What Are The Safest Nations On Earth?

By Divya G

According to the Global Peace Index, the world’s condition is in endless oscillation. Global peacefulness decreased by 0.07% between 2020 and 2021, according to the Institute for Economics and Peace report. Whether you’re planning to live or travel internationally, you must learn about all those nations that will provide stability and safety.

Source: @evelynparis/Unsplash

To rank all the countries through peacefulness, experts from the Institute for Economics and Peace have analyzed all the factors. These factors are crime levels, international and domestic conflicts, and militarization for all nations.

According to their data, Iceland is in the top position as the most-safest place on Earth. This Nordic nation has been holding that position since 2008. This is mainly due to a lack of international conflicts, less incarceration rate, and less military spending.

2nd on the list is New Zealand, and just like Iceland, this nation does not share any borders with other nations. In return, it enables New Zealand to maintain a peaceful platform. Due to such reasons, many students pick New Zealand as their higher studies destination.

In Europe, the safest countries to live or visit include Switzerland, Denmark, Austria, Portugal, Slovenia, Ireland, Hungary, and the Czech Republic. In North America, it’s not that surprising that Canada is considered the safest nation.

Source: @danfreemanphoto/Unsplash

Outside of those continents, you can safely move to Singapore, Australia, Japan, and Malaysia. These countries are also more secure than other places. On top of that, these countries are home to some of the prettiest cities on the planet, which is basically hitting two birds with one stone!

By now, you’re well aware of the safest nations for traveling, studying, and working. Go through the list and choose the country where you wish to pay a visit or reside there permanently.