Massachusetts’ Ponyhenge: An Ever-Expanding Cemetery For Rocking Horses

By Francis Tunwase

Massachusetts is home to a unique and peculiar sight known as “Ponyhenge.” This massive graveyard for rocking horses is both mysterious and ever-growing, captivating the hearts and imaginations of visitors from near and far. Nestled in a serene forest clearing, Ponyhenge is a collection of hundreds of discarded rocking horses arranged in an eerie and symmetrical fashion.

Source: spookylife13/Reddit

The origins of this mysterious graveyard remain unknown, with some speculating that it was the result of a mass-production surplus, while others believe that it may be the work of a mad artist with a fondness for horses. Regardless of its history, Ponyhenge has become a destination for many visitors, who come to see the strange and haunting sight of hundreds of horses in various states of decay.

What makes Ponyhenge so special is its sheer size and scale. The horses range in size from small wooden rocking horses to larger-than-life models made of metal and plastic. They are arranged in a way that is both orderly and chaotic, creating a mesmerizing and unsettling landscape that is unlike anything else in the world.

Over time, Ponyhenge has continued to grow, with more and more horses being added to the graveyard. Some visitors have even taken it upon themselves to contribute to the collection, leaving behind their own discarded rocking horses as a form of homage to this strange and fascinating site.

Source: lizziebelle/Atlas Obscura

The art installation made by many people is always changing. Sometimes the horses are set up in a circle, like the stone horses across the Atlantic, and sometimes they are lined up next to each other as if they are getting ready to race.

While Ponyhenge is on private property, people are welcome to visit as long as they are polite. In March 2020, one couple even got married there. Ponyhenge is a unique and awe-inspiring destination for those who are interested in the mysterious and the unusual.

Whether you’re a lover of horses or just curious about the strange, this Massachusetts attraction is definitely worth a visit.