What Is Featured On The Blue Highway Exit Signs?

By Anthony K

Specific service and interstate exit signs feature big blue signs pointing out the nearest food, hotel, gas, or motels along the way. Names featured on the blue signs aren’t random. This piece explores who may or may not appear on interstate logo signs.

Photo Credits: LibertyWriter/Reddit

According to Mark Nagi, businesses allowed to advertise on the blue signs deal with food, gas, lodging, and the attraction category for tourists. Mr. Nagi also notes that the signs should be within 8 kilometers of a freeway exit, while attractions can be within 24 kilometers.

The criterion for a company’s listing ranges from state to state. Standard requirements include listed businesses with public restrooms, phones, and drinking water. Distance from the highway and total hours of operation may also determine the listing qualification.

Photo Credits: David Crigger/ BHC

Before inclusion, a business has to fill out an online form, but getting a spot may take years. According to Tracey Bramble, earning a spot may be hectic in urban areas, given the many businesses scrambling for limited spots on blue signs across the interstates.

She also claims signs must be placed at least 243 meters apart and directly in advance of the interchange where the business is more accessible. A business seeking a spot on the blue signs also incurs heavy expenses. Non-profit organizations enjoy discounted rates ranging per state.

Photo Credits: Marian H. / Foursquare

Some states hire private contractors, like Interstate Logos, that establish individual price structures for the different states. The contractors must maintain the signs, advertise empty spots, and help the state earn revenue through the permits.