4 Cautionary Airbnb Tales That Remind Us To Always Check The Reviews

By Victor O

Airbnb rentals were seen as a safe and less expensive option over lodging in hotels because of the homely and unique experience a particular destination offers when visiting. Truthfully, the idea of staying in a stranger’s home or renting out your home to a stranger gives us an anxious or nervous feeling. Some people have a lot to say about their experience with Airbnb, both positive and negative. Here are some of their…adventures.

Religious Paraphanelia

A comedian, Emily Heller, shared her experience on Twitter of an Airbnb she lodged five years ago. Her stay in this Airbnb made a strong impression. On arrival at the Airbnb, she met the place filled with Christian adornment, crosses, and pictures. Every corner of the rooms in this Airbnb was decorated with different Christian imagery. It’s OK to display religious beliefs in your home, but it’s not fair to deceive people who need accommodations to stay in a place decorated with your personal beliefs.

Image source: andreaedavis/Unsplash


Here is another experience from someone who stayed in an unkempt and dirty Airbnb. The sheets in the rooms were stained, one of the baths was filthy, and there was no internet or cable TV. The place was infested with roaches!


In an Airbnb in Toronto, this person shares an experience of how they escaped being trafficked. On arrival, they were told to forfeit their passports which they refused, after they were shown to their rooms which did not match the pictures posted. They also noticed that the place reeked of bleach. They took pictures of the place, reported it to Airbnb, and were fully refunded.

Image source: filios_sazeides/Unsplash


An Airbnb host requested a $7000 charge for damages from a client even though there was no damage. The host claimed that the TV, refrigerator, and internet were also broken, that oil was spilled on the couch, and when the host was requested to share a picture, they couldn’t.


Some of these experiences are scary and funny and this is not to discourage you from using Airbnb, but just a reminder to always check for reviews and prepare a plan B for possible disappointment.