The Quest For The World’s Perfect Burger

By April Q

From coast to coast in the USA, burgers have become a national treasure, offering a gratifying experience as you sink your teeth into a succulent patty, secret sauce dribbling down your arm. This beloved North American classic has transcended borders and can now be savored in far-flung places like the U.K., Argentina, and Japan, where some of the world’s finest burgers await hungry travelers.

image credit: Joshua Resnick/ Shutterstock

You might be surprised by the world’s top 3 favorite burgers:

3. The Heart Attack Grill, Las Vegas, The U.S

It’s worth clarifying that the Heart Attack Grill doesn’t claim to serve the best-tasting burgers. Instead, their claim to fame lies in offering some of the world’s most colossal burgers, particularly the “Octuple Bypass” burger, which boasts a whopping 32 ounces (or approximately 910 grams) of beef. The Heart Attack Grill deliberately promotes the idea of indulging in unhealthy, cholesterol-laden burgers. In keeping with this theme, the head chef humorously adopts the persona of a doctor, creating oversized and exceptionally greasy burgers for his “patients,” who are, in reality, the restaurant’s customers. These mammoth creations are then presented to diners by the waitstaff, playfully referred to as “nurses.”

2. Kiwi Burger, New Zealand

It’s important to note that Kiwi burgers, despite their name, do not contain any meat from the iconic Kiwi Bird. Using such meat would not only be illegal but also result in a prison sentence. Instead, these burgers are crafted to suit the tastes of Kiwis, which is a colloquial term for New Zealanders. Kiwi burgers typically feature a circular slice of pineapple, either in its raw form or lightly grilled, along with an egg and a slice of beetroot. Interestingly, there’s an ongoing debate between Kiwis and Aussies about whether the inclusion of pineapple in a burger classifies it as a Kiwi or Aussie burger. Nevertheless, it undeniably represents a distinct and regional interpretation of what a burger can be in this part of the world. So much so that even McDonald’s in New Zealand has introduced its own version of the Kiwi burger.

1. Aussie Burger, Australia

Do Aussie Burgers stand apart from their Kiwi Burger counterparts? Well, perhaps they share more similarities than differences. Despite New Zealand and Australia being distinct nations, their burger preferences show some striking commonalities. In essence, both Kiwis and Aussies tend to favor burgers that include a full egg, a pineapple ring, and sometimes a dash of beetroot and salad. So, if you happen to find yourself in Australia, it’s worth sampling their burgers to discern the nuances. However, here’s a crucial distinction to remember: if a burger is branded as an “Aussie Burger” but lacks that essential pineapple element, it doesn’t quite earn the right to bear the title of an authentic Aussie Burger.

image credit: Drazen Zigic /Shutterstock