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Cities That Are Especially Beautiful In Winter

If you’re itching for warmer weather, the last thing you might want to think about is visiting a city that revolves around winter sports. But there are plenty of cities that make sublime destinations even in this cruelest season. With annual snowfalls as high as those in Sapporo, Tokyo, you’d think people would stay away, but these beautiful places can make someone forget about winter’s bitter chill. If you need convincing, check out these locations where the cold weather doesn’t take away from all their splendor.

1. Prague

Photo by Pat Whelen on Unsplash

Slated to receive the Winter Olympic Games in 2032, Prague is one of the few eastern European cities that can offer you ample experiences in winter. However, you will be pleased to see these beautiful cities in winter when it does snow.

2. Sapporo

You’ll also find plenty of places to stay warm and cozy this winter when you visit this city on Japan’s northern island, Hokkaido. It boasts several ski resorts complete with snow parks and lifts, so you can easily visit them whenever you like. The nearby famous Mount Yotei is another attraction during the snowy season where hikers scale the mountain through all conditions.

3. Salzburg

Austria’s Salzburg is another picturesque city that can get everybody into the holiday spirit. Be amazed at its historic old town center while enjoying all the different winter activities it has to offer.

4. Tromsø

Photo by Federica Esposito on Unsplash

Northern Lights illuminate the sky above Tromsø in Norway. This city is the northernmost city in the world, and it makes a winter wonderland even with its relatively warm winters. Don’t worry about lodging, because it has plenty of excellent hotels for you.

5. Santiago

Take your family out for a winter vacation in Santiago, where they can enjoy different activities while experiencing this majestic city during the cold season. With its world-class ski resorts, it’s one of South America’s most popular destinations during the winter months.

6. Amsterdam

Winter activities are a must-try when visiting Amsterdam. Experience its rich culture during the holidays with all the celebrations it has to offer. It’s host to some of the best European festivals every year, so it never fails to disappoint.