Storm Photography: These Photos Make Storms Appear More Seductive

By Anthony K

Do you love or dread the storm? Photographers like Mike Oblinski have dedicated their careers to capturing storms through the lens of a camera. The shots will make you feel closer to the storm and perhaps send chills to those with traumatic experiences in the storm.

Photo Credits: Everett Occhipinti/

Oblinski created a space to help other artists who also love storm photography to share their works and meet larger audiences. Oblinski’s Storm Photos of the Year contest allows photographers to compete in various categories based on individual preferences.

Alexis Maillard is the 2022 winner of the main award for an evocative photo of a lightning bolt in contact with the ground in French wine country, while Everett Occhipinti received an award for the best tornado photo of the year with a photo showing a cyclone’s rich texture.

Photo Credits: Alexis Mallard/

Amy Howard bagged an award for Photographer of the Year after coming second in the same category the year before. Contestants for this category had to submit a 10-image portfolio. Howard’s photos capture everything, from impressive lighting strokes to dark, stormy clouds moving across the sky.

Photo Credits: Amy Howard/

Oblinski’s motivation for the contest was the need to reward artists for working hard all year. He is disappointed that mind-blowing images briefly cross his Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter timeline, after which they disappear down the newsfeed. He hopes to recognize each artist’s efforts and hard work to deliver epic photos.

More artists challenge themselves and push beyond limits to deliver more quality images daily. We may argue that Oblinski’s dream is near fruition, considering the improving quality and number of images uploaded for consideration each year.