5 Tips For Efficiently Packing A Suitcase

By Stephen M

As you prepare for your next business or vacation trip, you may be struggling with how to conveniently pack your stuff. The week trip may require you to take enough clothes, pants, shoes, toiletries, etc., and you can’t forget your electronic devices. Of course, you wouldn’t want to go with a larger suitcase due to airline charges, but how can you be sure that it’ll all fit in a small suitcase? It is time to pack smart and convenient. Here are a few steps.

Check your airline’s luggage dimension

You wouldn’t want to exceed your airline’s free checked and carry-on luggage limit, so check the maximum weight and dimension allowed. Most airlines allow one carry-on bag and another small handbag. Note that the free checked weight and dimensions vary between airlines. Therefore, before you choose a suitcase for parking, check the approved dimensions of your airline. Anything heavier than the approved weight may attract charges.

Image courtesy of krakenimages/Unsplash

Make a list and drop it down

What type of trip is it? If it’s a business trip, how many times are you meeting with business partners or suppliers? Knowing this makes it easier to pick the clothes, shoes, and gadgets you will need. Now, make a packing list according to the activities you will undertake. Afterward, drop the list down by choosing necessities over wishes.

Don’t pack more than you need

Of course, you have a lot of clothes at your disposal and can change into something new every hour. But you wouldn’t need all those things when traveling for a few days. Your luggage size should always correspond to the number of days you will spend. When going on a week trip, pick only the necessary things you need for those days.

Make all-in-one luggage

Image courtesy of timur-weber/Pexels

Create space in one bag for all the items you are traveling with. Your shirts, pants, socks, shoes, toiletries, etc. should be arranged in the carry-on luggage and electronic gadgets in your backpack. Folding/rolling them properly creates enough room for more.

Use packing cubes

Packing cubes come in a variety of shapes and sizes and allow you to pack specific items separately. For example, when fitting into the suitcase, you can have separate places for your ties, socks, clothes, etc. It, therefore, keeps you organized and makes item search easier.