A Treasure Hunt For Giant Wooden Troll Sculptures

By Francis Tunwase

In his stunning troll sculptures, artist Thomas Dambo brings the woods and their enchantment to life. These gentle giants, made from reclaimed wood, branches, and other rubbish, can be found dotted about in the wild and along the coast of Australia.

Source: visitmandurah/Instagram

The trolls’ cool manner and cheerful expressions add to the surprise and joy of encountering these larger-than-life mythical figures.

Even though Dambo’s work can be found all over the world, his most recent collection can be viewed in the Peel region of Western Australia as part of the Giants of Mandurah exhibition. A search for the six hidden trolls in this set will encourage guests to get out and about in the natural environment.

Dambo’s distinctive warm expressions and bright eyes are featured in each sculpture, which is posed in a way that’s appropriate for its setting.

Since this was created with kids in mind, the game of hide-and-seek plays a significant role. Dambo says that his goal is to help the next generations feel connected to nature. If everyone lives in the city, it’s unreasonable to think they’ll take an interest in nature.

He thinks that by turning his sculptures into games, he might attract younger viewers who learn about the world mostly through screens. Visitors can finish the game by collecting symbols from each troll, which will bring them to the “hidden” troll.

Source: visitmandurah/Instagram

Unfortunately, a fire has destroyed one of Giants of Mandurah’s six trolls. Dambo and his crew of dedicated volunteers put in a lot of time and effort into each sculpture they make, which can take up to 750 hours to complete.

There will be a few trolls left on the show until the following November, but you will likely encounter one of Dambo’s trolls even if you are not in the Peel region. The Trollmap pinpoints anywhere you can discover his creations.