The Mediocre Superheroes: 35 Genius Comics Depicting The Ulterior Boring Life Of A Superhero

By Aakash M

Reading graphic novels is a fantastic pastime activity. Our love for comics started when we were kids reading Archie, but has really evolved in the last couple of years. Being avid comic book fans, we love exploring different comic artists who are great at what they do. Two such artists who are great at what they do are Andrew Nadeau and Phil Thompson. This duo has collaborated to produce a comic strip series called The Mediocre Superheroes. This series includes hilarious spin-offs of classic superhero stories showing their other more simpler side, where they live like ordinary people. That’s pretty different from what we usually read in comic books or see on the big screen. So get ready to dive into 35 of these entertaining and creative superhero inspired comics from this duo!

What a burn!

There is something about Robolt. He doesn’t hold back on those burns! The guy, oh sorry, we mean the robot, goes right for the kill without holding anybody hostage. To the point! This time, we have to take the hero’s side.

Image courtesy of mediocreheroes / Instagram

There’s a secret identity debate going on. The hero is just trying to explain to Robolt what’s going on. But Robolt seized the opportunity to let him know that nobody’s missing out on much because they don’t even know the guy. That hurts.

The rational guy

Rudolph sits in front of the sleigh. Maybe he’s rational, and that’s why Santa has given him that place in the sleigh. Also, his nose is like a beacon, isn’t it? If you look at this image, he’s technically not wrong here.

Image courtesy of mediocreheroes / Instagram

Nobody ever thinks about how nine reindeers pull a sleigh that carries millions of toys or that they’re not just traveling to the next city; they literally pull it all over the world- and while we’re stating the obvious, it’s all done in one night! Woah, that’s a lot of practicality. It’s crazy.

He’s Superman

Is it a bird? No! Is it a plane? No! It’s Superman! It’s Superman, and it’s also one of the most famous quotes associated with any superhero. We can’t even imagine how many times this quote has been used in pop culture.

Image courtesy of mediocreheroes / Instagram

Honestly, it has been used so many times that it seems as if people have started to get annoyed by it. Maybe that’s why this comic gives us a practical version of what could be happening when people do the whole bird-plane thing.


Although we only see one side, being a hero isn’t just about having special powers. The most prominent example of what we just said is Batman. There is nothing other-worldly about him. He’s a billionaire, and he’s astute and determined, and of course, he’s one of the best fighters.

Image courtesy of mediocreheroes / Instagram

Well, after reading this comic, instead of saying Batman is a great example, we’d say he’s an amazing exception. So, not having powers is okay, but you need to back things up like Batman when you’re a superhero and don’t have superpowers.

Is it a bird?

Remarks about fat, weight, and size can trigger people to a very high level. Therefore, it’s best to keep the body-shaming comments to yourself since it can make the person go to extreme lengths of self-consciousness and guilt.

Image courtesy of mediocreheroes / Instagram

Superman seems to have taken this one in the wrong sense. When people call him a plane, it’s definitely not because he looks huge and fat. They do that because he’s flying at a very high speed high in the air. Solved.

Big problems

This, right here, is precisely what has bothered Bruce Banner for most of his life as Hulk. Since he goes through a body transformation every now and then, clothes definitely seem to be a massive problem for good old Hulk.

Image courtesy of karloferdon / Instagram

But, you see, Hulk is friends with Tony Stark (you know who he is). Since he’s friends with him, shouldn’t he get an outfit that’d shrink and expand according to his frequent body changes? That’s a permanent solution, isn’t it?

Good point

The snappy and sarcastic robot that you’re about to see is named Robolt. We were thinking to ourselves that the way this robot speaks makes us believe he is a relative of Bender from Futurama. You guys must see it, right?

Image courtesy of mediocreheroes / Instagram

Robolt seems to be trying really hard to come up with something personal, but honestly, he’s making some sense. If the leader here is not so competent, the whole team will face repercussions. That’s just how things are. Therefore, leaders should lead by example.

Balance is key

It’s pretty normal to be sensitive about the things around you. That’s actually a natural part of the human experience. At the same time, it’d be pretty tough to live a happy life if you are too sensitive about everything that’s happening.

Image courtesy of mediocreheroes / Instagram

But again, it also doesn’t mean that everyone should be as insensitive as possible. We’re trying to say that there must be a delicate balance between both extremes. If that balance is attainable, then you have succeeded as a human!

Work on the riddles, Riddle

Riddler is, of course, one of the most iconic Batman villains. He’s all the more iconic since The Batman was released. Although Joker is the most infamous villain, Riddler seems to be enjoying his position today, all thanks to his impressive brain.

Image courtesy of mediocreheroes / Instagram

It’s pretty unique how he always leaves those riddles for Batman. Those riddles are perfect, but you know, one extra hint, one slip, and Riddler would probably be done for, as you can see in this comic. That’s what you call a rookie mistake.


22 Jump Street is undoubtedly one of the funniest movies of all time, and we don’t think anybody could get over Jonah Hill and Channing Tatum’s incredible chemistry. We are badly waiting for a third installment, but we don’t know when or if that is coming up. 

Image courtesy of mediocreheroes / Instagram

Do you remember the “My name is Jeff” scene between Channing Tatum and the gangsters in that movie? Well, something similar is happening here as well, since it looks like this alien wasn’t aware that people on Earth use the “J” sound. 

Good and bad

Most of you are familiar with the widely renowned theory about something suitable for every evil and vice versa. It basically means that life should be balanced. Check out the Yin and Yang concept if you want to know more. 

Image courtesy of mediocreheroes / Instagram

What we mentioned above is precisely what we see here. Santa Claus is the literal embodiment of “good,” and Krampus, on the other hand, is the literal embodiment of “evil.” You can see how they’re negotiating things. What do you say, are the balancing the scales?

Dracula and Batman

Since we have so many practical takes on things, here’s another one. If you see practically, then Dracula is the original Batman since one of his supernatural powers also includes him turning into a bat. But, this point raises a lot of questions.

Image courtesy of mediocreheroes / Instagram

Because if you use that concept, you can also consider werewolves in the same category. It’s up to you if you call them a ‘wolfman’ now, but we’re just saying. Let’s not complicate things. Batman is Batman, and Dracula is Dracula. Done.

Missed out, but not so much

Wow. This kid is definitely lacking some knowledge about genies. But, doesn’t everyone who has the chance to wish, wishes for an infinite number of wishes from the genie? That’s so basic! Everyone should know that! This is just sad.

Image courtesy of mediocreheroes / Instagram

We, for one, can’t understand what rule this guy is talking about, and we also can’t understand why he is trying to be so over-smart. On the other hand, a trillion dollars also means an infinite number of wishes in a way because that is a lot of money.

One for the rhino

It seems as if this rhino is out to get some vengeance. You should know one thing about animals, which is that they wouldn’t seek retribution unless they have been troubled to the point where there isn’t any option left.

Image courtesy of mediocreheroes / Instagram

This one is quite simple to understand. It’s only that this rhino likes to wreak some havoc. Just because he’s a big guy doesn’t mean he won’t be wise. Additionally, rhinos have a potty mouth as well. And let’s not forget how bizarre their nature is. Beautiful animals.

What’s wrong with you?

This comic pretty much tells us why Batman prefers working alone. It always feels a bit corny, but the truth is that he only values the advice of two people, out of which one is himself. The other person is Alfred. 

Image courtesy of mediocreheroes / Instagram

That mindset seems to have been working quite well for him since that has kept him out of a load of trouble all this while. Batman shares quite a strained relationship with his young sidekicks. Although they get along well at times, other times, they just don’t.


After seeing this comic, you’ll know how Peter Parker can generate organic webbing because that has been quite the question for a long time. You see, Spiderman has to create his own web fluid, chemically, and in the movies, he’s always at it.

Image courtesy of karloferdon / Instagram

If you look at it practically (You shouldn’t because it’s just a movie but for the sake of this comic), it seems like a time-consuming process, doesn’t it? Well, now you know how he does it. He has employed two spiders for the job. Smart.

Keep it low

It seems like Daredevil’s perceptions are improved, but not like it should have happened. Since hearing is his most powerful sense, he perceives all of it as if it were SONAR. Furthermore, Daredevil also has a sense of smell that’s better than most humans.

Image courtesy of karloferdon / Instagram

But, for some reason, people always think that it is because he can’t see. Well, the thing is that he can detect your heartbeat from a distance of more than six meters, and he can also listen to people speak from the other end of an insulated wall. He’s pretty sound-sensitive.


The doctor looks to be really chill about the fact that he’s treating Hulk. Maybe that’s why he is somehow unaware that Hulk is the strongest Avenger out there. Well, of course, no offense to Thor, but you know what we’re getting at, right?

Image courtesy of karloferdon / Instagram

For those who have been there, you know that when a medical examiner hits the sweet spot below the kneecap with his rubber mallet, your foot jerks upwards. It’s pretty standard, but when you’re Hulk, the doctor flies up with your foot too.


If you are a DC comics fan, and especially if you are a Superman fan, you must have seen the changing scene. When somebody needs help in Metropolis, Superman is always there. When he reaches the scene, he does his signature shirt-ripping move that flashes his symbol.

Image courtesy of karloferdon / Instagram

But, back in the day, in the early comics, it was shown that he used a secluded location to get his costume change done quickly. DC improvised on that, and we must say that it is a great move, although it doesn’t make a lot of sense.

Unity is strength

You know that Nebula is a ferocious fighter, right? The adopted daughter of Thanos and Gamora’s sister? Yes, Nebula. Thanos trained all of his daughters a lot to become great fighters. But here’s some BTS on that. What’s Thanos think of this?

Image courtesy of karloferdon / Instagram

Thanos always made the two siblings fight each other as part of training. But, instead of hatred, the two grew to appreciate each other’s company as sisters. Wow, this comic is really heartwarming. And it’s good to see how close they are.

Helped himself

Here’s an Aquaman comic for you. Since he’s the king and so powerful, something like this from him doesn’t look like a surprise. He might have actually cried a river. But, it’s awkward to imagine that he has been living in an ocean of his tears all this while.

Image courtesy of karloferdon / Instagram

But, you never know what Aquaman is capable of since he looks to have found quite the convenient solution for a massive problem in this case. Since we’re thinking practically here, the water must be a bit too salty, wouldn’t it?

Go, Clarence!

To be honest, we were sold in the first half of this comic. This guy literally had us there. We were all like, go, Clarence! Live your dreams and seize every moment! It’s always a good thing to manifest how your future will be turning out.

Image courtesy of mediocreheroes / Instagram

There’s no harm in it because a person would be all the more motivated to do something that way. But now it seems as if this comic is straight out of a James Wan movie. That’s a ghost in the mirror, guys!

Aquaman’s powers

Although it’s a tremendous power, most fans mock Aquaman because he talks to fish. But, people were stunned by Jason Momoa’s performance in James Wan’s Aquaman that hit the screens in 2018. Jason plays Aquaman in the movie for those who didn’t see it.

Image courtesy of mediocreheroes / Instagram

Since he’s half Atlantean and half-human, his telepathic communication skills with fish is a gift that he received. Thanks to his trident of Atlan, his powers are more powerful. But, it still doesn’t mean that he shouldn’t be communicating when there’s a problem.

Watch it!

Doesn’t this guy in the comic look a bit like Beast Boy’s father? Beast Boy as in the member of Teen Titans? Come on! He was the green-hued boy who could turn into any animal on Earth! Yes, that’s the guy! The ever-famous Beast Boy.

Image courtesy of mediocreheroes / Instagram

If we’d be serious, then shaming this guy for being able to talk to animals doesn’t seem like the most ‘gentlemanly’ thing to do. He could be a fantastic asset. For instance, he could be like the Ratcatcher from Suicide Squad.

Robolt at it

Robolt has no chill at all. He’s just as snarky and as snappy as anybody can get. It’s honestly as if he was competing to get the award for being the most sarcastic person or robot. We’re being sarcastic here as well…

Image courtesy of mediocreheroes / Instagram

But, the thing is that it takes a lot of skill to master the great art of sarcasm. You might be “sar-chastic” instead of being sarcastic if you don’t do things well enough. Sar-chasm is like a made-up version of the word (by us), meaning a mix of sarcasm and chasm.

A good meal

This comic is one of the most relatable ones on the whole list. Now, Thanksgiving consists of an enormous feast, and nobody in their right mind would ever say no to all that amount of food, even if you’re dieting.

Image courtesy of mediocreheroes / Instagram

Since we’re talking about Thanksgiving feasts here, you can see Thor and Loki, who have been indulged to a point where they can’t even move a bit. The ever-jacked Thor has a beer belly. That’s how far this thing has gone.

Are you trying to kill yourself?

In this comic, we can see a flying superhero with a green tint. He looks like he has some nature-based powers, right? But it seems like a rare case as well. Although the guy seems superhuman, wearing a cape so close to a plane engine is still stupid.

Image courtesy of mediocreheroes / Instagram

Do you know that the engine has a 9-feet diameter fan with a 2800 RPM during the launch? This engine pulls in enough air to suction out all the air in a 4-bedroom house, that too, in only some milliseconds! So, keep the capes away!


Starbucks will always be Starbucks. They’ll still get the name and the requirements wrong, even when the customer is a powerful villain. They do that to us, and it’s okay because we’re used to it. But this one is just too much.

Image courtesy of mediocreheroes / Instagram

Sadly, that’s just how things seem to be in the world of Starbucks. They even got the guy owning up to the mistake they made. The power and influence in this comic are simply on a whole new level. We must say that we’re really impressed.


Are you able to understand what’s happening in this one? What a classic example of everyday life. Have you seen those articles where a customer calls a bakery and asks them to write a message on the cake, and once they pick the cake up, it’s a total disaster?

Image courtesy of mediocreheroes / Instagram

That’s precisely what has happened here. Because of miscommunication, the other party mistook Hint Man for hitman. The funniest part of this situation is the existence of a so-called Hint Man and, of course, the guy’s outfit. It’s just hilarious.

Old-age heroes

There have been so many Batman movies to date. Out of those, the one from Batman Beyond is relatively old. The guy may be in his seventies, but he’s still as capable as he could possibly be. This Batman version is a bit old but with some longevity.

Image courtesy of karloferdon / Instagram

We aren’t usually used to seeing an old Batman. But, how would he have survived so long? The answer to that question is really simple. He’s Batman. That’s why. He’s the guy who has backup plans for backup plans. He’s just amazing like the old Flash, who’s still quick.

Innovation at its best

Wolverine and Deadpool are a fantastic duo in comics, cartoons, or movies. We don’t think anybody can forget the way Ryan Reynolds and Hugh Jackman portrayed the roles of these characters in the movies. They’re just on a whole other level.

Image courtesy of karloferdon / Instagram

You know, the main point here is that both the characters, Deadpool and Wolverine have a regenerative healing factor, which is just so cool and innovative! That quality is more than enough, honestly. They are like axolotls. They’ll regrow a limb if they lose one.

Flash’s superpowers

We hope you know that carbon dioxide is one of the main elements in carbonated beverages since it is the reason why the gas mixes in the drink. Anyways, if you agitate or shake the can, it causes bubbles that make it easy for the gas to leave.

Image courtesy of karloferdon / Instagram

Now, the Flash moves too fast, which means that the beverage in the container will be extremely shaken up once he gets to his destination. This comic reminds us of that episode from The Simpsons in which the exploding can was used for a setup.

Bird droppings

Here’s something for you. Mix a tablespoon of liquid dishwashing detergent and two cups of chilled water in a mixing bowl. Next, blot the stain with a cleaning solution to get rid of it. If the discoloration is still there, use hydrogen peroxide and ammonia in that order.

Image courtesy of karloferdon / Instagram

After you do all that, use cold water and a sponge to clean things off before letting things dry. We just told you how to get rid of bird droppings from your outfit because sometimes, we all seem to be at the wrong place at the wrong time, just like Batman here.

Posture correction

To maintain the proper form and have a strong spine and back, one needs to adopt and practice sitting in the appropriate position, that is, with a straight back. When a person sits that way, the body’s alignment is correct, and it has numerous benefits.

Image courtesy of karloferdon / Instagram

That’s precisely what Rocket is trying to tell a relatively young Groot. Although you might be strong and good-looking, none of it is worth it if your posture isn’t proper. It’s one of the first things people notice upon seeing somebody.

Take care of your eyes

Cyclops had to use the ruby quartz lens-based glasses throughout the comics for those who don’t know. It was because he had brain trauma as a child. As a result, the part of his brain allowing him to regulate his optic beams was impaired.

Image courtesy of karloferdon / Instagram

Now, if we’re right, we think Professor X gave him those glasses. Considering that, no wonder everything’s in red for him. Well, it’s still better than living in the dark, right? Always remember to take good care of your eyes!