3 Differences Between Europe And The US That May Leave Americans Perplexed

By Martin B

With this piece, we don’t intend to perpetuate cultural stereotypes or generalize the perceptions of one particular country towards another.

Source: @reinf/Unsplash

However, there are some cultural differences between America and Europe that might seem peculiar to some Americans, especially when they are visiting Europe for the first time ever. Here are three things Americans might find weird about Europe.

Bidets: In America, bidets are not a common sight in bathrooms, whereas they are prevalent in Europe. These fixtures are used for cleaning one’s private parts after using the toilet. To some Americans, using a bidet might seem like a strange and foreign concept, and they may not know how to use it properly. However, bidets are hygienic and lower the demand for toilet paper.

Lack of ice in drinks: In Europe, it is common to serve drinks at room temperature, without ice. This can be surprising to some Americans who are used to having their drinks served with ice. In America, drinks are often served with a lot of ice, even during the winter months. However, in Europe, ice is often seen as an unnecessary addition to a drink, as it can dilute the flavor.

Source: @markusspiske/Pexels

Paid restrooms: In many European countries, it is common to have to pay to use public restrooms. This can be a shock to some Americans, who are used to having free access to public restrooms. However, in Europe, charging a fee for restroom use is seen as a way to maintain cleanliness and provide a better restroom experience.

Cultural differences between America and Europe can often lead to misunderstandings or confusion. However, it is important to be open-minded and respect cultural differences, even if they seem strange or unfamiliar. By being aware of these differences, we can better appreciate and understand each other’s cultures.