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Check Out Why The North Shore Of Oahu Is The Perfect Surfing Spot

Very few places on Earth can claim to be the “surfing capital of the world,” but the island of Oahu holds that honor. The North Shore beaches on the Hawaiian Islands of Oahu have deep sands. The waves and sands are so deep at this beach that they can swallow your knees deep. In fact, the enormous waves are capable of engulfing the surfer as a whole!

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Undoubtedly, the North Shore is simply more than a surfing capital. This is because it becomes a complete surfing world when the sea waves start rolling in. And in season, the North Shore becomes the Mecca of surfing.

If you have a keen interest in surfing, then you must plan a week’s outing to the North Shore. But ensure that you plan it during the surfing season. But keep in mind that, even during peak season, you might not find amenities near the beach after dark. After all, you can’t surf once the sun goes down.

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Around 30 miles away lies the small town of Haleiwa, which is the center of the North Shore. Gawking visitors regularly tour the island on buses. However, the North Shore remains untouched by the ill effects of tourism. Thus, it remains the place where surfing and agriculture largely coexist and also remains reminiscent of some aspects.

Iconic Surfing Spots of the North Shore

There are three iconic surf spots across the stretch of the North Shore coastline. They are Haleiwa, the southernmost; Pipeline; and Sunset Beach, the northernmost. These locations are home to professional surfers, famed by the Triple Crown of Surfing which Vans sponsored.