Our Wonderful Earth: 38 Remarkable Satellite Images That Display The World In A New Light

By Anthony K

 A picture speaks louder than words. Having an aerial view is even more exceptional. Benjamin Grant scours the internet for impressive satellite images to reveal more about the Earth. This article looks at incredible satellite images, 38 to be precise, that will transform how you view our planet. Join us to discover these little-known images that will leave you catching your breath in both excitement and bewilderment. These satellite impressions give a clear vision of what a fantastic world there is out there waiting for you to explore. If you enjoy tourism, you will discover several attraction sights that will entice you to consider visiting. Grant drew inspiration from the Overview Effect experience, a shifting worldview relayed by astronauts depicting their first view of Earth from space.

1. Willie Creek, Western Australia

Have you ever heard of a secure tidal estuary? Willie Creek is one of such. This attraction site is located roughly 17 kilometers to the north of Broome, Western Australia. This zone is residence to a wide range of pearl jewelry in Australia. If you desire a fabulous destination to feast your eyes upon, this region should be top of your list.

Photo Credits: Benjamin Grant

In addition, Willie Creek is an excellent location for the Pinctada maxima oyster to live. This satellite image will change your view of the world and entice you to introduce some pearls to your accessories. Thirty years later and from humble beginnings, Willie Creek Pearls remains a family-owned business.

2. The Blooming Tulip Fields In Lisse, Netherlands

This aerial view captures the lush, blooming fields. These tulip fields are an attraction site for many visitors. If you love flowers as much as we do, you should consider booking a trip to the Netherlands for an experience like no other. Flowers speak a lot about the atmosphere around us.

Photo credits: Benjamin Grant

Talk of color; there is no comparison to the full-ranging view of hues. One of the most widely-known flower gardens, known as the Gardens of Europe, is in this area. If you include this site in your list of places to visit, you can be sure to have fantastic memories. You can best explore this site on a bike or an electric car.

3. Plaza Del Ejecutivo, Mexico City

This attraction site is where sixteen streets meet in the middle of pretty urban morphology. Arguably, you have never seen such a sight before. It mimics the radiating streets in Palmanova, an Italian town. Imagine taking a picture from right here with your friends; only one word comes to mind, amazing.

Photo Credits: Benjamin Grant

Plaza Del Ejecutivo, Mexico City, is home to more than 400,000 welcoming residents. This region is undeniably attractive and will have you appreciating the art of construction. As in the image above, you must agree the infrastructure is impeccable and creative enough to live for generations. In addition, Mexican culture is quite breathtaking. You can enjoy spicy cuisines and other rich meals.

4. Northumberlandia, also known as “Lady Of The North,” Northern England

Lady of the North resembles a massive land sculpture shaped like a reclining female. It serves as a prominent tourist attraction that receives close to 200,000 visitors annually. If you consider sightseeing this season, you best include this destination for some fantastic greenery.

Photo Credits: Benjamin Grant

Comprising more than 1.5 million tons of earth from the surrounding Shotton Surface Mine, this place stands 34 meters high and 400 meters long. According to reliable sources, it is an enormous land sculpture that appears in female form worldwide.

5. Sahara Desert, Algeria

This region experiences dry climates and long rainless seasons. It is located in north-central Africa and includes the Sahara Desert. During hot seasons, temperatures reach 50 degrees giving this region the moniker, “Triangle of Fire.” The Sahara Desert is a massive expanse of dry land consisting of sand. It is an incredible sight, but remember to carry some water with you when going into the region.

Photo Credits: Benjamin Grant

This region traverses more than four-fifths of Algeria. It expands from the Saharan Atlas as a stony land and gradually transforms into a sand dune desert. Among the hottest cities in this land include Adrar, Ourgla, and Salah. A desert trek is an experience you have to participate in during your lifetime. Also, take some pictures while on the go.

6. Everglades National Park, Florida

Everglades National Park, Florida, has the most extensive tropical wildlife in America. It is situated in the eastern zone of the Mississippi River and covers more than 1.5 million acres. This view resembles flowing magma and would be a welcome sight for many. This satellite image represents the beauty of land meeting with water to create an image that painters can admire.

Photo Credits: Benjamin Grant

Everglades National Park, Florida, represents an incomparable landscape that offers several rare animal species essential habitats. These diverse environs provide many activities, including a stroll on the Anhinga Trail to view ample wildlife or a climb atop Shark Valley to gain a bird’s eye view of the meadows.

7. Roebuck Bay, Western Australia

Roebuck Bay is a bay located on the coast of the Kimberly region, Western Australia. This marine embayment contains sandy beaches and mangroves, whereas the bay’s eastern edge is made of linear tidal creeks. Almost 300,000 migrating birds visit Roebuck Bay.

Photo Credits: Benjamin Grant

Historically, the bay was fundamental for seasonal meetings, swapping gifts, marriages, and conflict resolution. Eleven mangrove types are present in this region. The mangrove swamps along the southern and eastern edges of the bay traverse tidal creeks, creating essential nursery regions for crustaceans and marine fish. Several dolphins and marine turtles use the bay regularly.

8. Cluster Of Tetrapods, Hong Kong

A bunch of tetrapods can be found near the High Island Reservoir. These concrete elements in Hong Kong can help build shoreline defenses and curb coastal erosion by dispersing incoming waves. This unique photo resembles a drone photo rather than a satellite, correct? These elements give a good view of the world beyond and appeal to your spirit of adventure.

Photo Credits: Benjamin Grant

The tetrapod lets water flow around instead of against the concrete and minimizes displacement of interlocking due to its exclusive shape. If you need a first-class view that will transform your perception of the world, a cluster of tetrapods will amaze you. Carry your essentials, including snacks and drinks, as you take your time to study these unbelievable elements. 

9. Logan County, Colorado

The vast majority of this region, almost 4,780 square kilometers, is arable for farming, ranching, and similar activities. It is among the most reproductive agricultural counties within the state. This image represents the small town of Peetz, where there are…

Photo Credits: Benjamin Grant

… more turbines than residents. Logan County, Colorado, is your place if you desire a fantastic view that guarantees a remarkable experience. You will feast your eyes upon a magnificent sight that is undoubtedly breathtaking. We are excited about the prospect of visiting such an interesting place.

10. Rooftops In Sisteron, Southeastern France

This striking impression was taken atop rooftops in Sisteron, a southeastern region of France. History supports this region to be habitable for more than 4,000 years and is currently home to more than 7,000 residents. Exploring this area at night will give you a memorable experience.

Photo Credits: Benjamin Grant

This region is famous for more than its beautiful countryside. Other areas of interest in Sisteron include the citadel, museum, and the 12th-century former Sisteron Cathedral. Should you find yourself in this region, savor the unique feeling of satisfaction and serenity.

11. Kawah Ijen, Indonesia

Kawah Ijen is named a stratovolcano in the East Java Province of Indonesia. This region is famous for the one-kilometer vast turquoise-colored acidic crater lake, a site for significant sulfur mining operations. While this view may resemble photoshop, it is an actual image captured by satellite. 

Kawah Ijen remains a favorite attraction site, thanks to fantastic scenery and its rich sulfur deposits. This place is beautiful during the night when sulphuric gases come in contact with fresh air, producing electric blue flames up to 5 meters high.

12. Greenhouses in Almeria, Spain

Greenhouses in Almeria, Spain, traverse almost 20,000 hectares of land. Numerous greenhouses lay side by side to help agriculture. They use plasticulture, a plastic covering, for protection. If you happen to enjoy farming, there is no doubt this area is worth a visit. Besides sightseeing, you will have a learning experience that is second to none.

Photo credit: Benjamin Grant

The greenhouses of Almeria receive thousands of travelers each year. It is meant to multiply output, maximize productivity, and reduce growth. Next time you are in Spain, do not forget to visit this large expanse to learn more about greenhouses.

13. The Hoover Dam, Found On The Border Of Nevada And Arizona

Located in Arizona, the Hoover Dam represents a solid arch-gravity dam behind the Black Canyon of the Colorado River. Standing tall at 220 meters and reaching 376 meters long, the dam is built along with Lake Mead, making it the largest basin in the U.S by volume.

Photo Credits: Benjamin Grant

Its construction finished in 1936, forever memorable as a massive public works project of The Great Depression that provided an employment opportunity to many workers. Rumor has it that almost 20,000 workers thronged Las Vegas seeking work.

14. Canola Flower Fields, China

If you adore flowers, you will surely marvel at this next destination. Canola flower fields occupy the hilly landscape of Luoping County, China. As seen from above, this region is mainly golden in color and indeed a place to consider visiting. Large fields spread across mountains in an impeccable fashion that resembles art.

Photo Credits: Benjamin Grant

Contrary to your opinion, the crop is grown for oil production. This is made possible by slightly warming and then pounding the seeds produced by these yellow flowers. Canola oil is an excellent source of biodiesel and comes as an essential ingredient in most foods. If you are an ardent traveler, include such a magnificent place for a top-notch experience.

15. Canyon Lake, California

Canyon lake doubles up as a city and secure community. This famous region is located south of California. This shot shows that Canyon Lake is a meticulous neighborhood that is nothing short of an artistic impression. If you happen to visit this locality, you will have the luxury of enjoying a fantastic sight inland and on the water.

Photo Credits: Benjamin Grant

How did it come to exist, you wonder? Now home to more than 11,000 individuals, this area was built as a master-planned neighborhood in 1968. It is one of five gated cities within the state of California. Back in 2006, it was part of a documentary that explained the reasons for people to live in gated communities and the ramifications.

16. Swanson Dock, Australia

If you find comfort around bodies of water, this region will give you the joy you have been craving. Swanson Dock is a multinational shipping facility found on the north bank of the Yarra River, Melbourne. It is among Australia’s most prominent ports for general and container cargo.

Photo Credits: Benjamin Grant

Swanson Dock offers an excellent view for photography and other fancy scenery. It is characterized by wide-ranging colors, blue waters, and innovative cranes that blend to create a unique natural image that is super fantastic. You can also consider having a boat ride and exploring the water.

17. Akimiski Island, Canada

Akimiski Island is famous for being the most extensive island in James Bay, Canada. Most of the land is covered in moss and lichen. These components link together to generate a rich color scheme viewed from the aerial angle. As below, this region represents natural beauty that is unlike any other.

Photo Credits: Benjamin Grant

Contrary to what you thought, Akimiski, despite being not a year-round human habitat, is home to the Akimiski Island Migratory Bird Sanctuary. This region should be on your list if you are generally fascinated by birds. A visit to the famous island will give you a story that you can live to tell decades later.

18. 3-D Paintings On The Roof Of The Seattle Center Armory, Washington

Real as they may seem, these gigantic spiders are merely 3-D illustrations atop a roof on the Seattle Center Armory in Seattle, Washington. These impressions are pretty accurate and attractive from above and will leave you appreciating some fantastic art.

Photo Credits: Benjamin Grant

These are the works of Muralist Marlin Peterson, who painted two Opiliones, alias “Harvestmen” arachnids, back in August 2012. You can view these art installations from the observation tower of the well-known Space Needl. The mural receives nearly 1.3 million visitors and enthusiasts each year.

19. “Galaxia,” Nevada

Galaxia plays host to a multitude of events. A brainchild of French architect Arthur Mamou-Mani, the region’s build consists of twenty timber trusses that converge as a spiral at the center, pointing to the sky. Most people throng the environs for numerous reasons, and you should consider visiting too.

Photo Credits: Benjamin Grant

If you are curious about the design, the artist came up with this idea to celebrate hope in the unknown, planets, black holes, and stars. The stylist’s inspiration came from those movements that unite us in swirling galaxies of dreams. It is indeed a sight to remember, as shown via the satellite.

20. Venice, Italy

Satellite images represent Venice, Italy, as 118 small islands held separate by canals and linked by bridges. Following several heavy storms, most of the city is experiencing floods, with tides rising 156 meters above sea level. Venice is a friendly city that has good food and diverse culture.

Photo Credits: Benjamin Grant

Venice is a welcome sight and resembles a world-class airport from above. If you enjoy the beautiful expanse of water and islands, this town will most definitely quench your spirit of adventure. Apart from the occasional heavy storms, this region is quite serene and receptive to visitors. As a preventive strategy, the city has put in place 78 gigantic steel gates spread across three inlets to contain the water better.

21. Seoul, South Korea

Seoul is located in South Korea and doubles up as the country’s capital. It is home to more than 25,000 citizens. The city is conveniently located on the Han River, with Seoul’s history dating back more than 2,000 years ago. It is a town characterized by a deep history and culture, making it a favorite attraction site.

Photo Credits: Benjamin Grant

According to history, these lands were discovered by affiliates of the Baekje Kingdom in 18 BC. Statistics show that the city has reported significant economic growth and development and is currently among the top ten wealthiest cities globally. It is, without a degree of doubt, a city worth visiting. As a traveler, Seoul should be on your list for the unique experience you are sure to find.

22. Loosdrecht, Netherlands

The following location is a town in the North Holland province of Netherlands. More than 8,000 citizens live together in harmony in these lands. This region is particularly famous for its lakes, the Loosdrecht Plassen, and is known to attract tourists in thousands each year. You can have an authentic experience that uplifts the heart at the lakeside while chatting with friends.

Photo Credits: Benjamin Grant

These regions are surrounded by many peat polders, which represent low-lying parcels of reclaimed land protected by dikes. Almost 4,000 such features are dispersed in the Netherlands. From a satellite view, this region resembles a giant green lake. You can be among the thousands of tourists that frequent this region every year.

23. Great Exuma Island, Bahamas

Islands are among the mysterious features of Earth. Multiple cays spread off the western coats of Great Exuma Island. This region is found in the Bahamas and is the biggest of more than 365 islands in the Exuma district. From a bird’s eye view, this area represents calmness.

Photo Credits: Benjamin Grant

Another interesting fact is that The Tropic Of Cancer, alias Northern Tropic, runs across a beach found in Great Exuma. You can have a fantastic view of the landscape by visiting the Bahamas, and you can trust you won’t be alone since the region receives visitors in the thousands every year.

24. The Greater Caucasus Mountains, Situated On The Border Between Russia And Georgia

From above, this might be the most fantastic view you have seen. The cliff-like landscape is more than a tourist attraction. In addition, it serves as a border between Russia and the state of Georgia. You can visit this destination and cross it off your bucket list, if you seek a historical journey.

Photo Credits: Benjamin Grant

These regions comprise brown patches and green vegetation to produce a unique blend of colors that will leave you speechless. Join the thousands of tourists that frequent this place every year to satisfy your curiosity and witness the famous border. A border is a country’s pride, and occupants of this region pride themselves in their culture.

25. San Francisco, California

San Francisco is a region known for its rich culture. In addition, this area has numerous attractive features worth sightseeing. As captured above, San Francisco has many landmarks that reveal its rich composition. As seen in this image, some of the present landmarks of the city include Alcatraz, Golden Gate Bridge, and Golden Gate Park.

Photo Credits: Benjamin Grant

Many people of diverse backgrounds visit San Francisco each year to revel in the fantastic view and beautiful cuisines that will leave you yearning for more. Suppose you are considering paying a visit to the great city. In that case, this is a good season to travel and explore the historic land and discover several attraction sites that San Francisco offers.

26. London, Great Britain

When it comes to history, few cities worldwide can rival London. As if being the capital isn’t enough, London is also the city with the highest rate of population in Great Britain. There is no limit to the number of attraction sites you can find there.

Photo Credits: Benjamin Grant

London ranks the most visited city globally, with more than 65 million guests per year. If you have never been to London city, you should include this in your diary. An outing in the metropolis will make you hungry for more sights. Thankfully, there is more than plenty to see and discover.

27. The Camp Fire, Northern California

The famous campfire derives its name from Camp Creek Road, its place of conception. This fire started in 2018 in Northern California. As shown below, the campfire was the deadliest wildfire in the history of California. In addition, it was the second most destructive wildfire in the States after the Cloquet Fire of 1918.

Photo Credits: Benjamin Grant

This fire claimed many lives while destroying a lot of property. This satellite image recorded the calamity in history books as the most harmful fire in the United States. However, the fire was extinguished thanks to relevant authorities, and its further spread was averted after several efforts.

28. The Mill Creek Wastewater Treatment Plant, Ohio

This renowned wastewater treatment plant doubles up as the biggest plant in a metropolitan area. According to reliable sources, this treatment plant handles 378 million gallons of wastewater each day. You can bet that this region covers a vast land with such capacity.

Photo Credits: Benjamin Grant

As a treatment site, this region is known for rehabilitating waste, adapting it to better use, and preserving the environment. Should you contemplate visiting a treatment facility to understand how everything works, this is your go-to place for a fruitful learning experience to nourish your mind.

29. Paris, France

Paris is known as the city of love. It is France’s capital and the most populous, with almost 2 million residents. Over time, Paris has built a name for significant operations, including fashion, finance, and science. Are you an art enthusiast?

Photo Credits: Benjamin Grant

If so, you will marvel at the vast richness of Paris. A trip to these lands will give you the exposure and information to appreciate your craft more. Many tourists go to Paris yearly; mainly lovers visit this region for sightseeing together. Moreover, the city is primarily peaceful and well protected by authorities.

30. Sound of Speed Airshow, Missouri

This is a rare image of people witnessing a multitude of aircraft during the Sound of Speed Airshow. This event took place at Rosecrans Memorial Airport in St Joseph. If you like flying, this image will leave your mouth agape at the beauty of many planes in one place.

Photo Credits: Benjamin Grant

This event comprised aerial shows and ground exhibitions of many aircraft, including U.S Navy Blue Angels and other high-end flights. The satellite image captures a breathtaking view of many planes in a single location, a particular favorite among pilots and frequent travelers.

31. Kensico Dam In The Town Of Valhalla, New York

Suppose you are a fan of bridges, Kensico Reservoir in Valhalla, New York, is one to visit. It is located almost 24 kilometers north of New York. This reservoir stores water collected from the Catskill Mountains, delivering a site for boating and fishing recreation. You can have fun exploring this area on a bike or car to savor the wholesome experience.

Photo Credits: Benjamin Grant

Kensico Reservoir welcomes numerous tourists all year round, and everyone reports a feeling of great satisfaction and peace. This dam can hold approximately 113 billion liters of water thanks to its massive size. Next time you are in New York, remember to pay homage to Kensico Reservoir, witness the relaxing feeling, and take pictures while at it.

32. Chongqing, Southwest China

China is a famous country known for its vast population and rich culture. Chongqing is among its major cities and is located in southwest China. Almost eight million people call this region home. This image depicts only half the fantastic experience you will enjoy.

Photo Credits: Benjamin Grant

The city of Chongqing has an impressive view comprising of calm waters and immaculate buildings. It lies between Yangtze and Jialing rivers, and the town further serves as one of the essential inland ports in China. If you plan to visit Chongqing, you will fall in love at first sight, thanks to the artistic buildings and superb surroundings.

33. The Pierce County Container Terminal, Washington

While this may look like a regular car park, nothing could be further from the truth. This picture represents a container terminal in Tacoma, Washington State. If you have never seen so many containers in one place, this will surely change your perspective. These giant cubes are arranged stylishly and come in various colors.

Photo Credits: Benjamin Grant

If you are particularly fond of junkyards and old buildings, you can have the time of your life in this region. Other elements synonymous with this place include seven cranes and many shipments. Ideally, the port of Tacoma oversees nearly 12 million tons of products and contributes immensely to financial matters.

34. Mossel Bay, South Africa

Africa is home to a multitude of features and sceneries. Its features include particularly striking coasts, mountain regions, and the savanna, to mention a few. Mossel Bay is found on the Cape St. Blaize Peninsula, traversing the South African mainland and into the Indian Ocean. You will have an incomparable sight of the world and gain a different dimension from such a striking design.

Photo Credits: Benjamin Grant

This harbor town hosts almost 300,000 people and is famously known as a region for agriculture and tourism. If you want the most of beauty and flora, remember to include Mossel Bay in your list of destinations and to take picture-perfect memories.

35. Mcmurdo Station, Antarctica

Are you a fan of research? Mcmurdo Station, Antarctica, is a research center in the United States located on the southern tip of Ross Island in Antarctica. This region is one of three U.S Antarctic science projects and ranks as the biggest community on the entire continent.

Photo Credits: Benjamin Grant

This area is host to numerous significant facilities, including a heliport, three airfields, and multiple buildings. Moreover, this region is a secure home to more than 1000 residents. Another exciting factor is that Mcmurdo Station, Antarctica, has only two ATMs in the region, signifying financial security.

36. Southern California Logistics Airport, California

Here is another one for plane lovers. This incredible image shows 25 airplanes parked in a cluster formation. Where is this, you ask? This photo was taken at the Southern California Logistics Airport. This picture is, without a doubt, one of the most outstanding pictures you will see on the internet.

Photo Credits: Benjamin Grant

If you desire to spend some time surrounded by planes in a calm environment, be sure to check out this region at your convenience. You will do well to remember that there are no commercial passenger services, except for chartered flights and fixed-based operator services.

37. Chausey, English Channel

If you love nature, this one is for you. Chausey includes a group of islets, small islands, and rocks. They create an impressive natural view capable of captivating curious minds. This region promises incomparable calmness, thanks to the river and cool surroundings along the expanse of stones.

Photo Credits: Benjamin Grant

This is the only habitable island in the Chausey group and has a population of almost thirty residents. You can have a fabulous and unique experience. The islands of Chausey will leave you in appreciation of nature’s creativity and wisdom.

38. Nice, France

If you love exploring cities, you should consider visiting Nice in France. Nice is the fifth most populated town in the whole of France and hosts above one million occupants. There is may things to see and enjoy that you will surely adore. This image shows a unique blend of land and water, featuring a densely populated region.

Photo Credits: Benjamin Grant

As a famous tourist destination, Nice has the best that hotels can offer in terms of capacity and prestige. It is a component of the French Riviera, a popular destination. With these facts and such a fantastic image as below, you will surely do yourself a favor to consider Nice a go-to place on your future vacation.