Mapping America’s Quirks: 40+ Maps That Celebrate The Eccentricities Of The USA

By Sachin p

Maps provide an engaging approach to obtaining facts about a particular location when studying an unfamiliar region of the world. Though some people don’t like them, not every map is dull and difficult to comprehend. Many, like the ones we’ll feature today, can be perceptive and even fun in unexpected ways.

In all facets of life, the United States of America maintains a reputation for being extreme and excessive. So what could be more effective in documenting the various social standards than maps? We’ll confess that maps may prove a little challenging to grasp occasionally. However, we think you’ll have no trouble understanding the ones we’ve shown here.

These maps go beyond American geography and include everything from quirky aspects like the most popular emojis in each state to more obvious ones like the least favorite state.

The Brands that define the state

They claim that original concepts have a tendency to succeed the most. As evidenced by this map, there are numerous successful brands that were launched in the United States. It depicts the most popular ones to have originated from each state.


Apple was first launched in California and went on to change the world. Washington came up with Starbucks, which ensures we all get our caffeine fix. This map shows the global market dominance of American products, and we’re sure that just a quick glance will teach you something new.

Representation of cultural groups in America

The diversity of cultural groups in the US is exceptional. It’s not surprising, therefore, that the nation is viewed as a melting pot, given the rapid expansion of people of Asian, African American, and Hispanic origin. The social and demographic progress of America is being led by multiracial Americans.

That is a common opinion among the majority of Americans. As you can see, the ethnic makeup of the US as a whole varies significantly by region. Most African Americans reside in the southern areas, while New Mexico has the nation’s biggest Hispanic population.

What kind of music does each state prefer?

Our musical preferences can be influenced by a wide range of things. Though it may sound challenging to draw conclusions about a state’s musical preferences as a whole, this map has done just that. Some of the findings are startling, while others are wholly predictable.

For example, we know no one was shocked by California’s preoccupation with pop music. New Yorkers seem to have their preferences set on rock and oldies. That said, the fact that a greater percentage of the South isn’t obsessed with the genre of country music is a little surprising.

Who employs the most Americans in each state?

Many Americans seek employment opportunities both in the government and the private sector. This map shows the largest employers in the private sector in each state. Just by taking a quick glance at it, you will spot one that is particularly notable.

Although we know that America is sometimes called the “Walmart nation,” we hadn’t noticed the aptness of that moniker until today! Apparently, well over one million Americans are employed by the popular chain. The remaining significant percentages are in the healthcare and educational sectors.

Most common language apart from English or Spanish

It is not surprising to find out that various languages are spoken throughout the 50 states. As we have mentioned before, America comprises millions of immigrants from numerous countries all over the world. That said, English and Spanish are the most widely spoken languages.

There was a time when a significant number of immigrants came from European nations, which helped create the diversity of European languages now prevalent in America. Now, things have changed, and immigrants from South-East Asian countries, including the Philippines and Vietnam, have started to arrive.

What job is popular in each state?

We all know that some institutions are more suited for particular fields. The same applies to various occupations, which may offer more opportunities in specific towns and states. Our next map centers on which areas seemed most logical to pursue particular careers back then.

So, most fashion designers reside in New York (no surprise there), whereas Texas has a much higher concentration of petroleum engineers. Although a fashion designer can come from anywhere, New York is where the magic happens. Montana’s wilderness gives rise to all those forest and conservation technicians.

Most weird food items from each state

Many of the most bizarre foods discovered by man can be found in America. Some are renowned for their spectacular textures, while others have uniquely distinctive tastes. The American population has done insane things with their food, seeing as most foods here are unrecognizable!


See? We can’t even pronounce some of the items on this! The bigger problem is that, even though you can technically comprehend the phrase “Scorpion Lollipops,” it is unclear whether you will literally get a Scorpion lolly when you order this or whether it’s just an unusual name for a type of snack!

Each state’s percentage of the population who were born outside the country

America is generally regarded as a nation of numerous opportunities. It is also quite fondly referred to as being the land of freedom. As a result of this reputation, this large, lovely nation has welcomed so many immigrants from every corner of the world.

This detailed map shows the proportion of residents born abroad in each state. Evidently, there are states with higher percentages of the population who have not been born in the United States. And as expected, some states significantly outpace other states in that regard.

Highest-paid public sector jobs in each state

There are various affiliations and presumptions that naturally accompany particular professions. For example, lawyers are said to be wealthy and manipulative. Another widespread assumption in the States is that people who are employed by the government sector are not paid fairly.


Those who hold that belief haven’t seen this map, and they should. It shows the highest-paid government workers in the United States, based on statistical data. Well, it’s evident that there is a connection between these vocations and the educational system, which is quite surprising in and of itself.

Most searched “Should I” question in each state

It’s natural to ask for help whenever we come across a dilemma. These days, you don’t even need to talk to anybody about your issues. You can simply Google and analyze the numerous results you get within seconds. The next map shows what residents in each state searched for the most. It’s pretty enlightening!

We expected a bit more of the “… break up with my boyfriend” query. But it appears that those regarding one’s wellness, physique, or looks, as well as other broad inquiries, are of more interest. Watch out, guys. People will leave you hanging dry in these streets without a second thought!

If each state had its own Halloween costume

Every home and establishment usually has skeletons, ghosts, and cobwebs dangling from the ceiling when October rolls around. Considering how popular Halloween is, we have a map showing what every state’s costume for the night might be. Somebody actually sat down and did that!

Apparently, there exists a state-related costume for everyone, depending on where you live. Although many of these may not be the most realistic representations of the respective state, you have to agree that a number of them are terrifyingly accurate.

Which state dislikes which state?

No matter how strange it sounds, you’ll likely prefer certain locations over others based on the place you live. In some regions, it’s even part of the sense of local pride. That said, it’s unclear why some American states have such intense animosity toward one another.


Patriotism can manifest itself in odd ways. Although several of the Western states don’t seem to hold any ill feelings toward each other, they appear to particularly despise California. Now, what could be the reason for that? Mind taking a guess?

Something scary this way comes!

America has offered the world its fair share of unusual incidents, spooky tales, and mythical monsters, much like the rest of the world. So many individuals travel and explore different parts of the country owing to these terrifying tales. So, at least it’s helping the economy!

Brezzy Marie/Pinterest

This map could look horrifying to someone who stumbled upon it without context. It left us wondering why anybody would want to stop by these places at all! Though some are certainly more terrifying than others, many happen to be silly rumors.

Mary Poppins is a legend

We hope this doesn’t trigger embarrassing school memories! There are many words that are genuinely challenging for some individuals to spell. As you can see, one of the most commonly misspelled words is by our favorite nanny, ” Mary Poppins.” She made it sound so easy!

As you try to spell it out on your own, don’t beat yourself up if you get it wrong because you’re clearly not alone. Plus, we must acknowledge that we ourselves have occasionally had trouble spelling a few of the words featured here. Thank God for autocorrect!

A soft drink by any other name…

The way Americans communicate with one another varies significantly throughout the nation. The term you use to describe a particular thing depends entirely on the region you come from, despite the fact that there may be a generic phrase for it.

Eric Jenkins/Pinterest

You know something is popular when it has several names across different regions. Though everybody knows that ‘soft drink’ is a general word for carbonated beverages, people refer to it as a fizzy drink, pop, Coke, or soda, depending on where they’re from. What do you call it?

What is the most pressing query about each state?

Google autocomplete has become a part of our lives now. Up nest, we have the autocomplete answers for the question “Why is [state] so…” for all the US states. The most common searches include “Why is Texas so big” and “Why is Arizona so hot.”

Both “Why is California so expensive” and “Why is Nebraska so boring” also happen to be frequently asked inquiries. Why are Minnesota, Montana, North Dakota, as well as South Dakota so chilly is an expected search because, let’s face it, they really are cold!

A New Yorker’s perception of the other states

New York and most other states in the U.S. hardly have anything in common. This notion rings true for many New Yorkers, who have incredibly distinct perspectives on each state in the country. For instance, they only see Maine as “cold” and Wisconsin as “cheese.”

They see Texas as a place not to fool around with and states like South Dakota, Nebraska, Colorado, Wyoming, and others as locations where aunts live (maybe because most can trace their origins here?) Well, it’s up to the residents of each state to see whether these claims hold any truth!

Canines Vs. Felines

Making the choice to adopt a pet may sound fun, but it shouldn’t be taken lightly. Deciding between getting a dog or a cat is an even bigger decision. Both species have advantages and disadvantages. But despite the apparent disparity, there is a noticeable preference among different states.

Frankly, we are surprised and certainly weren’t prepared to find out that homes on the east and north coasts have a predominance of cats while people in the South prefer dogs. That said, it is still a very fascinating outcome.

How would you pronounce “Crayon?”

When it comes to dialects and the various ways certain words are pronounced, you are bound to say different words in different ways. That also applies in the States, where distinct accents develop based on where a person lives. We’re sure you know and have probably experienced this.

Can you imagine that something like “crayon” could split a country in two? That certainly seems to be the case here. Throughout the East Coast, the majority of people say it with a “cray-ahn” sound, while the remainder of the nation says it with a “cray-awn” sound.

What states offer some peace and quiet?

There are certainly numerous considerations that go into choosing a place to live. We’re curious. Do you consider the degree of quietness or loudness around a property before moving? Based on this map, it appears there is plenty of noise emanating from all around the nation.

The fact that all the biggest cities in the nation have the loudest areas is not too surprising. And although there are certainly a lot of loud places, there are almost just as many calm places for those who appreciate that kind of thing.

Who are you listening to today?

There are so many diverse and talented artists today. The fantastic work they do makes picking just one as your favorite nearly impossible. The age we are living in is far more evolved than it formerly was, and music, as well as outstanding ability, have also been impacted by this progress.

It is evident that a lot of Americans, regardless of the music genre, happen to be huge admirers of American musicians and artists. Drake is certainly giving them a run for their money! Notable musicians appear to have a grip in different states, from Jay-Z to Macklemore. 

Where are all the singles?

According to a Pew Research Center survey, three out of ten Americans have utilized a dating site or app. Do you count yourself among the three, or do you prefer the old-fashioned way of dating? This map shows the distribution by gender of single people in the country. We think you’ll find it illuminating!

It’s clear that the majority of single men reside in California, whereas the majority of single women reside in the Northeast. We’re certain there’s a way to remedy this situation, but we can’t seem to come up with one that’s actually feasible. Oh well, now you know, so you can make your moves accordingly!

What places drive the economy of this world power?

About 25% of the global economy is represented by the US gross domestic product (GDP). Most nations have concentrated their economic endeavors in a few limited regions. This image demonstrates that only these 23 tiny orange regions account for half of the country’s GDP.

These tiny orange patches are both the most populous and economically significant regions of the nation. That’s provided that the US has one of the biggest total geographical areas in the entire globe! At the same time, the wider blue area provides the remaining 50%.

The United States is many things

Where else can you get information pertaining to presumptions and random stereotypes relating to a particular state other than the internet? You’re likely to think your hometown is the best place on earth and look down upon or simply ignore other places you haven’t been to.

These autocomplete results regarding random aspects of each state in the US are rather hilarious. Many of the presumptions presented here seem to be the actual sentiments some individuals have but are unwilling to express. In fact, we could relate to some of them!

Who’s the wealthiest woman in your state?

It’s a mystery as to why we don’t hear about billionaire women as much. Before discovering this intriguing chart, we had never considered that. This map shows the wealthiest ladies in each state of the US. Just to mention a few, Whitney Wolf-Herd is known for her work on the dating app Bumble.

Alice Walton is employed by the Walmart conglomerate, and Alice Schwartz is employed by the biotech sector. We wonder why such wealthy women don’t garner the same attention as equally affluent males. Could it be that they know and believe in the value of discretion more?

That’s a state?

If you’re not American, chances of you knowing about just a handful of states and possessing no further concept of where the other 45 are situated geographically are high. But don’t worry, sometimes even Americans themselves struggle with knowing all the states! Remember that hilarious Friends episode?


Therefore, based on the map above, some of the most well-known states are Washington, New York, California, Florida, and Texas. For many different reasons, each of the locations is frequently mentioned in popular culture as well as the news (e.g., Florida man and all his outrageous shenanigans!).

From where would you order your Pizza?

There is a reason why a large percentage of the world’s population thinks of pizza as the food of the gods. Americans are exceptionally fond of the delicious, cheesy, soft bliss that is this Italian delicacy. This remains the same regardless of whether it’s from a fast food outlet or a real Italian pizza joint.

This map shows the most beloved pizza places in America. According to the tiny red rectangles, Pizza Hut appears to be quite popular among locals throughout the entire nation. However, that doesn’t mean that Domino’s, Papa John’s, and the rest aren’t booming! It all boils down to personal preference.

Which wine would you prefer?

Can you imagine how things would be if ancient civilizations had not come up with wine and beer? Although a lot of us strongly associate wine with France and Italy, wine enthusiasts and vineyards can be found all over the world.

America also boasts excellent wineries. Given California’s fantastic weather, it’s perfectly sensible that the Western coast of the United States is dotted with wineries. That said, it is evident from this map that there are numerous wineries spread out across the nation.

How would you like your coffee?

Countless individuals across the globe, particularly Americans, value coffee like it’s an absolute necessity in their daily lives. In fact, owing to this, there happens to be an absurd number of franchise coffee chains spread out over the nation. Most of them are actually very well-known, even across the country’s borders.


Given that only one brand appears to be dominating the coffee shop industry, this competition can’t even be deemed fair. Other than the Western coast and its love of Dunkin’ Donuts, it seems that Starbucks is by far the most popular chain in America.

Wealthiest Americans in each state

The American dream is perhaps the most emblematic aspect of being an American. It’s the unfounded notion that a person will successfully “make it” in America by purely working tirelessly and pursuing their goals. This may have proved to be true in the past.

But these days, becoming wealthy in America demands something a little different. Have you ever pondered on who the richest individual is in each state in the United States? This map has the answers! According to it, Nebraska, California, and Washington are home to the nation’s 3 richest persons.

What relationship query defines each state?

Staying in a committed relationship is not easy. So, while seeking relationship advice, it’s important to ensure you are getting your opinions from a variety of trusted sources. It’s not surprising that quite a number of Americans believe that the best source of advice on relationships is the internet.

The map above represents relationship-related Google searches from each American state. After looking at it, we couldn’t help but laugh and shake our heads since some are common queries that even we are guilty of googling at various times and instances.

How the American climate zones are perceived

America is a very large and diverse country. It is basically one-half of one continent! Because of that, and notably with regard to climate, it has some interesting variations. Therefore, each of the 50 states in the country experiences a variety of weather patterns.

That’s because they are scattered throughout the nation in distinct geographical areas. As absurd as it may seem, this fictitious chart of the US weather is quite realistic. Though it’s obvious that this is a gross dramatization of each geographical area, it remains somewhat accurate.

Favorite breakfast food in each state

Americans aren’t known for messing around, especially when it involves breakfast. Though the majority of individuals might believe that the standard American breakfast consists of bread or maybe cereal, they are mistaken. American diner food ranks among some of the best in the world.

Surprisingly, with the exception of a select handful, it seems that practically every state has preferences that differ from the others. That said, everything on the list looks incredibly good, ranging from bacon to pancakes. All these items would undoubtedly have “Ron Swanson’s” approval!

What generation is your legacy?

The current generational divide is a topic that so many of us have become quite fixated on. Given the availability of ample proof supporting the numerous gaps, it seems absurd to deny them. But have you ever thought about how each generation is distributed within each state?

It’s no surprise that Boomers have been the largest generation residing in the United States for a couple of years. However, according to recent research, millennials have caught up and even surpassed them! It’s only a matter of time before Gen Zers take over!

What will you be wearing? Tennis shoes or sneakers?

As we said before, residents of different places have a unique way of pronouncing different words. Interestingly, pronunciation is not the only thing that differs among people living in different states. Though Americans all speak English, some things have different names depending on location.


For example, though sports shoes are referred to as “tennis shoes” in most parts of America, a small portion of Florida’s East Coast chooses to call them “sneakers.” There also appears to be a minor aspect of this difference in Chicago as well as Cincinnati, where locals prefer the term “gym shoes.”

How liberal are you willing to get?

It can prove challenging to get unanimous choices on different issues in America because there are so many diverse, not to mention polarising, viewpoints. This rings particularly true when they have a big impact on everyone. In the map below, states that are bluer are thought to be more liberal.

Those that happen to be more red are thought to be less liberal. According to our map, the state of Utah is seen as the least liberal, coming in at #50, whereas New York, which is more liberal, comes in at #2.

What if the Yellowstone volcano was to erupt?

People enjoy going to Yellowstone to experience its breathtaking natural beauty. However, if Yellowstone’s volcano were to erupt, it could catastrophically damage the American continent and the rest of the world. Does anyone else recall that moment from the film 2012? We had nightmares about that!

According to this, the brunt of the ash cloud would engulf most parts of Montana, Wyoming, and Idaho. Although nature is frequently beautiful, it can be equally as powerful and deadly. For this reason, it’s crucial that we learn how to live with nature, not against it.

We have Avery in the lead by a country mile

In America, there exist approximately 5,163 distinct first names and 151,671 different surnames. Owing to the diversity that’s exhibited in the country, that may not seem like a lot. More interestingly, just 1 in 109 Americans, or 1% of the population, opt to give their children unisex names.


We believe it’s fantastic that certain parents are naming their kids with neutral names in light of all the gender-related online discussions that have been taking place in recent years. Do you think there’s a possibility gendered names can be fully eliminated by society?

What TV show is the state’s favorite?

TV shows are on the rise these days, and they’re showing absolutely zero signs of losing that momentum, which is great if you ask us. Nothing beats sitting down on a comfy couch in your fave PJs and catching up with your favorite characters.

Very little demonstrates togetherness like a state’s collective love for a single TV program. Why wouldn’t Pennsylvania pick The Office? Can you imagine New York not picking Seinfeld? And, of course, Breaking Bad is the only option when it comes to New Mexico!

Where would you go to see a sky full of stars?

The demand for illumination increases along with the population. Sadly, the negative consequences of light pollution never get the attention of the media. The only thing that’s required to see what you’re missing out on is seeing a sky full of stars.

The various degrees of light pollution around the nation are depicted on this map. It is evident that there is a significantly greater degree of it in regions with the most densely populated areas, particularly near the coastlines. The country’s center, thankfully, remains less polluted and perfect for stargazing.

Michigan is bigger in size than what?

Size is one of the elements that contribute to a country’s unique personality. America is an enormously large country. In fact, it’s so large that some nations could fit inside it multiple times! Maybe that’s why it is able to accommodate so much diversity.

It’s certainly fascinating that England managed to control the majority of this nation when there are states that are bigger than itself, as shown here. Though we have always known that North America was massive, this map certainly laid it out in a new, interesting perspective.

Cue the X-Files theme…

There are many individuals in America who have claimed to have seen unidentified flying objects appearing in the skies. This map shows the number of instances of UFO sightings up close. This country’s fascination with UFOs is a certified global phenomenon.

The larger the green dot, the higher the number of UFO sightings in the specified area. On the map above, you will notice the fact that there are several locations where numerous witnesses have reported seeing UFOs. What is it with America’s coastlines and weird things?

Is there something strange in your neighborhood?

In some circumstances, horror movies are considered a bit too much for youngsters. Luckily, there are a few scary movies that are specifically made for children. But it does not imply they can’t occasionally be truly terrifying. Coraline is the best example that we can give here.

Despite the fact that this map featured only one genre, there are so many choices. Ghostbusters, which is a favorite spooky movie for youngsters in 11 different states, comes in at the top of the list. To be honest, none of these films are that terrifying to an adult, which may have been the point.

Are you a Doritos dude or a Lays loyalist?

There’s a good chance that regardless of where you come from or what you might like, you’ll enjoy at least one salty snack choice. There is nothing more satisfying than having a yearning for a bag of crackers or potato chips and finally digging into it.

We sure love those empty calories and their satisfying crunch! People from all around America cast votes for the salty snack they thought was the best, and we must acknowledge that it was a very close call: Lays won in 13 states, while Doritos won in 12.

Is Die Hard a Christmas movie or not?

Everybody enjoys watching their favorite Christmas movie with their loved ones over the holidays. Thankfully, there are many possibilities available in the modern world. Which Christmas film is your all-time favorite? It’s not a contest, mind you, so you have ample time to choose wisely!

It appears that some Christmas movies are more well-liked than others. Elf is quite suitable for adults despite the fact that it is a children’s movie; thus, it makes sense why it is so popular. Home Alone, as well as The Nightmare Before Christmas, also have quite the fanbase. Have you decided yet?

If being lazy was a metric

It is no surprise that other nations throughout the world often refer to America as a fast-food nation. Although that might not present the finest impression of the country to foreigners, it is not that inaccurate. Where do you stand on this?

This map shows that there are a lot of couch potatoes in some American states. According to the data, Hawaii has the fewest couch potatoes per capita, while Ohio ranks first. The people who compiled the data used several parameters, like obesity and TV viewership, among others, to come up with this.

Watch your six when you’re in Wyoming

There are numerous risks associated with driving that we must all take into account whenever we are behind the wheel. This map will answer any questions you may have regarding which states are the safest to drive in terms of risk.

Massachusetts is ranked as the safest state in the nation for driving. In that same regard, Wyoming finds itself to be on the far opposite end of that spectrum. We wonder how the drivers in that state feel about being ranked with the lowest traffic safety.

So much space and greenery

It almost seems absurd to consider that there’s a great deal of empty space in America when most parts are so overcrowded (we hear you, New Yorkers). In the map below, the whole area that’s shaded green shows unpopulated areas of the nation.

When you witness something like this, you may start to question why some locations are so crowded and densely populated. But if you think about it, there are reasons why we reside in certain regions. People need ease of access to certain necessities they require, which in turn creates densely packed areas.

Can somebody please see if Pennsylvania is okay?

It is recognized that most Americans have distinct ways of saying “you all.” It’s all dependent on where they are coming from. This is one of the more well-known aspects of American culture. As a result, the country is divided into two primary groups that say it differently.


It appears that the northern half of Americans prefer to use the term “you guys,” while the lowest half prefers to use the term “y’all.” Both of these are not unexpected. However, we were surprised to learn that Pennsylvanians use the term “yinz” instead!

How big is your apartment?

There are a few things that, once you get to a particular age, no longer hold your fascination. You likely didn’t give any thought to the washing detergent used on your clothes or the quality of the vegetables you ate as a kid. Oh, the pleasures of adulthood.

collectic / Reddit

For a 30-something, nothing is more exciting than the specifics of your own apartment. And this map shows the average apartment size in each region of the United States. It appears that the typical apartment space in America is really not all that large.

What ice cream flavor do you prefer?

Who among us hasn’t got an all-time favorite ice cream flavor? It can be chocolate, fruit-flavored, or candy flavored. There are flavors that are quite popular, and there are a few that aren’t as well-liked and sometimes even make folks feel a little uneasy!

It is safe to conclude that everybody else thinks Mint Chocolate Chip is an odd flavor, given that just 2 locations selected it as their preferred flavor. The most common faves are coffee, cookie batter, as well as brownie, which is not really unexpected.

And the list goes on…

The love of athletics begins early in American high schools and continues into college, from where many students go on to become professional athletes. So it stands to reason that each state in the US has a sizable number of athletic organizations.

Susan Kotska/Pinterest

California boasts 19 major league athletic organizations! With a combined total of 10 major sports teams, Florida, Texas, and New York tie at third position. Again, the fact that there are so many outstanding athletic associations in these key states is not particularly surprising.

What’s that food item you hate with a passion?

Everyone is free to have their own preferences, especially when it pertains to food. However, it appears that certain dishes are disliked by entire states in the United States. Some of the items described here tend to be quite unpopular.

But there are some that do not belong on this list at all. Why is pesto so despised in Ohio? And we’re curious as to why Missourians detest hotdogs, of all things! Well, everyone’s entitled to their own preferences as long as it doesn’t lead to any food wastage.

America in emojis

The fact that Americans from different states differ greatly from those around them causes confusion for many others. However, it makes sense that the inhabitants, as well as the places, would differ from each other, mainly thanks to the size and scope of the country.

While some of these comparisons appear accurate, others can actually be unpleasant. However, the problem with preconceptions is that you can never be certain if they can be considered anything more than stereotypes. Well, at least we have emojis to lighten things up when it gets to be a bit too much!

United we stand, Divided (by mayonnaise), we fall

You either enjoy mayonnaise or you don’t. However, much like with other terms, Americans seem unable to agree on the correct way to pronounce this condiment. Here is a diagram showing the numerous pronunciations that citizens across the numerous states prefer.

There are two distinct ways that Americans pronounce the term mayonnaise: (May-uh-naze) and (Man-aze). Both pronunciations sound somewhat distinct from each other. However, it seems that the first one is more widely used throughout the nation. How would you pronounce it?