Tales From The Terminal: 35+ Candid and Comical Airport Shots

By Jhoana C

Airports serve as the backdrop for greetings and farewells, evoking a complex blend of emotions. On the one hand, there is a surge of exhilaration as one embarks on a well-deserved vacation. On the other hand, a tinge of melancholy arises upon landing, knowing that the return to reality and the presence of a demanding boss await. However, have you ever explored the airport beyond its surface of excitement and disappointment?

Believe it or not, airports are the stage for some truly unexpected sights. Picture this: Darth Vader and his trusty Stormtroopers spreading cheer by wishing passengers a fantastic day. And let’s not forget the naughty dogs sneaking peeks at ladies trying to do their business. It’s like a wild comedy club in there! So, the next time you find yourself waiting for your flight, put that phone on pause and take a moment to look around—the things you’ll witness will leave you amazed and entertained.

#1 When you always lose your bags

You’re bubbling with excitement, ready to dive into a whole new world of fun and discovery, only to be met with a carousel of despair. The unthinkable has happened—some mischievous soul has made off with your precious belongings! Talk about a major buzzkill.

Image courtesy of johnheartless/Reddit

Creative minds have devised ingenious solutions to evade the clutches of such inconvenience—tying vibrant ribbons and attaching distinctive tags. But there’s one individual who has reached the pinnacle of cautionary measures. So, what did they do? They took it up a notch by printing their own photo and securely affixing it to their bag.

#2 When airport workers get bored

If you think working at the airport is exciting, you’re only half correct. Regardless of the surprises that come with eager passengers, lost luggage, and canceled flights, the time inevitably comes when you’ve had too much of the same thing.

Image courtesy of malickyberanek/Reddit

In the pursuit of adding a touch of amusement to their daily routines, even the ground crew can’t resist getting in on the fun. Caught in the act, they playfully engage with the safety cones, trying to inject some laughter into their workday.

#3 At least, they still considered the photographers

It’s heartwarming to see an airport that considers the desires of plane-loving photographers. In the lovely land of Quebec, you can discover a gate right in front of a parking area where like-minded vehicle dwellers gather to enjoy the sight of planes taking off and landing.

Image courtesy of chompyshark/Reddit

If you’re a plane photography hobbyist, this will be exceptionally useful. It allows you to indulge in your passion while ensuring your safety. After all, the last thing you want is to get swept away by a gust of wind, leaving people chuckling as they read your obituary.

#4 Falcons flying in style to Switzerland

We’ve all heard rumors of a Saudi prince purchasing first-class seats for his pet falcons on a commercial airline. When money is no obstacle, it’s only natural to want our furry or feathered friends to experience the utmost comfort during their airborne adventures.

Image courtesy of imgur.com

Did you know that most airlines in the Middle East are fully prepared to accommodate falcons onboard? These majestic birds are cherished as pets by the royals. It’s hard not to let our imaginations take flight and daydream about what it would be like to be pampered pet falcons of the wealthy.

#5 We hope Jimmy is ready for fatherhood

This welcome banner at the airport is pure comedy gold! However, amidst the laughter, let’s take a moment to share a friendly reminder: sowing wild oats may lead to some unexpected surprises, like suddenly finding yourself the proud father of a whole brood of children. Just ask the legendary Nick Canon!

Image courtesy of orchid_breeder/Reddit

We hope Jimmy is ready for fatherhood; either way, this is how you make an impression at the airport. It’s hard to miss this sign, so if you’re picking up someone from the airport, they’re gonna zoom in on you!

#6 Should Christine be happy about this?

The mere mention of a colonoscopy can send shivers down your spine. From the discomfort of the procedure itself to the nerve-wracking anticipation of what follows, it’s enough to make you seek divine intervention and pray to every deity in existence for a clean bill of health.

Image courtesy of sarcastagirly/Reddit

Christine, you lucky superstar, you must be one of the chosen few! We get why your family wanted to throw a celebration in your honor. Getting that all-clear from the doctor is an epic milestone worth commemorating, and what better place to do it than at the airport?

#7 We wish all airports had kiddie waiting rooms

The saga of rescheduled flights—those unexpected adventures that lead us to spend hours at the airport. Even if you find yourself in one of the world’s most renowned airports, boredom has a sneaky way of creeping in. But fear not, fellow wanderer! Embrace the spirit of curiosity and embark on a quest for amusement.

Image courtesy of janeR61/Reddit

This woman’s boyfriend suddenly disappeared, and after searching, she found him in the company of toddlers and enjoying a Pixar movie. First of all, we’d like to know the name of this airport, and secondly, lady, you found a keeper.

#8 What happened to the croissants?

How did we miss the breaking news that croissants have magically transformed into vegetables? We must have been on a wild adventure to miss such a monumental shift in culinary classification. Whoever tried to bake croissants botched the recipe. Or is this the natural and organic version meant to please vegans too?

Image courtesy of Blu3moss/Reddit

It seems the person responsible for the café displays might be in for a bit of a pickle! It’s safe to say their manager will have some strong words to share. They better brace themselves, as their job security might be shaky because nobody will buy that croissant if they need a snack.

#9 The flying corn

We’ve got ourselves a head-scratcher of a situation at this airport. One might think this peculiar airport with a phallic-shaped object hanging from the ceiling must be in Iowa, the land of corn! But wait for it—plot twist! This airport happens to be in Atlanta, nowhere near the corn capital.

Image courtesy of WootTopShelf/Reddit

It looks like the airport’s interior decorator might need to dust off their resume! When sprucing up a space, it’s all about maintaining a cohesive theme. You can’t just pluck out random objects and scatter them around like confetti.

#10 Nikita better be ready to wash dishes

A sign that tickles our funny bones at first glance, but as we look closer, a tinge of creepiness starts to seep in. First off, the sign is meant for someone’s daughter. Now, that’s sweet and all, but wait… Nikita? Isn’t that a name more commonly associated with the fellas in Russia?

Image courtesy of nwgiantsguy/Reddit

The great divide of opinions! It seems people are split when it comes to this peculiar display. Some find it hilarious, while others raise an eyebrow and think it veers into creepy and a tad pervy. But hey, who are we to judge, right?

#11 Free speech but not one to listen to you?

Unless you’re living in a dictatorship or an authoritarian society, we’d expect that you have the freedom to speak your mind (with a few reasonable exceptions, of course). As long as you’re not causing harm or trampling on the rights of others, expressing your thoughts and opinions is a fundamental part of a healthy society.

Image courtesy of E116/Reddit

Is this the secret hiding place you seek when your flight decides to play hide-and-seek with your travel plans? A spot where you can let out all those pent-up frustrations, shout to the heavens, and sprinkle a dash of colorful language until you’re satisfied?

#12 What do they have against Crocs?

It seems we have an airport with a curious stance on Crocs footwear. But fear not, Crocs-loving comrades! Before we sound the alarm, we’ll need to uncover the name of this peculiar airport. We owe it to our Crocs-wearing friends to keep them well-informed, after all.

Image courtesy of HeyPinkiePie/Reddit

As non-fans of the squishy shoe, we may not have been aware of the dangerous encounters that can occur between Crocs and grates. Who would have thought that these seemingly harmless shoes could be caught in the clutches of those sneaky grates, leading to reported injuries?

#13 This looks fun

This incident is solid proof that airports should never be dull! It’s already a major bummer when you find out that your flight has been canceled or delayed. The last thing you want is to be surrounded by an environment that lacks a sense of humor.

Image courtesy of kraven420/Reddit

We can’t help but eagerly anticipate our baggage emerging from this magical car trunk. Although, with little ones in tow, we hope they won’t mistake it for a delightful play area. It looks rather inviting, doesn’t it? We should make our way to this Belgrade airport!

#14 She should have worn a Dominatrix outfit

This situation would have been even more amusing and playful if the lady had decided to sport a leather Dominatrix outfit, complete with thigh-high boots and fishnet stockings. However, it does raise an interesting question: would the airport authorities have allowed her entry with such a bold fashion choice?

Image courtesy of Swanhilda/Reddit

It must have been quite a moment for her friend when they saw her with the eye-catching sign she was holding! Did she hand out business cards at the airport while waiting for whoever she was picking him up? She might as well hit two birds with one stone, right?

#15 At least, this is cheaper than doing it at the hospital

If there’s a chance to get an affordable X-ray done, why not seize the opportunity? This gentleman must have received a recommendation from his doctor to undergo an X-ray scan. When he stumbled upon this opportunity at the airport, he wasted no time taking advantage of it.

Image courtesy of UBPancake/Reddit

Security must be tight these days because it is now required for people to pass through X-ray scans to ensure they don’t have any weapons in their crevices. TSA must be promoting a cheaper healthcare plan. Are you in or out?

#16 Ready for the holiday season

While many of us may approach family reunions during the Christmas season with a mix of anticipation and apprehension, there’s always that one person who embraces the festivities wholeheartedly. And this man, well, he’s more than prepared for the holiday cheer!

Image courtesy of smacktip/Reddit

His #fam must be bursting with pride for him, donning that hilarious suit and fearlessly flaunting it at the airport for all to see. Talk about confidence and not caring about what others think! But the real question is, did they disown him in disbelief or shower him with extra presents for his audacious spirit?

#17 Can you make bets?

We wouldn’t be surprised if passengers at Frankfurt Airport started placing bets on whether they’ll retrieve their luggage successfully. It’s like a game of roulette at the baggage claim! Yes, you heard that right. This is the place where anticipation and excitement meet as travelers eagerly await their suitcases

Image courtesy of Red_on_Paper/Reddit

Every time you take to the skies, you’re surrendering yourself to the hands of fate. But fear not because, at this airport, they understand the power of laughter and know how to infuse some fun into the travel experience. Life can be challenging, so finding moments that make us smile is essential!

#18 Would you wear the Target prairie dress at the airport?

If these ladies were waiting to pick us up at the airport, we might be at a loss for words! We’d probably try to discreetly avert our gaze and pretend we didn’t notice them. After all, we don’t own any prairie dresses, nor do we intend to wear one, especially in public.

Image courtesy of eager_sleeper/Reddit

Talk about a whirlwind of controversial topics and questionable fashion choices! We have some strong opinions about polygamy and intra-familial marriages, but we’ll keep those thoughts tucked away for now. As for the dresses, well, let’s just say they could use a little help from the fashion police. To each their own, right?

#19 When is the plane leaving?

Southwest Airlines is a never-ending topic of debate! Everyone has something to say about them, both good and bad. Some folks are over the moon with their service, while others are less than thrilled. That’s just how life works, right? You can’t please everyone all the time.

Image courtesy of imgur.com

Will the plane ever take off, or are we destined to spend our days in this airport lounge, forever stuck in limbo? It’s just a harmless system glitch, but it adds humor to the situation. Some might see it as a sign, a comical reflection of the airline’s quirks and unpredictability.

#20 Cheap sign for a cheap airline?

Spirit Airlines—the reigning champion of budget-friendly travel! They’ve mastered the art of offering cheap fares that make your wallet smile. But let’s not forget that with great savings comes a few trade-offs. You knew what you were signing up for, right? Sometimes you’ve gotta make a few sacrifices for that sweet, sweet deal.

Image courtesy of BourbonMilkshake/Reddit

We all know that when you pay a mere ten bucks for something, you can’t exactly expect a luxurious extravaganza worth twenty. It’s more like a “get what you pay for” situation. But when it comes to signage, even budget airlines can step up their game a bit.

#21 Flight delay? Go play!

Who said airport delays had to be boring? This gamer knows how to turn a setback into an opportunity for epic gaming adventures! Forget flipping through magazines or scrolling aimlessly on your phone. This guy has taken it to a new level by hooking up his PlayStation to the airport monitor.

Image courtesy of beardedbarnabas/Reddit

This guy is a true visionary in beating boredom at the airport. Who needs a stack of magazines or a Sudoku book when you can have your PlayStation packed and ready to go in your carry-on? It’s as if he had a crystal ball and knew that a flight delay was in his future.

#22 This makes sense

Well, isn’t that a fancy word to find in an airport? “Discombobulated” seems like the perfect way to describe that feeling you get when you’re up in the air, soaring through the clouds. It’s like your brain is doing a little dance, trying to adjust to the changes in altitude.

Image courtesy of theWet_Bandits/Reddit

So, when you land, it’s only right that you get recombobulated in a special area. This area could also be where you put your belts and shoes on again after going through TSA. If you want to be recombobulated too, you should visit Milwaukee!

#23 This is a unique welcome

When it comes to travel destinations, Helsinki doesn’t always get the spotlight, and there’s a cheeky reason behind it. Let’s talk about November in Helsinki—dark, chilly, and oh-so-windy! The locals might affectionately describe it as a bit “miserable.” You’re better off going somewhere tropical.

Image courtesy of IgnorantLobster/Reddit

So, here’s a hilarious twist we stumbled upon outside Helsinki’s airport. The city is pulling out all the stops to attract visitors, and what better way to do that than with a little friendly challenge? If you’re up for some light-hearted competition and ready to prove your worthiness as a visitor, Helsinki’s got your back.

#24 Why would they hang an eagle on the ceiling?

Guess who decided to make an unexpected appearance in a New Zealand airport? None other than the legendary Gandalf himself, popping up on the ceiling like a mischievous wizard. It seems like even airports can’t resist the enchanting allure of Middle-earth.

Image courtesy of geoff5093/Reddit

If you’re a big fan of J.R.R. Tolkien, you might enjoy dropping by this airport. New Zealand is also a country that has so much to offer aside from this airport. The country has some of the most picturesque landscapes, so there’s a lot to look forward to.

#25 We hope his stay in prison was fabulous

This woman certainly knows how to make a grand entrance and give everyone a good laugh. With her witty sign about escaping prison (figuratively, of course), she’s bound to turn heads and raise some eyebrows. We can only imagine the mix of surprise and amusement on the faces of the onlookers.

Image courtesy of ATLbritta/Reddit

We bet the next time her boyfriend flies in, he’ll call his friends and ask them to pick him up. Or, he might not fly in anymore and just gamble with the 12-hr drive so he won’t have to see this again.

#26 This has a happy ending

We’re thrilled to share a heartwarming tale with a happy ending because it could have been an incredibly awkward plane ride otherwise. This adventurous fellow boldly accepted the challenge and embraced the opportunity to capture this momentous event in pictures.

Image courtesy of pezmonkey/Reddit

While opinions may differ on the appropriateness of a public proposal, especially on a confined airplane where escape isn’t an option, we can’t help but feel relieved that this particular story had a positive outcome. The brave soul who took the leap of love received a resounding “YES” from the lady in question.

#27 Washing your hands is important

Even if the worst of the pandemic is far behind us, washing your hands thoroughly for at least a minute is still important. This airport in New Orleans has a unique way of reminding everyone to ensure their hands are squeaky clean.

Image courtesy of silentonc/Reddit

If you’ve ever indulged in some finger-lickin’ crawfish or devoured a fiery jalapeño, you know that keeping those hands clean is crucial. Trust us; you don’t want any residual spiciness or seafood scent lingering on your fingers when you rub your eyes or handle your contact lenses.

#28 This is good news for old people

We’re fully on board with this idea because, let’s face it, standing for long periods can be challenging, especially for our wise and seasoned folks. We can’t expect them to play the waiting game forever to claim their precious baggage. Now all that’s missing is a porch, and we’re all set.

Image courtesy of hiyaharles/Reddit

We all know that waiting for our bags can be a test of patience, no matter our age or level of fitness. Sometimes, those bags take their own sweet time to make their grand entrance, leaving us standing there with weary legs. That’s why airports must provide ample benches and seats in this area.

#29 There’s a peeping tom dog at the airport

Just when you think you’ve seen everything, you get surprised at the airport! Imagine entering the restroom, minding your own business, only to be greeted by this unexpected sight. It’s bound to catch you off guard and elicit a startled reaction. We can only imagine the commotion as people process this unusual encounter.

Image courtesy of Flyron-Fist/Reddit

In this chaotic world, finding a moment of peace can be a challenge, even in the sanctuary of a restroom. Who would have thought encountering a peeping tom dog in such a place would be part of our reality? It’s almost unbelievable, but here’s the proof right before our eyes!

#30 A sight for sore eyes

We can endure flight delays if we’re greeted with such an adorable sight at the airport. Just look at those fluffy puppies! We suspect one might be a stuffed toy, but the others are the real deal. It’s hard not to smile and feel happy seeing playful puppies.

Image courtesy of cloudform/Reddit

Their human can’t bear to be away from them for too long, so they take all their adorable doggos on vacation. It must have taken extra effort and maybe a few extra bucks to ensure their furry companions could join them on their trip.

#31 What did he do with the sheep?

Airport pickup signs can be quite creative, and this one certainly stands out among the rest. While we can’t be sure about the backstory behind it, we can’t help but be curious about the sheep reference. Did their friend have a peculiar encounter with a sheep? Or is it just an inside joke?

Image courtesy of TheDapperDoctor/Reddit

You got to trust your pals and family to create hilarious welcome signs at the airport. After all, how can they be friends or family if they don’t even troll you and make fun of you at least once in your life?

#32 So many people with so much time in their hands

This prank takes the cake when it comes to mischievous airport activities. While we can understand the temptation of finding ways to pass the time, tricking unsuspecting travelers into thinking there’s a power source where there isn’t one is a bit on the devious side.

Image courtesy of ryusomad/Reddit

This man certainly knows how to inject some excitement into his life, albeit in a rather unconventional way. While opinions on his pranks may be polarized, with some finding them ingenious and others deeming them downright cruel, it’s important to remember that humor can be subjective.

#33 We love this pole’s attitude

This pole certainly has a unique personality, and we have to give credit to the creative minds at Nashville Airport for adding a touch of whimsy to their parking garage. Concealing cameras in such a clever and unexpected way is brilliant.

Image courtesy of AllDayGinger/Reddit

Is it just us, or does that pole look like it’s had a long day of travel? Maybe it’s been on a series of connecting flights, hopping from one destination to another for more than 8 hours. After all that jet-setting, it’s no wonder the pole appears weary and needs some rest.

#34 You might want to try dressing like this

This couple has mastered the art of standing out at the airport by deliberately dressing in complete opposites. We can’t help but wonder if their fashion strategy serves a practical purpose—perhaps it makes it easier for them to spot each other in the bustling crowd.

Image courtesy of cboerhave/Reddit

Most couples are opposites, and we’ve also heard time and again that opposites attract, so that might be the reason for this. What about you and your partner? Do you do the same when you go somewhere? Or do you just put on whatever feels comfortable?

#35 Perhaps he needs a seeing eye dog too

Would you reconsider your flight plans if you encountered this entertaining pilot at the airport? We can’t help but appreciate his witty sense of humor. Being in the presence of someone who can crack jokes and embrace lightheartedness is always a delightful experience.

Image courtesy of CorkyBravo/Reddit

Rest assured, this gentleman is accompanied by his trusty seeing-eye dog and possesses the necessary credentials to fly. With him at the helm, we can confidently anticipate a safe takeoff and landing at our destination. It’s amusing how this situation adds a unique twist to the expression “flying in blind,” wouldn’t you agree?

#36 Did Starbucks open a lab?

The answer to that question is a definite no. This peculiar sight wasn’t the norm for a coffee shop but rather a creative way for a coffee shop in Shenzhen to adapt during the pandemic’s peak. If you were to visit now, you’d find the staff no longer dressed in such unique attire.

Image courtesy of KataGuruma-/Reddit

Nope, those are not syringes on the counter; those are straws. Customers must have thought they were in a parallel universe when they ordered their coffee. Perhaps they were alarmed but felt relieved at the same time that the staff was dressed for the occasion.

#37 Kudos to this airport

Even if we’re not die-hard Star Wars fans, we can’t help but appreciate the airport’s dedication to May 4th. This date holds significance in the Star Wars universe, with the iconic phrase “May the Force be with you” spoken by the Jedi masters.

Image courtesy of monkeyhead_man/Reddit

Even though we doubt they hired professional actors in costumes, the airport’s effort is commendable. It’s the thought that counts, after all. We can only picture the sheer joy on the faces of Star Wars fans when they encountered Darth Vader and the Stormtroopers roaming around.

#38 Too bad for Michelle

When Michelle thought she could keep her secrets hidden, her boyfriend had other plans. With his cleverly crafted sign, he ensured everyone at the airport was in on the joke. It’s a lighthearted reminder that sometimes our mischievous deeds find a way of catching up with us.

Image courtesy of themilkmememan/Reddit

Maybe she didn’t cheat with another man but in a poker game? Well, it turns out we’re all wrong, and thanks to a shrewd person on the ‘net for finding out that this man was holding the sign for his daughter, who was on a break from med school.

#39 Some peace and quiet at the terminal

Peace is a rare gem to find in bustling airport terminals filled with delays, cancellations, and frantic travelers racing to catch their flights. But amidst the chaos, there are moments of unexpected delight that can bring a smile to your face.

Image courtesy of Ixz72/Reddit

Kudos to the clever minds behind Southwest Airlines’ PR department! They’ve mastered the art of gate signs that never fail to bring a smile to our faces. Once you’ve experienced the charm of Southwest Airlines’ gate signs, it’s hard not to eagerly anticipate what they’ll come up with next.

#40 Don’t we all hate the lizard people

Denver International Airport certainly knows how to embrace the buzz surrounding its conspiracy theories. Instead of getting frustrated with the constant speculation, they’ve decided to play along and inject humor into the mix. Their lighthearted approach is a clever way to acknowledge the rumors and bring a smile to passengers’ faces.

Image courtesy of AllHisFault21/Reddit

If you thought the eerie blue horse statue with glowing red eyes, affectionately known as Blucifer, was the most peculiar thing about Denver International Airport, think again. According to some travelers, the airport seems to have a fascination with supernatural and extraterrestrial beings.

#41 This isn’t reassuring at all

Attention all design firms! Here’s a friendly piece of advice when it comes to airport displays: avoid creating installations that mimic the interior of a plane. Trust us; it’s not a good idea if you want to prevent panic attacks among travelers.

Image courtesy of SucculentGravy/Reddit

If you want to give passengers an adrenaline rush and a crash course in swimming, this is the perfect installation for you! Brace yourself as you imagine the deep, watery depths below and contemplate your survival skills. But let’s be honest, scaring passengers with thoughts of imminent doom might not be the best way to start a journey.

#42 We need to visit Pensacola Airport ASAP

We might have just discovered the hidden gem of Pensacola! While the city may not have been on our radar, the airport has undoubtedly taken flight with its epic transformation. Prepare to have your mind blown as you step into a world of interstellar travel and embark on a journey through Stargates.

Image courtesy of Bearmancartoons/Reddit

If you’re a science fiction and Stargate fan, you’ll understand our excitement over this. We loved the film directed by Roland Emmerich and the TV series too. We love wormholes and the idea that people can travel through time and space.

#43 Did he fly in from another planet?

This fearless traveler has taken accessorizing to a whole new level with his innovative headgear—a Roomba-inspired masterpiece. We can’t help but wonder if he’s attempting a cosmic combination of personal grooming and self-defense. Is he determined to keep his nasal passages squeaky clean while safeguarding himself at the same time?

Image courtesy of Stockjock1/Reddit

In a world where masks have become the norm for air travel, some individuals take their health precautions to extraordinary levels. Meet our dedicated and cautious traveler, who has gone above and beyond the call of duty. Is he a hypochondriac, ever-vigilant against the slightest hint of symptoms?

#44 Only short kisses are allowed

Can you imagine security guards prowling this area with stopwatches on hand and timing people who are kissing each other goodbye? “Excuse me ma’am, sir, you’ve been kissing each other for 3 minutes and a second. Move away from each other, please!”

Image courtesy of froncerro/Reddit

If you’re an affectionate couple who loves to show your love through touch, you might want to exercise some restraint when visiting this particular location. It’s not that they have anything against lovebirds; they simply have a unique preference for keeping public displays of affection in check.

#45 Glad to know their family isn’t a cannibal

We can’t deny that we’re getting Jeffrey Dahmer vibes with this kind of airport pickup sign, but at least we can breathe a sigh of relief that their family doesn’t have any preference for human meat and the dismemberment of corpses.

Image courtesy of Jurassic-Bork/Reddit

Alright, let’s take a step back and have a good laugh about this pickup sign. It’s an attention-grabbing sign that makes people double-take, strike up conversations, and share a hearty laugh. We can only imagine the embarrassment and amusement of the person being picked up