A Wildlife Photographer’s Experience With Smoker’s Puffins

By Anthony K

As the Puffin breeding season draws near, thousands of Atlantic Puffins make their way to the 720-acre Skomer Island. Drew Buckley, a renowned landscape and wildlife photographer, took the liberty of capturing the phenomenal event for three months.

Photo Credits: Drew Buckley / drewbuckleyphotography.com

Buckley saw the significance of documenting the event for nature lovers who can’t afford the trip or to spend three months on the island. He pushes beyond the limit to ensure that each shot is worth the nine-month wait before the birds revisit the island for the breeding season.

Drew spent most of his birthday and pocket money on cameras while growing up. He gave up his career as a computer games artist years ago to pursue a passion for professional photography. Drew maintains that all he needs is a camera to be happy.

Photo Credits: Drew Buckley / drewbuckleyphotography.com

He currently takes photos for the RSPB, among other organizations. Drew also writes magazine books and articles and runs photography workshops. He also worked with BBC’s NHU.

Drew Buckley recently had a unique experience taking photos of puffins on Skomer. The island has no land predators that could interfere with the comical and curious birds. His best shots from the assignment are taken just before sundown.

Photo Credits: Drew Buckley / drewbuckleyphotography.com

Drew’s photos feature events like the arrival of puffins, their feeding habits, interaction with strangers like himself, scrambling for food with gulls, the mating, brooding, and arrival of the new generation. At times, he had to pause and interact with the birds and island away from the cameras and confessed that each time spent on the island was worth the sacrifice.