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Weird Modes Of Transportation

You are pretty much aware of the bullet train and various other ways of transport. But there are some weird but unique modes of transportation, about which you have never heard of.

1. The Suspension Railway, Germany

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The Suspension Railway for those individuals likes a bit of epinephrine. Wuppertal in Germany offers a 133km long system of suspended trains that hangs 8 meters to 12 meters right above the ground. These trains were built back in 1901, and they are one of the most-oldest elevated and electric railways in the world. The train can carry 60,000 people each day and 24 million each year, and the whole trip takes around 30 minutes.

2. Maglev, Japan

Japan is well-known not just for its anime but also for its trains, one of which is the Maglev. This is a magnetic levitation train that operates through magnetic attraction, and it allows the train to levitate right above its tracks.

Maglev is also the fastest high-speed and commercial train across the globe, and back in 2015, the train clocked 603 kph and broke the prior land swiftness record.

The Japanese Government decided to operate the train on the railways in 2009. Currently, Japan is making a connection between Nagoya and Tokyo, which will be completed in 2027, and another connection with Osaka will be completed in 2045.

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Parting Words

When you are looking for an out-of-this-world way to travel within a country, check out these modes of transportation in this article. It will surely urge you to pack your bags and travel to these nations.