessed in a long time. It is very simple in its nature, but effective too.

Image courtesy of richiethestick/thechive

It is a toilet that re-uses the sink water as flush water, thus drastically decreasing the amount of water used. Plus, you have soap on the side just like a regular sink. The next best thing is that the toilet paper poll is right to the side of it.

Mouse keeping card cat

It is a very nice detail when employees and staff are properly taken care of, especially when their picture is on the “employee of the month” sign. Well, nobody said anything about those employees being human. Ladies and gentlemen, please meet Pál.

Image courtesy of RustyBertrand/Imgur 

The MVP of hotel mouse keeping is finally receiving some shine. That is Pál, “employee” at the Foss Hotel in Iceland. He is a vital part of the crew members, and this photo shows how appreciated he is. It’s a little weird but what the heck.

Neutrogena body care kit

One of the main perks of going to hotels is that you get to receive free stuff such as towels, soaps, shampoos, creams, toothpaste tubes, and even ducks. Did we just say “ducks”? Yes, we did. See it for yourself.

Image courtesy of ryanbeljan/Reddit 

This hotel hands out Neutrogena body care kits for their customers with a very particular addition: a cute white rubber duck to use in the bathtub. Now you can comfortably bathe as if you were at home without being lonely.

Hotel mobile phone

It is a very useful convenience and another thing to not worry about when hotel rooms have cell phones to use. You can use them to order room service, speak with the management, and pull off funny phone pranks (who hasn’t done that before?), and amongst others.

Image courtesy of Sir-Jarvis/onedio

But what is even more convenient and smart is when a hotel has its own mobile fleet, meaning you can use the phone whenever you want to. You are free to take it around town, and best of all, free unlimited mobile data. A real first-world perk.

Skyscraper water bottle

We love it when hotels hand out free bottles to their guests. It can be very useful, especially when it is late at night, and you want to indulge in a drinking treat. In this case, we are not JUST talking about a refreshing bottle of water.

Image courtesy of snehshah402/Reddit 

This bottle of water has the shape of a building in Bangkok named the Baiyoke Tower II building. The attendees are gifted with the bottle as a souvenir, mostly for marketing purposes. It sure makes the stay even more memorable.

Safe with a plug-in port

One of the hazards of traveling and staying at hotels is the potential for personal (and oftentimes valuable) belongings to be stolen. This tends to happen quite frequently when traveling abroad to rather underdeveloped countries, where robbery is a commonplace daily practice.

Image courtesy of sudzysoap/onedio

Some designers imagined a great idea: a safe with a plug-in port. This means that you can keep your electronic goods at bay by keeping them in storage, and you can even charge them while they are being stored. Brilliant.

Neutrogena suit-and-tie towels

Neutrogena does it again, boys and girls. Maybe we are jumping to conclusions here, but we have the slight suspicion that they are part of an empire of hotels that are trying to take the tourism world by storm secretly from behind the scenes.

Image courtesy of The_Slavinator/Reddit 

Just kidding, or are we? It is no coincidence that their brand appear in most of the funny pictures shown above. This is like Tenacious D and “The Pick of destiny.” Or should we say “The Shampoo Bottle of Destiny”?

Dual-display alarm clock

It is nice to believe that whenever we stay at hotels, it is for pleasure reasons, but many times we stay at hotels due to labor reasons, such as business meetings. When that happens, oftentimes we need to get up early. Look at this:

Image courtesy of thinksInDownvotes/Reddit 

It can happen while we are away, especially when travelling overseas, that we suffer from jet lag. When that happens, we are quite prone to turning off the alarm clock. Fortunately, this dual-display clock lets us second guess whenever we feel tempted to postpone the alarm.

Steam-free mirror

Everybody enjoys a nice hot shower. It is a pleasure that most of us like to indulge in. This becomes more relevant during rather cold winter days. What can be bothersome is that steam accumulates inside the bathroom, filling the mirror with steam making it impossible to see.

Image courtesy of treadmillsandtiaras/Reddit 

When that happens, easy stuff like shaving or applying make-up becomes a hassle and headache. This is a practical solution that should be implemented not only in hotels, but in private households too. Bathroom mist can be a big no-no.

Hotel room checkout checklist

What you are about to see is one of the simplest, yet coolest ways of taking care of your clients if you are a hotel owner. An imminent problem that can occur to anybody is forgetting personal belongings when checking out of their room.

Image courtesy of ultimoze/Reddit

This is a very simple, yet convenient list of daily crucial items that tend to be forgotten regularly throughout hotels all around the world. This list includes clothes, keys, passports, mobile phone (and chargers), and toothbrush. And kids too. It happens, guys.

The Laureate typing machine

Trips generally evoke, provoke, and create memories. Sometimes, we wish we could pass these memories onto other people so that a part of us stays with them, even if they do not know us at all. That is part of the magic of writing.

Image courtesy of vash9590/onedio 

Laureate hotel in Key West offers a rather old school approach to letting other people know our memories are important. It puts into display a typing machine for clients to use in order to share memories or other thoughts about their experiences. “Sharing is caring”, they say.

Soft and firm

And we are back at it with pillows once more. Yes, we promise this is the last time. But only for now. This hotel labeled the pillows in a quite interesting way for clients and even their children to discern which one they want to use.

Image courtesy of onedio user Vat1canCame0s

This hotel used words sewn onto the pillow cloths, with “firm”, and “soft” legends, that show either how hard or soft the pillows are. So, those that like soft pillows pick the “soft” ones, and the ones that like firm pillows pick the “firm” ones.

Black makeup towel

We are not hotel owners, but we will go on a limb and suggest that one of the things that almost always infuriates the cleaning personnel is when people use white towels to cleanse the makeup off their faces, smearing a palette of colors onto them.

Image courtesy of  WantedDadorAlive/Reddit 

A very simple, albeit clever solution for this is to make a black towel that reads the word “makeup” like this hotel did, so that those who use makeup, and decide to remove it at the end of the day, they can do so without ruining a set of while towels while at it.

Bank turned into hotel

“The best for last.” This is a rather used-up cliché, but we firmly believe that for this particular occasion, we have actually saved the best for last, as you are about to witness the most insane meeting room ever. Take a look!

Image courtesy of WoollyMonster/Reddit

This was an old bank turned into a hotel. Instead of getting rid of the safety vault, they decided to keep it, and transform it into the hotel’s meeting room. One single piece of advice, though: make sure not to close the door if you don’t know how to open it!