Beyond Human Hands: AI’s Astounding Renditions Of The Mona Lisa

By Anni K

This article was originally published on gethappyday

Get ready to be amazed as we take you on a delightful adventure into the world of AI artistry! The Mona Lisa’s mysterious smile has intrigued art lovers for ages, but what happens when we let Artificial Intelligence get in on the creative action?

Buckle up as we embark on a visual journey through mind-blowing AI-generated images of this iconic masterpiece. We’ll dive into the magical fusion of art and technology, where users have unleashed their imagination to give the Mona Lisa a whimsical makeover like never before.

From playful reinterpretations to stunningly modern adaptations, each picture has a tale to tell, showcasing how AI has breathed new life into one of history’s most cherished artworks. So, come along and join us in exploring this collection, where the boundaries of artistic expression blend seamlessly with the boundless potential of artificial intelligence.


Raise your hand if you’re a fan of the movie Shrek! If you haven’t experienced this cinematic gem, we’re not sure how to break it to you gently—you’ve been missing out on the pinnacle of animated greatness! Shrek and his Ogre princess bride, Fiona, are among the most beloved ‘monsters’ out there.

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In the first movie, a captivating princess finds herself under a peculiar curse. As the sun sets, she undergoes a magical transformation into a lovable ogre while retaining her beauty in this unconventional form. This AI-generated version of Mona Lisa looks like it might have been Fiona & Shrek’s daughter!


The Matrix is back, and it is bringing a mind-bending twist to the art world! Get ready to feast your eyes on an AI-generated masterpiece that reimagines the iconic Mona Lisa as none other than the legendary lead character, Neo.

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We love to see a woman in an iconic role like this. Imagine the iconic Mona Lisa, striking her timeless pose, gracing a Matrix movie cover art with her as the lead character. It’s an uncanny match made in artistic heaven—and now we’re on a mission to spread the word far and wide!


Have you ever wondered what Mona Lisa would look like if she were to be draped in gold and precious jewels? Well, wonder no more, for the realm of artificial intelligence has granted us a mesmerizing glimpse into an alternate reality.

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We love the nostalgic aesthetic of this artwork, reminiscent of a time when people were revered and immortalized through painted portraits. However, it’s intriguing that the AI has incorporated a futuristic backdrop, giving Mona Lisa a unique blend of classical and futuristic elements.

Red Riding Lisa

Feast your eyes upon a reinterpretation of the Mona Lisa that will ignite your imagination. While her hair color and complexion may differ from the original tale, it’s as if the AI envisioned a captivating fusion of Red Riding Hood and the iconic Mona Lisa pose.

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Notice the delicious cookies reminiscent of the treats Grandma would have enjoyed in the original fable. But wait, there’s more! Instead of the menacing Big Bad Wolf, the AI has transformed it into a gentle, pint-sized companion for Red Riding Hood.

Doll Lisa

This next artwork sparks a whirlwind of associations, evoking images of Harley Quinn’s playful spirit, the delicate beauty of a classic china doll, and the fierce charisma of Baby Doll from the movie Sucker Punch, dressed in a Samurai-inspired outfit.

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With her expressive eyes, impeccable composure, and meticulous attention to detail, this unique rendition of the Mona Lisa stands out! Its brilliance and allure are so captivating that it demands to be showcased in a book, a movie, or perhaps even a full-fledged series.

Fae Lisa

There’s a charm to this AI-generated version of the Mona Lisa that ignites our love for fairy tales. With the faint red tint in her hair, it’s almost as if she would speak with a lively Scottish or Irish accent, pausing within this frame and eagerly sharing the treasures she recently stumbled upon in the forest.

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It’s easy to imagine that she has recently witnessed the enchanting sight of real-life fairies fluttering around her, or perhaps she’s just hand-fed a playful fawn or discovered a patch of freshly plucked mushrooms in the woods. Either way, we love this portrayal of her.

Sandy Lisa

When we look at this AI-generated version of the Mona Lisa, two playful and imaginative thoughts come to mind. The first is that she resembles an exquisitely sculpted terracotta masterpiece—as if a skilled artist painstakingly molded her out of clay, capturing every nuance of her expression and the delicate features of her face.

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Alternatively, we can’t help but envision a colossal aerial image of the Mona Lisa created on the sandy canvas of a vast desert. As if an artist with an audacious vision crafted her portrait on such a grand scale so that it can only be truly appreciated from high above.

Commander Lisa

This version of the Mona Lisa elicits a mix of exhilaration and apprehension. At first, we’re thrilled to see Mona Lisa gracefully reigning over the galaxies, her serene smile and flawless porcelain skin captivating the cosmic realms. However, upon closer observation, we can’t help but notice something intriguing. Can you see it too?

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Yep, she seems far too young to be in space! The idea that AI might one day dominate the world fills us with a peculiar mix of emotions. It’s a spine-tingling thought that forces us to contemplate a future where humanity, including our children, may need to adapt to an entirely new normal amidst the cosmos.

Happy Lisa

This version of the Mona Lisa leaves no room for doubt—her smile is undeniably genuine, a subject that has sparked endless debates in the original painting. It’s impossible not to feel a contagious sense of joy and imagine ourselves basking in the same serene environment as Mona Lisa.

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Not only does this delightful version of Mona Lisa sport a genuinely radiant smile, but she also showcases a fashion-forward outfit with vibrant colors. It’s a modern twist that adds an extra dose of happiness to the scene, in contrast to the more subdued tones of the original.

Lego Lisa

Behold the Lego Mona Lisa—a whimsical and entirely possible creation! This AI-generated rendition showcases remarkable accuracy and an abundance of intricate details. We’re thoroughly impressed by the craftsmanship of this Lego art piece. However, it appears that this Mona Lisa possesses a certain readiness for action. 

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While we acknowledge that there might be other Lego versions of the Mona Lisa with more accurate colors and features, we can’t help but be thrilled by the concept of having our very own Mona Lisa figurine to play with!

Mona Munchies

Picture this: you stroll into a restaurant, and to your astonishment, they serve you a plate of spaghetti bolognese artfully arranged to resemble the iconic Mona Lisa’s body. What a thrilling and unexpected culinary experience that would be! Now we have the munchies and wonder if this spaghetti is any good.

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How AI can generate a masterful artwork that resembles a plate of real spaghetti and meatballs is mind-boggling. We’re grateful that the AI didn’t take it to the extreme and create Mona Lisa’s face as a meatball, which could have fueled some amusingly bizarre nightmares.

Alternative Timeline

Imagine if the Mona Lisa wasn’t created by Leonardo da Vinci in 1503 in Florence, Italy, but instead originated from the heart of Africa. You might find yourself head over heels in love with this AI-generated version of her! Just like the original, she adorns clothing and hairstyles that reflect the region’s rich cultural tapestry.

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With her eye-catching jewelry pieces, a soft and endearing glow, and a breathtaking backdrop, it’s an exceptionally well-executed rendition. We can’t help but admire how the AI has captured that elusive, almost-there smile reminiscent of the original masterpiece.

Fantasy Lisa

In a world filled with many ogre-elf-inspired characters, this AI-generated Mona Lisa offers a delightful opportunity for interpretation. You can envision her as a fearsome monster, a brave hero, or even a quirky side character. We can see that AI decided to give her a sneer rather than a smile.

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In this rendition, there’s an electrifying anticipation that Mona Lisa could leap into action at any moment. Perhaps she possesses an unpredictable nature, ready to strike with fiery determination while maintaining an eerily calm composure—an intriguing combination that adds to the thrill. Sign us up to see this Mona Lisa in action in a game or movie!

Gothic Lisa

When the AI created this version of the Mona Lisa, it took the concept of “gothic” to a literal level. It drew inspiration from the intricate and ornate details of Gothic architecture, and we can’t help but appreciate the result.

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At first glance, we couldn’t help but see a resemblance to the lovely Emma Watson. But upon closer inspection, we can also detect subtle hints of Monica Geller’s personality shining through. It’s a delightful fusion of two remarkable women, adding a touch of familiarity and intrigue to the portrait.


Ah, the mysterious case of “Air Head Mona Lisa.” It does make one wonder if the original prompt had such a playful twist in mind. If that were the case, it seems the AI took the concept quite literally and left us a bit puzzled about those vibrant rainbow balloons.

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Regardless of the original prompt, we can all agree that this render is seriously cool! The intricate line work in this piece is fantastic, capturing our hearts and imagination. Now, the question arises: is this a must-have decoration for a fabulous pool party or perhaps a massive balloon to proudly raise at parades?

Lunar Lisa

We adore this art style, as the AI fully embraces its non-realistic nature. Mona Lisa undergoes a mesmerizing transformation, resembling a celestial goddess adorned with vibrant colors seemingly flowing from the galaxy itself. It’s a captivating reimagination that paints her as a cosmic entity, radiating beauty and grace.

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With its minimalist details, the line art style brings a breath of fresh air, creating a visually appealing rendition. Even without prior knowledge of the AI’s involvement, one would unmistakably recognize the classic Mona Lisa pose. This testament to her timeless allure reveals that she transcends eras and entire galaxies.

Mer Lisa

Just imagine, this artwork would be the perfect addition to a lavish palace owned by a wealthy mermaid family. If they ever desired a Mona Lisa that captured the essence of their underwater world, this authentic style would be an ideal choice. Yes, it might seem a tad far-fetched, but what a dream it would be!

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The AI’s reimagining of Mona Lisa as a stunning yet slightly eerie underwater creature adorned with pearls and shells is a sight to behold. However, we can’t help but feel a tinge of unease in her gaze. Perhaps her expression resides beyond the reaches of our artistic comprehension, leaving us mystified by its enigmatic nature.

Steampunk Mona

In this version of the AI-generated Mona Lisa, we can’t help but imagine her delivering scorching words or leading us into epic battles. There’s a hint of danger and mischief in her expression, even though her almost-smile manages to shine through.

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Oh, beware! One wrong look at this Mona Lisa, and you might incur her wrath! But we have to point out, as with many AI-generated images, they never get their hands quite right. This version has a few too many fingers, which makes the original reign supreme in one aspect.

Mamma Mia Mona Lisa

Oh, Bellissimo! This pizza-yielding version of the Mona Lisa is simply delightful! It’s fantastic to witness a famous historical painting like this being reimagined through AI, making it more relatable and approachable. Now the burning question arises: Where do we go to grab a slice?

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Kudos to the AI for capturing the essence of the original Mona Lisa while giving her a modern twist that feels relatable and current. Seeing her engaged in a relatable job rather than just posing statically is refreshing. We can’t help but wish for a bustling city backdrop to further enhance the contemporary vibe.

Scarlet Mona

This AI-generated rendition of the Mona Lisa comes incredibly close to the original, with remarkable similarity. However, upon closer inspection, you’ll quickly notice that one significant feature has been cleverly replaced by another iconic female. And we’re absolutely thrilled about it!

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Oh, the AI’s decision to replace Mona Lisa’s face with that of the lovely Scarlett Johansson? We must admit, it’s a stroke of genius! We wholeheartedly agree that it’s a fantastic idea. Just imagine, Scarlett Johansson portraying Mona Lisa in a film—talk about an absolute must-watch!

Terminator Lisa

When we first saw this version of the Mona Lisa, we must admit that a mix of fear and awe washed over us. The level of detail is impressive and captures our admiration. However, it’s intriguing to note that the concept of gender and feminine features seems to have taken a backseat in this rendition.

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It’s quite an amusing thought that one wrong move from this Lisa could potentially bring about the end of the world! The presence of several extra hands and fingers on this droid version adds an unexpected twist, but somehow it still manages to work its eerie magic.

Classic Mashup 

Oh, how intriguing! At first glance, you might mistake this art for the famous “Girl with a Pearl Earring,” nearly as renowned as the Mona Lisa. However, upon closer inspection, you’ll realize it’s not a full-body version of that beloved painting.. 

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We can’t decide which aspect we love more—the fact that Mona Lisa resembles the girl in the pearl earring or the sheer delight of finally seeing a full-body rendering of the girl after all this time. It’s a playful twist that invites us to reimagine these classic masterpieces in a new light.

Droid Lisa

We find ourselves in a delightful puzzlement, for it seems the AI has put its creative circuits to work in reimagining the Mona Lisa in this unique style. While we may not have the faintest clue about the original prompt that inspired this masterpiece, one thing is for sure: the AI certainly gave it their all.

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We find admiration in the intricate details and the unique concept behind this picture. It does give off an intriguing vibe, almost like a droid that has explored the depths of the underwater realm or ventured into a heavily polluted near-future.

Dia de los muertos Lisa

Dia de los Muertos, meaning “Day of the Dead,” is a vibrant and culturally significant celebration in Mexico. During this day, people come together to honor and remember their deceased loved ones. It’s a joyous occasion filled with colorful costumes, intricately painted skull designs known as “sugar skulls,” and lively festivities.

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The AI’s rendition of the Mona Lisa in a similar style captures the essence of this tradition, blending the iconic figure with the artistic elements associated with Dia de los Muertos. It’s a unique and captivating interpretation that pays homage to the rich cultural heritage of Mexico.

Anime Lisa

Ah, it’s a bit of a bummer that this AI-generated art piece reimagining Mona Lisa in a Neon Genesis-inspired anime style didn’t incorporate more of her distinctive features. However, fear not! We can still find delight in the intricate details surrounding her.

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We understand that a lot of anime characters have different colored hair and eyes, and we think it is super suitable for this style, but to further cement the fact that this is inspired by Mona Lisa, they could have made her clothes, hair or eyes the same color.

Future Lisa

Honestly, we must admit that this version doesn’t quite win us over. While it’s undeniably a beautifully executed piece, the style might feel a bit overwhelming with its excessive textures. We can’t help but wonder if a more balanced approach could have enhanced the artwork even further. 

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It seems that the AI encountered some challenges with the eyes in this rendition. They appear red and uneven, which can be a bit jarring and detract from the overall impact. It was a noble attempt AI, but this is a clear win for the original art piece.

Zombie Lisa

The thought of a zombie outbreak occurring during Mona Lisa’s lifetime is quite a captivating and amusing idea! If she had managed to resist the urge to attack her painter and remained in that iconic pose, she would have been painted as this AI-generated art would have imagined it have been.

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Ah, those small pink pieces in her hair keep us guessing, don’t they? It’s an enigmatic element that adds an eerie yet intriguing touch to this rendition of the Mona Lisa. Whether they are pieces of organic matter or delicate flowers, they contribute to the overall haunting beauty of the artwork.

Mount Lisa

Mount Rushmore inspires this AI-generated version of the Mona Lisa, and it’s natural to have mixed or distinct feelings about such a monumental landmark. Now, let’s take a moment to imagine a world where the Mona Lisa was carved into a mountain even larger than life itself.

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It’s a grand vision that captures the imagination, merging the artistic legacy of the Mona Lisa with the majesty of nature. In this imaginary masterpiece, the fusion of art and natural wonders takes center stage, inviting us to ponder the limitless possibilities of human creativity and the wonders that lie beyond our wildest dreams.

Moo-ve Over Lisa

We completely understand that AI can occasionally take a wild leap into the realm of absolute insanity. But hey, sometimes we must embrace the chaos and let ourselves be entertained by its whimsical creations. It’s those moments when we can’t help but laugh out loud and find joy in the unexpected.

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In a world where cows are hailed as the epitome of beauty and sport freakishly long fingers, we can only imagine the artistic endeavors that might ensue. Picture a cow suitor endeavoring to capture the essence of bovine beauty, attempting to paint their most magnificent cow adorned in rope-like clothes and oddly small ears. 

Fever Dream Lisa

Trying to describe this AI-generated version of the Mona Lisa is like attempting to make sense of a wild fever dream. It’s as if one woke up in the middle of the night, their mind still entangled in the whimsical realms of slumber, and grabbed a paintbrush to bring their vivid imagination to life.

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Let’s just say whoever prompted this into the AI should rather take a break from it and re-evaluate what they are doing. Why is she so masculine and cute at the same time and why is it so neon colored? We need answers!

Alien Lisa

In a wild world where alien species graces us with their presence, we can’t help but imagine that there is one particular alien worthy of being painted in the iconic Mona Lisa pose—and this AI-generated artwork might just be it!

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We have to admit that the detail and result is good, but maybe this is another example of what not to prompt at the AI, right? Would Aliens even require portraits? Seems like something that would not be applicable to an intergalactic being. 

Mannequin Lisa

Indeed, this AI-generated twist on the classic Mona Lisa introduces an intriguing element by draping her in elaborate and expensive clothing. It is a fresh take on the iconic masterpiece, exploring the possibilities of fashion and textiles within the artwork.

Image credit:

It’s remarkable how the textures on this mannequin rendition of the Mona Lisa appear so realistic! The level of execution is impressive, showcasing the AI’s ability to bring lifelike details to a modern interpretation of the iconic artwork. While the hands might need a bit of refinement, we can’t help but be fans of this unique version.

Undead Lisa

In a chilling scenario where the dead rise and their clothes miraculously remain in better condition than their bodies, this AI-generated artwork could be an eerie and surprisingly accurate representation. Well, perhaps “accurate” might be a stretch, but this rendition could find its unsettling place in the realm of sci-fi settings.

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Even in the afterlife, the piercing gaze of Lisa remains captivating. In this AI-generated rendition, however, her eyes take on a new level of intensity—they might pierce right through your very being! The golden tint adorning her bones adds an otherworldly allure, while the choice of classic green clothes pays homage to the iconic aesthetic.

Muppet Lisa

It seems we have stumbled upon a truly bizarre and unsettling creation! Muppet Lisa, a fusion of nightmares, muppets, and a classic painting, emerges as a character that’s both horrifying and perplexing. Constructed from questionable fabrics and wearing an expression that leaves us questioning its intentions.

Image credit:

The level of detail and execution in this artwork is undeniably impressive. However, we can’t help but question the thought process behind the person who prompted this version of a beautiful painting. Perhaps it’s best for them to explore other artistic avenues and move on from attempting to create raggedy muppet-like renditions.

No more Lisa

This AI-generated alien-inspired version of the Mona Lisa certainly evokes nostalgic memories of the classic old-school film E.T. How wonderful it is to reminisce about that beloved movie! If you happen to remember it, it’s a delightful reminder of the adventures and heartwarming moments we experienced while watching it.

Image credit:

This AI-generated rendition of the Mona Lisa harks back to the way aliens were often portrayed in the 80s before CGI technology advanced. It’s a charming nod to a bygone era when practical effects and imagination shaped our perceptions of extraterrestrial beings.


Take a closer look at this AI-generated art piece, and you’ll discover the subtle presence of the Mona Lisa within the landscape. Notice how the graceful flow of the waterfall mirrors the soft, gentle drapes of her dress, and observe the silhouette of her head elegantly framed within the arch formed by the cascading water.

Image credit:

This is a very creative take of the Mona Lisa, and the only bad thing we have to say about this version is that we are very bummed out that this isn’t a real spot you can visit in real life. Imagine how cool that would have been!

Statue of Mona

It’s quite a mystery what prompt led to the creation of this particular AI-generated artwork, but we must admit that the result turned out fairly intriguing. While few remaining features directly evoke the original Mona Lisa, a subtle essence lingers, particularly in the eyes and the positioning of one arm.

Image credit:

Could it represent futuristic beings in a dystopian space, or perhaps it’s a sculpture envisioning a remarkable woman who has achieved something extraordinary? The emerald insert in her bodice adds a touch of mystique and a hint of technological wonder.

Dystopian Lisa

It seems that dystopian futures can mean anything when you prompt it into AI – like this version of the Mona Lisa. We love that her classic facial expression and arm position translated well, but what happened to her hair and fingers?

Image credit:

We only count four freakishly square fingers, and her hair seems to have been replaced by technology rather than just a simple hairstyle. Hey, we would like to ask this Mona Lisa some questions; she seems approachable for once!

Model Relief

You’ve identified the artistic style used in this captivating rendition of the Mona Lisa—it is called model relief! This technique allows us to envision the iconic masterpiece in a three-dimensional format, using shades of grayscale to create depth and dimension.

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This AI-generated piece has a distinct quality reminiscent of a peculiar X-ray version of the Mona Lisa. Although we can’t peer into the inner workings of her body, the artistic style creates an intriguing effect akin to the transparency of an X-ray image.

Trouble or Peace Lisa

Do you see a lady serving time in a two-story slammer, or perhaps a serene and composed monk residing in a lavishly adorned sanctuary? Our wild imaginations can only conjure up amusing scenarios to explain the original prompt that guided the AI’s creation.

Image credit:

Look at Mona Lisa rocking that fresh hairstyle and embracing her newfound ethnic flair! She’s definitely got her finger on the pulse of modern trends. And let’s not forget those inked-up hands—Mona’s clearly been hitting the tattoo parlor, keeping up with the hip crowd.

Snack Lisa

The wonders of AI and the unexpected outcomes it can bring! It’s quite possible that the person behind this AI-generated masterpiece accidentally triggered the voice-to-text function while expressing their deep craving for nachos and tacos. Ah, the power of culinary desires!

Image credit:

It’s a quirky and unexpected twist that leaves us torn between amusement and a slight feeling of discomfort. As we feast our eyes upon this AI-generated version of Mona Lisa, affectionately dubbed “Snack Lisa,” our tummies rumble with anticipation. Pass the salsa, won’t you?