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How To Get Enough Sleep During A Flight

It is very normal to want to have a nap during a flight, especially during those 24-hour journeys. Having to spend such long hours sitting in one place makes you feel exhausted and that can even affect your mood. The body pains that come with it and being jet-lagged could be an unpleasant experience. It is therefore advisable to catch some rest during such flights. But how do you do that and even get enough of it? Here are few tips to get some good sleep on a flight.

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Be mindful of what you wear

It is good to put on easy wear or something very comfortable. At a point in time, you can remove your shoes to rest your feed.

A neck pillow will do

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A neck pillow would support your neck and make your sleep comfortable. You wouldn’t wake up to any unexpected neck pains.

Avoid coffee

One of the biggest mistakes some long travelers do is to drink coffee to stay awake throughout the journey. If you are used to doing that, it’s time to put a stop to it. After the caffeine completes its work, you become restless and exhausted. The best option is to stay hydrated by drinking a lot of water. You can comfortably sleep when you feel like it.

No alcohol

Of course, alcohol can make you feel tipsy and want to sleep. However, you may lack the quality of sleep you deserve. You would actually wake up still feeling tired with you may lack concentration.

Use a blanket

It looks more like a natural something because whenever I cover myself with a blanket, I begin to feel sleepy. If you are such type, then using a blanket can do the magic when you want to sleep comfortably in an airplane. It makes you feel cozy.