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45 Times Italians Wanted To Throw Their Spaghetti At Foreigner’s Culinary Attempts

People become very passionate when they talk about things they like. The zeal with which they talk to people when they explain is evident. It is no surprise that when they find people who like the same things as they do, they form an instant friendship and establish trust with one another. The world becomes a perfect place, and nothing can go wrong. However, they also get easily offended when someone dislikes what they like or disrespect it in any form. It’s like disrespecting everything they’ve ever known and learned, especially when it comes to food. It would be wise to say that offending these people would do good to no one. If you find it hard to believe, you can take a look at the list we have compiled of Italian “recreations.” The Twitter account, Italianscomments, is a platform where Italians can comment on the recreations of traditional dishes, and we are all here for it. We are sure many Italians will shriek and hide from the horrors they are about to witness! Get prepared to see Italian dishes that native Italians would never try, even if you paid them!

An American Experiment

Americans love to try out new things when it comes to their food. They take various cuisines and whip them together to make something entirely new. That might bring novel delicacies to the table, but not everyone will be a fan of it.

Image courtesy of XXV – III/ Reddit

This Americanized pizza seems to have evoked a very sarcastic comment from this Italian. This “Burger Pizza” could easily have been 4 burgers instead of one pizza. But, the chef thought it would be good to make something different. But this guy did not take it very well. 

Can It? No, It Certainly Can’t!

The popularity and rise of canned food have little to do with laziness and more to do with the ease of preparing anything conveniently. But as they say, “With great power comes great responsibility.” We cannot go on like this, mixing anything and everything together to make food. 

Image courtesy of ItalianComments/Twitter

Well, this person seems to think otherwise. The pineapple on pizza war has already gained momentum for us to comment on, but this person thinks that merely looking at things like this is a waste of sight and energy. 

The Question Of Toppings

You might think that people have problems sometimes messing up the ingredients of their favorite dishes, but that is not the only problem. Some culinary experts might take artistic liberties to another level while preparing and even garnishing the dishes. 

Image courtesy of ItalianComments/Twitter

We’re talking about a dish like this, for example. It has a fascinating choice of garnish that has made the Italian take funny jibes at the dish. This guy has surely laughed it off easily, but other Italians might find this one hard to digest!

Too Much Water!

It’s not like Italian dishes cannot be prepared by others. Any good cook can make Italian dishes if they follow all the steps correctly. The key is to know how to use your cooking expertise (and directions) to make a delicious dish without ending up as a fail. 

Image Courtesy of ItalianComments/Twitter

Because this person tried everything right, from using fresh vegetables to the correct ingredients, and yet the final dish seemed to have missed the essence of the whole procedure. As the comment on the dish clearly states, there should not have been so much water chilling at the bottom.

Modern Combos!

Call it a habit or just something we’re used to, but we expect sweet flavors to fill our mouths when we eat a donut. Not just us, there are a lot of people who would agree that spicy donuts are not a hit with many people. 

Image courtesy of ItalianComments/Twitter

And to think someone made a donut out of spaghetti! This would only create chaos and will lead society into anarchy! Just look at the comment Pietro left on the picture. He is not wrong in saying that unsuitable combinations are indeed scary.

Magic Mixture

If you think mixing all the edible stuff in a bowl would make a good dish, then you are certainly mistaken. No matter how much you love those things independently, it is not okay to mix and match tastes here like this next cook. 

Image Courtesy of ItalianComments/Twitter

Just like this person tried to do with the lasagna. We might not be up for trying this creation. But this is a creation, for sure. We totally understand where Gianni is coming from because this work of art is the perfect testimony of his sentiments. 

Sauce Replacement

One slight change in the recipe could make a delicious treat into something that we cannot eat at all. You cannot replace the flour in the bread with millet and expect the same yummy result. Or, don’t expect to add jam instead of tomato sauce to the spaghetti.  Do you see where we’re going with this?

Image Courtesy Of ItalianComments/Twitter

It’s kind of like how this person tried to make spaghetti carbonara with salad cream instead of sauce. As the picture is self-explanatory, it is no surprise that the post would make certain people angry. But Giuseppe was beyond furious. And he made sure to let everyone know his thoughts.

Is It Better?

Some people swear by the use of some go-to ingredients that they add to every food they eat. And, they also claim it tastes better that way, like eating everything with ketchup. While that may be up for debate, there is one emerging topic that needs our attention, too.

Image courtesy of ItalianComments / Twitter

And it is none other than peanut butter. This man slathered a considerably thick layer of peanut butter on the pepperoni pizza and claimed it to be delish. And as the internet always does, there comes Marco, who condemned not only this combination but also expressed his own opinion on the matter. 

Shooting Bullets

This one is prepared by another peanut butter patriot who loves to try various combinations with peanut butter on everything. This particular fusion of peanut butter and ‘bullets’ does not look edible as it usually is with the trial and error method.

Image courtesy of ItalianComments / Twitter

It looks like someone mistook the cat’s “presents” as sausages for the pizza, or another explanation could be they burnt it before using them for the recipe. Whatever this person used or did before making this pizza, the result did not turn out to be great. As Alessandro has eloquently commented, it perfectly describes the pizza in one sentence. 

Garnishing Is The Way To Go

With many cooking shows coming out in recent times, people have started giving importance to the presentation and decoration of the dishes they conjure up. The dishes should not just be pleasing to the mouth. They should be pleasing to the eyes as well. 

Image Courtesy of ItalianComments/Twitter

This chef took it quite literally! As we can see, the ‘dish’ is nothing but ingredients presented and decorated in an eye-pleasing manner. But, that is all this particular vessel has to offer. As Sonia pointed out in her observation, we could not help but agree with her.

Slow & Steady Wins…?

You can cook anything you want in multiple ways. There is no one fixed way to prepare a certain dish. Different people try out the same dish in different ways, cooking takes a very liberal approach, and your method depends on how you choose to do it. 

Image courtesy of ItalianComments / Twitter

As this person tried to cook lasagna with a slow cooker. As Dario has helpfully noted, there is no problem with the method of cooking. Things could easily go wrong as the contents inside of the cooker do not actually look like lasagna, and there is absolutely no reason for a plastic bag to be there!

Is That Pizza?!

You might try out different types of pizzas because there are many good ones out there that people across the world have thought up. Anything with a truckload of cheese sounds good for a pizza. But, there are some territories we might not want to cross… 

Image courtesy of ItalianComments/Twitter

Honestly, we are usually ready to eat a lot of cheese, but we would definitely not want to try whatever this picture has to offer! A sheet of melted plastic in the pizza does not particularly sound or look appetizing to us.

A Dull Bean

We live by a simple rule when it comes to food. If it does not look good, it probably does not taste good either. And when we look at this image of the dish below, our faith in the tried and true philosophy is reaffirmed once again.

Image courtesy of ItalianComments / Twitter

Paolo seems to agree with us too. Dry noodles with canned beans on a plate do not look like food for humans. Just by looking at it, you can tell it will be a long ride from mouth to the stomach. We doubt such an unappetizing mixture of eatables would appeal to dogs, either.

If Looks Could Kill

Out of all the delicious things man has created with food, we think Pizza is at the top of the list. And we know there are many out there who would agree with us. However, we wonder what might have prompted someone to make a pizza that looked like this.

Image Courtesy Of ItalianComments / Twitter

Even if we put aside the usage of toppings on this pizza, an egg, and is not a popular topping by choice, the rest of the pizza does not look edible. Marco was spot on when he pointed out the similarities between the pizza and a lifeless coral reef.

Deal Breaker

Common interests are something that brings people together. On the other hand, there is one thing that can act as a deal-breaker for a relationship. For most people, certain values like honesty and loyalty are what bring them together. But things like infidelity can ruin everything.

Image courtesy of ItalianComments/Twitter

Deal-breakers are no laughing stock. This person was ready to fall in love with a girl he met online, and things could have been rosy, but the moment of truth presented itself, and his plans collapsed. His Italian roots would not allow him to date someone who can’t make a decent carbonara!

Food Wars

People on the internet can go from having pleasant discussions on a certain topic, the next minutes. They’re ready to kill each other within a matter of seconds. And when it comes to putting their opinion on the table without giving it a second thought, no one can match them.

Image courtesy of ItalianComments/Twitter

Food wars can be the most intense, just like this person clarifies that he does not like Italian food by swearing at it. Naturally, Fabio wasn’t going to take it. In his remark, though, he raises a fundamental question of different things that could never taste the same. 

All Together

People might have different takes on how they prefer to eat their meals. Not everyone might be in favor of a 3-course meal. Some might like to have just salads with their food, or some might skip the salad and enjoy the main meal and dessert.

Image courtesy of ItalianComments / Twitter

And some, like this person, might like to mix their food with the salad to finish everything quickly. Not everyone, though. Because some might wonder as to why this person did not add dessert to this blend of dishes, different people do different things that keep baffling us till no end. 

Food Symmetry

When it comes to comparing dishes with their original counterparts, people will leave no stone unturned. One can assume the original to be the base and its various improvisations as additional “toppings” depending on their popularity. We’ll let you guys be the judge.

Image courtesy of ItalianComments / Twitter

This person tried to compare American pizza to its Italian parent. Out of all the things, this person chose to comment on the geometry of the pizza. Well, disrespect to something as popular as pizza would not be taken lightly by some people. And to even compare it to the OG leaves no room for politeness. 

A Definite No!

As they say, excess of anything does well to no one. But, as a widely known and observed standard, extra cheese has always been welcome on our favorite foods. Be it pizza, burgers, lasagna, or anything. Cheese could be considered as one exception to the rule.

Image Courtesy of ItalianComments/Twitter

We have found a hard limit to this exception as well. One might wonder that adding Cheez Whiz to the pizza would only make it better, as was the post’s headline. But as soon as you look at it, you will realize it is not something you would want to try. Alessandra perfectly described her feelings when she saw it. 

No Going Back Now

We have this incredible power to whip something up that’s appetizing with mere contents present on our pantries on a daily basis. Yet, there are some people who would use this power to come up with something that could shake the very core of humanity.

Image Courtesy of ItalianComments/Twitter

Honestly, there is no other explanation why anyone in their right minds would make something as terrible as this dish here. These people should be locked up on a far-off, deserted island with tight security. The comments from people on this dish convey this exact message.

Taking Too Far

This particular item might not look that offensive to you when you first see it. But when you figure out what was used to make this, you will be repulsed by it, we are sure. This is made up of pepperoni, taco wraps, cheese, pizza sauce, and ramen noodles.

Image courtesy of ItalianComments / Twitter

This combination would offend the Italians and Koreans, as their favorite ramen noodles are one of the ingredients that committed the crime. We know students are notoriously famous for cooking and eating anything, but this person is laying her true opinion on the table. 

To Break It Or Not

How you cook your spaghetti is your own business. Not everyone would agree to it, but we would like to make one thing clear. If someone breaks the spaghetti before cooking it, they are losing the essence of the spaghetti.

Image courtesy of ItalianComments/Twitter

There are a lot of people with strong opinions on this matter. When you ask them what they feel about this matter, you will not get a polite answer. As this person has worded his response, it is pretty psychotic, comparing to breaking bones.

Million Dollar Tip?

A lot of great chefs around the world have taken it upon themselves to enlighten people with tips on how to take their cooking to the next level. They even offer advice on how to prepare a healthy meal that does not taste like yuck. 

Image Courtesy of ItalianComments / Twitter

This particular tip would fall under the category of unsolicited advice. As we have already seen, people do not look at you kindly if you break your spaghetti. This person swears by cutting the spaghetti with scissors before adding sauce so that kids can easily eat it. Her heart was in the right place, but Stefano pointed out the error of the practice. 

Is It Lasagna?

When someone cooks lasagna, you can easily tell that it is lasagna. It is fairly easy to recognize it as it is to recognize a cake. They are tough to miss. But what this person is eating does not even remotely resemble lasagna. 

Image courtesy of ItalianComments/Twitter

When someone says lasagna, the picture already forms in your mind. But when you see this, it is not something that would come to your mind. People were right in questioning whether someone already ate the lasagna. But the other person who commented actually described what it really looks like.

Pineapple Pizza Wars

If you don’t take the toppings on your pizza seriously, then you should start now. These topping wars are getting out of hand, and you need to take a stand in the battle because these affect everyone and get personal. 

Image courtesy of ItalianComments / Twitter

This is what our society has come to. If a person does not agree with your choice of topping and prefers something else, they might get killed. Therefore, it is important that you choose sides now and do not choose pineapple because that might end your life. 

Fruit On Pizza

Let’s not dismiss the pineapple on pizza claim so easily. There are people who can provide valuable insight that would give merit to the controversial claim. We just have to fight with the right people and in the right spirit.

Image Courtesy of ItalianComments / Twitter

Honestly, there are a lot of people who are just here for the fight. They would say anything and everything to win and come out on top. And there is just one way to silence them. Stefano has demonstrated brilliantly how to do that with a little sass.

Far Worse!

If you think the debate of pineapple on pizza is insane, then you are in for a ride when you see this next photo. There are far worse things people choose to put on their pizza, and there is no one to stop them. We can only do one thing: put this picture in front of you and rest our case.

Image courtesy of ItalianComments / Twitter

If there were a recipe that the devil would make, it would surely look like this. Sushi as a topping on pizza would certainly come from his brain. The consequence of making such a dish is flawlessly outlined by this person.

Deceptive Looks

If you think you can make out the contents of any dish just by looking at it, then you are sadly mistaken. A dish could look very appetizing and perfectly normal on the outside, and you would not have the slightest clue on what’s on the inside.

Image courtesy of ItalianComments/Twitter

No one would have known if it wasn’t for this gentleman who pointed out the exact raw materials used to prepare this traditional dish. And if his opinion is anything to go by, we think that is exactly what any respectable Italian would do. 

Extreme Flavors

A good chef tries to blend various flavors to give a burst of taste to the person enjoying it. A better chef knows which flavors go together and which ones should never be mixed. This is exactly the case for our next creation.

Image courtesy of ItalianComments / Twitter

When you mix two extremities like sweet and sour together, it should be handled with delicate care. No matter what you do, the outcome is fixed: it is bound to go wrong unless you’re a top chef. Like this person quoted, it is not fit for human consumption. 

Serious Business

Italians take their cheese very seriously. It is a matter of pride for them. The choice of cheese that goes into different dishes and the amount of it required is carefully chosen, measured, and is precise, and carefully calculated. 

Image courtesy of ItalianComments/Twitter

It is no wonder that they would feel displeased if anyone got it wrong. This person has lost her cool over the block of mozzarella cheese. It is common knowledge that Italians want their mozzarella in a spherical shape rather than a block. She is very upset about the fact that this is common in places other than Italy.

Room For Corrections

The good thing about slow cookers is that if you have messed up a dish, you can correct it before it’s too late. Since it takes a lot of time to cook, you can easily rectify your mess and proceed in the right direction.

Image courtesy of ItalianComments/Twitter

While this person was preparing Tortellini in a slow cooker, his mistakes in the preparation came to light. And as Francesco has commented, however sarcastically, it will only help him undo what he did wrong to prepare the correct dish.

Outright Terrifying!

As we had the chance to encounter one of the devil’s own creations a few pictures ago, here is another that will send chills down your spine. A combination that is so unique that only someone with supernatural powers could have thought of it.

Image courtesy of ItalianComments / Twitter

Here it is, pasta rice in all its glory. We even shudder to think that people can make these things and eat them as well. The comment on the picture is just about appropriate. Harsh solutions are required in times of disasters such as this one.

Ketchup Anyone?

Adding ketchup to things that we eat is one of the annoying habits of certain people that sometimes becomes hard to tolerate or even believe. And that is only when there is too much ketchup on your plate instead of the actual dish itself. 

Image Courtesy Of ItalianComments/Twitter

Can we have some food with this ketchup, please? We do not even want to start on the main dish itself as it is all kinds of wrong. But even with such an unpopular combination, this person seems to have no regard for his life when he added so much ketchup. 

Room For More

When someone can make a unique combination with rarely combined things, one might ponder what more the human mind can think of. It is always about what we do that separates us and alleviates us to another level.

Image courtesy of ItalianComments / Twitter

Just like this person decided to mix Alfredo pasta with steak on his plate, one person decided to help him. He thought that the actions he had performed were irreversible; what was done was done. But there was still room for repentance for his actions.

Looks Familiar

Making something entirely new is one process that we believe is a work of genius. To conceive the idea, gather the materials, and put in the actual labor of doing something and producing a masterpiece is not what many excel in.

Image courtesy of ItalianComments/Twitter

Just like nature. To think it conceived the idea of beautiful creatures like butterflies, made worms and larvae that would someday blossom into beautiful flies, is just amazing. And this person tried to replicate the magic of mother nature, as pointed out by Lidia. 

Not Quite Same

As we have seen so far, there is still a lot more to learn about cooking the actual carbonara. There are people who have adapted the recipe and tried to make it their own but have lost sight of what was important, the carbonara itself.

Image Courtesy of ItalianComments/Twitter

Just like this, “chef” made something which in spirit might have been carbonara, but in actuality was not. Though his attempt at plating the dish should have been applauded, a facsimile can never be as good as the real thing.

Just No!

Italians have already created delicacies that need no more work to be done on them to be perfect. They are already immaculate. And if you think that you can add these fantastic recipes together to make something amazing, you are wrong. 

Image Courtesy Of ItalianComments/Twitter

No one, and we repeat, no one, is allowed to mix two classics like lasagna and ravioli together and call it a dish because that is just wrong. Not at all acceptable. If Pietro had not called the maker of this dish, then we certainly would have. 

Is That Edible?

Some people just cannot make the lasagna right. It’s nothing personal, but we think there are two kinds of people. One who can make a decent lasagna, and others just cannot. No matter how hard they try, something goes wrong, and it ends up being a disaster. 

Image Courtesy of ItalianComments/Twitter

It’s almost like this person tried to make lasagna and failed. Though we cannot exactly pinpoint how it might have gone so terribly wrong, rest assured that there are people who can tell you when it is not right, just like Vittoria made some comparisons with another disgusting item that this lasagna looks like. 

Not Fond Of Modifications

Various adaptations of classic recipes are not very popular with the Italians. They like their classic dishes. Especially if they are made of original Italian dishes, they do it with love, passion, and pride for their culture when they make their dishes. 

Image courtesy of ItalianComments/Twitter

And when someone tries to do many variations in the recipe, they do not take it very well. Because as this person has commented, why would anyone want to change the basic ingredients of the dish and still call it by its original name? 

Disastrous Carbonara

The various adaptations of carbonara would make an excellent post in itself, as many people make it wrong. But, we decided to include this one here because we think the comment on this particular dish is hilarious.

Image Courtesy of ItalianComments/Twitter

The fact that this dish has scrambled eggs makes it the most unappetizing carbonara ever. Still, the comment on this picture really takes the spotlight because whoever made this item really deserves to have taste buds that emulate the taste of a horse.

Unfortunate Saga

Trying out something new for the first time can be difficult, and people are bound to make mistakes. But if we, as helpful beings, tried to identify their mistakes and helped them to correct themselves, the world wouldn’t be such a bad place after all.

Image Courtesy of ItalianComments/Twitter

Therefore we should applaud people like Pietro, who tried to help this person by telling him the problem he thought he saw in the dish. Even if he himself did not have the expertise to make the dish, he purely went out of his way to help this guy out of his good nature.

Quite Literally

As the war of pineapple on pizza never ceases to end, people have said many things in favor and against the concept. The heated debates and fights over the topic continue to rule the internet. But we might have found something that can rest the case. 

Image Courtesy Of ItalianComments/Twitter

Quite literally, this person put an actual pineapple on the pizza instead of a few pieces and uploaded this picture. As anyone can notice, there is no way anyone can eat this pizza, let alone be cut into slices. This effectively ends the perpetual war that has been going on for so long.

Horribly Wrong

Any attempt at making the carbonara without the supervision of an Italian would only have one outcome. There is no way people will figure out how to make a decent carbonara if someone did not teach them by holding their hands.

Image Courtesy of ItalianComments / Twitter

People can add things that do not belong in the carbonara, like corn, and there is no one to tell them that it is wrong. Only when they upload the picture on the internet is when others can tell them they took a horribly wrong turn. 

That Is No Pizza

We have seen so many combinations of many great dishes that have resulted in horrible outcomes. It would be wise to remind everyone here that no matter how good it is individually when combined, good things might not always be better when paired with another good thing.

Image Courtesy of ItalianComments / Twitter

As we can see, this bolognese pizza is one perfect example of how good things might not always produce good results. The way it is presented, it looks no closer to a pizza nor a pie. Monica has made her opinion of the disturbing spectacle clear, and we couldn’t help but agree.

Too Much Stuffing

We may encounter many things that we can’t figure out what they are when we look at them. The same goes for the next dish we are about to present. When you look at it, you can not tell whether it’s pasta, pizza, or burger. 

Image courtesy of ItalianComments / Twitter

But as the post suggests, it is a chicken parm pizza stuffed with penne. And we just cannot fathom what to make of it. Because we think the human stomach cannot digest so much stuff altogether. The comments on the post seem to agree with us too.