Science Can Tell You What Are The Prettiest Cities In The World

By Divya G

In this world, beauty is something that undoubtedly defies quantification. But this did not stop individuals from quantifying it. These days, the popular way to quantify is by comparing all the widths and lengths of a visual picture to decide how close it comes to the so-called golden ratio, which is 1.618.

Source: @thomashabr/Unsplash

It seems pretty manageable when measuring a face or a flower just to check its beauty. But choosing the aesthetic value of an entire city can be pretty complex. That’s why the analysts from the Online Mortgage Advisor concentrated on studying architecture. They started mining Google Street Footage in various cities across the globe.

After that, they estimated the ratios to determine how closely all these cities clung to the Golden Ratio. In Europe, some of the cities include Venice, Rome, Florence, and Milan, which are all located in Italy. The golden ratio in these cities varies between 73.6% and 83.3%, which is the highest value in the world.

Other European places include Barcelona (81.9%), Prague (78.7%), Athens (77.5%), Budapest (75.9%), Paris (74.7%), and Berlin (71.3%). Now, if you’re thinking of America, there are three cities in the US that made the list: New York City (77.7%), Chicago (71.7%), and Miami (63%).

In the Eastern world, the cities that are considered the prettiest are Tel Aviv (73.6%), Marrakech (72.7%), Dubai (67.6%), and Beijing (55.6%).

Source: @zqlee/Unsplash

Is it a coincidence that all these cities are considered the prettiest in the world, even by those who have no idea what the golden ratio is? Well, if you needed scientific data to prove that your favorite is one of the prettiest, now you have it!