6 Creepy Abandoned Places Only Brave Travelers Should Visit

By Divya G

This quick guide will offer you a unique blend of abandoned areas worth the visit and those that aren’t. We’re sure you can spice things up for your next trip.

Isla de las Muñecas

Image courtesy of avf71/Shutterstock

When you plan on visiting Mexico anytime, it is best to steer away from the Isla de las Munecas. But you can visit if you want to witness abandoned dolls on display.

Floating Forest

The stunning floating forest of Australia is more than 100 years old. It features an abandoned ship from centuries past. While this floating forest is beautiful, it has become a tourist attraction.

Salto Hotel, Colombia

Even though this mansion looks stunning and beautiful from the outside, it is believed to be haunted. This location closed down because of a lack of interest. However, after adding a museum theme, it reopened as a tourist attraction.

Pripyat, Ukraine

Image courtesy of Belikova Oksana/Shutterstock

This area is not just abandoned but a pit spot. The city became abandoned after the Chernobyl disaster, as it has a nuclear history. It is pretty safe to visit this place as the radiation levels are relatively low.

Silver City, Idaho

This ghost town of Idaho consists of less than 3000 citizens, with a total of 70 buildings standing tall. There are not many activities going around there, and it might leave you feeling a bit creeped out.

Underwater City

Whenever you plan a visit to China, make sure you include the Underwater City in your must-visit places. The attraction is actually 1000 years old!