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3 Things Stopping You From Traveling

If I were to ask, why aren’t you traveling, what would be your answer? Why should I even ask because the answers are apparent? You are probably working very hard to save more money for your dream trip. Or you’ve not yet achieved your career objectives; hence, not considered traveling now. Is it also the case that the demanding nature of your academic pursuit is preventing that dream? Well, until you stop giving excuses, you can never achieve your goal of traveling around the world. Let’s now go through why your dream of traveling has not happened yet.

The Decision to Save More Before Travelling

The primary reason many people are not traveling now is lack of funds. To them, they need to work hard and save more to afford their dream destination. But until when? It could be that your current job is not paying well, making it impossible to save enough. You are just waiting to have a better job with good pay to roll out your dream. What if things don’t work as planned?

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Don’t wait until you start earning millions; you can start with the little you have now. Plan something that fits your budget. It can even begin with internal traveling (traveling within your country).

The Fear of Traveling Alone

The fear of traveling alone and the perceived dangers are preventing many people from traveling. Some people think traveling alone is not fun and expect some friends to join them. What if those friends are not ready or have other plans. Can you wait forever? Wait for no one. Take the initiative and travel alone. Just be cautious out there and know whom to trust.


Some people hold strange views and opinions about some particular countries or continents. For example, even at this age, some people think Africa is one country full of diseases and poverty. Having such a mindset would only prevent you from experiencing the beauty of other countries. Do away with all the negative thoughts and take the bold step toward your wonderful experience.