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Things You Should Know When Planning To Move To Washington DC

Are you moving to Washington DC and feeling excited, nervous, thrilled? The city seems like an excellent place to live. But relocating brings a lot of anxiety. Relocating can be particularly stressful when it’s to a big city like DC. We have compiled a few tips for you to know before shifting to Washington DC to alleviate your stress.

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1. Unspoken Dress Code

The city has an unspoken dress code. The city is a hub for working professionals in different sectors of the economy. It will seem that most people in the city buy their work clothes from the same place. You need to dress up professionally when you have a job interview in the city. Take a cue from the people and choose an attire that looks acceptable. 

2. Love For The Metro

Even though the city is small, commuting from one corner to another takes a lot of time. If you have to reach a place on time, remember to come out of the house early. In DC, metros seem to be a favorite of everyone. People prefer keeping their cars for weekend getaways. On weekdays, the metro will be pretty crowded. You will also begin to love the metro after staying there for a while. 

3. High Cost Of Living

If you plan to live in Washington DC, you must be prepared to bear the high living expenses. Housing can be pretty expensive and do not forget about the taxes. But on the other hand, the income level is also relatively high.

Image: Shutterstock / ESB Professional

Closing Note 

You might need a little time to adjust to your new life in Washington DC. But the city will gradually grow on you.