Hotel Rooms: Things That Guests Are Allowed To Take Home

By Divya G

If you’ve ever stayed at a hotel, you have probably always wondered whether it was a good idea to help yourself to some of the hotel room’s amenities. Those soft, velvety, and elegant blanket-like bath towels will be a great replacement for the ones back home, right?

Source: @enginakyurt/Pexels

The beautiful landscape painting will certainly add some elegance to the master bathroom too. A hotel guest from Los Angeles even stole a marble fireplace from his room. He just literally chiseled it out from the wall. Well, that’s a bit too much!

But all these mini morality plays are not that challenging to navigate. It’s because there are hotels that encourage their customers to take several things as a souvenir for their stay. Anything with the hotel’s logo or name will be swiped freely.

In some hotels, you can take home soap, pens, shampoos, coffee, dry cleaning bags, and many more. Most of these things will be replaced at a reasonable cost and serve as free advertising for the hotel.

But apart from these goods, there are some items that the hotels discourage all their guests from taking them. It’s because all these products come with a premium price tag. Will a hotel run out of business when one towel is missing? Well, certainly not!

But given enough pilfering, the hotels might bleed through all the portions of their inventory. This might occur due to mishandling by third-party laundry services. This theft will cost the hotel sector $100 million per year.

Source: @pixabay/Pexels

The information clarifies what you should take and should not take from the hotels. Go through this post once if you plan to book a hotel soon.