The Photoshop Maestro: 45 Of Herri Susanto’s Mind-blowing Masterpieces

By Saptargha D

Herri Susanto, from Bali, Indonesia, is a whiz editor whose Photoshop skills don’t just edit pics—they turn them into this crazy, dreamy fusion that’s way beyond ordinary! Herri kicked off this whole imaginative journey about 5 years back, driven by a desire to breathe uniqueness into his daughter’s images.

Armed with Photoshop and fueled by a hunger to stand out, Herri dove headfirst into the photo editing scene. Instructive books guided his initial steps, gradually expanding through online tutorials from visionaries like Eric Johansson and Ted Chin. Although started from a personal endeavor, Herri’s passion for crafting unreal narratives later burgeoned into professional collaborations, adding a touch of innovation to brands’ visual storytelling.

So, today, in this article, we’re tossing out some of his mind-blowing Photoshopped images to show off how darn powerful creativity can be and how endless the possibilities are when it comes to tinkering with photos.

The Whale Amidst the Clouds

From the vantage point of a plane window, the world below unfolds in a mesmerizing display. The sea of clouds stretches endlessly, creating a beautiful landscape. However, breaking through the cottony expanse emerges a majestic whale with its massive form, defying the conventions of both sea and sky.

Image by nak_bali_ on Instagram

Like a mythical guardian of the heavens, the great creature commands attention against the soft, billowing backdrop. Sunlight filters through its ethereal fins, casting an enchanting glow and adding a touch of magic to the scene. And dwarfed by the enormity of the airborne leviathan, the airplane becomes a humble witness to this extraordinary spectacle.

The Bane of Nature

In the melancholic embrace of a black-and-white image, a solitary stag stands stoically in an expansive, empty field, its majestic antlers branching out like a crown of sorrow. The desolation of the scene is heightened by the absence of life around, echoing the profound solitude of the stag.

Image by nak_bali_ on Instagram

Perched atop the regal antlers are two crows, their presence a stark manifestation of gloom and despondency. Another crow takes flight, its departure encapsulating the transient nature of sentiments. The grayscale tones intensify the emotional weight, rendering the stag, with its burdened antlers, a living embodiment of despair.

Cosmic Sea-Creatures!

Under the night sky, a lady points a wand toward heaven, invoking magic that transcends the ordinary. The ethereal glow of dreamlike jellyfish materializes, floating gracefully in the air. This enchanting scene, reminiscent of Harry Potter’s Patronus Charm, captivates with its otherworldly allure.

Image by nak_bali_ on Instagram

The jellyfish weave through the darkness like luminous guardians, their presence casting a spell of wonder and beauty. The wand-wielding lady, a conduit between the mundane and the magical, brings to life a breathtaking moment where fantasy dances harmoniously with the night, leaving an indelible impression of the extraordinary in the tapestry of the sky.

The Solitary Man

On the desolate stretch of an uneven, dilapidated wooden pier, an old man stands in stark contrast to the muted landscape. Although the narrow pier barely offers room to stand, he seems too vulnerable and lonely to be bothered about his safety and gazes deep into the distance with a heavy heart.

Image by nak_bali_ on Instagram

Overhead flies a swarm of crows, wheeling in a somber dance with their dark wings cutting through the clear air. This interplay of light and shadow accentuates the emotion of melancholy, with the very essence of grief and regret permeating through the scene and casting long, haunting reflections of isolation.

A Book Like No Other

Seated with a cup of coffee, a lady engrossed in her leisure holds an open book on her lap. However, the conventional pages of the book have undergone a whimsical transformation. Instead of prose, a bustling coastal scenery emerges with boats gracefully sailing near the shore.

Image by nak_bali_ on Instagram

The scene’s unexpected continuity beyond the book’s confines makes it more enchanting. Three bridges seamlessly extend from the pages, reaching toward the direction of the woman’s legs, with vehicles traversing these imaginary structures. Thus, the woman becomes a viaduct between reality and its skillful manipulation via Photoshop.

An Anomaly in Manhattan

Here, we see a distant shot capturing the Tribeca neighborhood in Manhattan, New York. A surreal scene unfolds next to the iconic Jenga Tower of 56 Leonard Street. A vast crater filled with seawater has been Photoshopped into the image, making it look like a colossal flood has occurred.

Image by nak_bali_ on Instagram

Water from various parts of the city drains into the crater, transforming the urban landscape into a reflection of an extraordinary natural event. This unexpected fusion of architectural marvel and natural force creates a visually arresting tableau where the intrusion of the sea reshapes the familiar city.

A Novel Surfing Experience

Surfers adeptly ride waves near the beach, their silhouettes against the vivid sea. But a surreal shift occurs as the sea’s edge morphs into a cascading waterfall, defying nature’s norms. This edit challenges norms, presenting Earth as a geometric oddity where surfers glide on waves at the brink of an aquatic chasm.

Image by nak_bali_ on Instagram

The unexpected collocation of surf culture and the outlandish waterfall transforms the coastal scene into a visual enigma, prompting contemplation on the dynamic interplay between reality and fantasy. The surfers, oblivious to the surreal transformation beneath them, embody the audacity of the human spirit against the backdrop of this geographic oddity.

Transcending Physical Boundaries

In this surreal image, a man stands at the edge of a bustling city street, his hand seemingly disembodied by the unconventional perspective. He holds a phone with the camera app open, blurring out the boundaries between reality and technology.

Image by nak_bali_ on Instagram

The street and its bustling cars appear to overflow seamlessly from the phone’s boundaries, as if cascading over its edges. Similarly, the vibrant hues of the illuminated street, bathed in the city lights, spill over and merge into the screen. It’s an impression of the digital realm seamlessly blending with the physical world.

An Ode to Life’s Unpredictability

A man strolls serenely on the edge of a tranquil waterbody; his reflection mirrored in its calm and unbroken surface. However, a colossal tornado looms in the background, its threatening presence signaled by thick tumults of smoke twisting and turning. This juxtaposition highlights the stark contrast between the peaceful present and the impending natural disaster.

Image by nak_bali_ on Instagram

The unsuspecting man becomes a poignant symbol, blissfully unaware of the approaching chaos. This edit is a powerful metaphor, emphasizing how humanity can be surprised by natural disasters when least expected. The calm water reflects the present tranquility and the potential for unexpected upheaval, showcasing the delicate balance between human existence and the forces of nature.

A Seraphic Sight

Perched on a mountain summit, a lone man’s silhouette stands as a stark contrast against the evening sky, the surface around his feet cloaked in dainty clouds. However, the serene scene takes a celestial turn as two colossal feathery wings unfurl from his back.

Image by nak_bali_ on Instagram

The wings, resembling those of an angel, hint at an extraterrestrial being ready to descend upon the world. This juxtaposition of the earthly figure and his divine wings creates a captivating depiction where the human realm meets the fantasy world, and the silhouette hints at the potential for his transcendence beyond the mountain peak.

At the Edge of the World

This photo edit presents a curious little girl standing at the precipice of an extraordinary waterfall that defies the laws of nature. The cascade is not the traditional vertical descent but rather a mesmerizing straight line, cutting across the plane of a floating cube.

Image by nak_bali_ on Instagram

It seems to challenge the norms of physics and perhaps play on the flat-earth theory. This surreal blend of a child’s innocence and the unconventional waterfall invites viewers to explore the boundaries between imagination and reality as if the world itself is a canvas for fantastical possibilities.

Bridging the Gap Between Reality and Imagination

Mindbending editing reaches a peak in this frame, where a man stands before a majestic bridge, his phone clasped in an outstretched hand, with the back camera capturing the scene. But instead of revealing his face, the mobile screen mirrors the expansive backdrop of the bridge.

Image by nak_bali_ on Instagram

Also, the man’s identity outside the camera lens is obscured, replaced by the intricate details of the bridge’s architecture. Only the hood of his jacket remains visible, adding a touch of human presence. This clever manipulation blurs the lines between the observer and the observed, challenging conventional notions of self-portraiture.

A Commentary on the Passage of Time

Here, an extended hand delicately presents a watch against the backdrop of a tree in a field. But a profound visual metaphor unfolds as an invisible line emerges along the hand, starkly dividing the picture into two halves. On the left, the tree and the grass flourish in vibrant shades of green, exuding vitality and life.

Image by nak_bali_ on Instagram

In contrast, the right side reveals a stark transformation — the grass and the tree fade into brown, dull decay, with all leaves of the plant having withered away, leaving only bare branches. Thus, this edit reminds us that life and beauty are ephemeral over time, subject to the inevitable cycle of growth and decay.

The Mechanical Monster

In the haze of a mist-shrouded highway, a spectral scene unwinds as cars navigate the ethereal white wisps. Suddenly, emerging from the fog, a colossal three-legged robotic behemoth comes into view. Its imposing silhouette evokes an eerie fusion of futurism and war-torn desolation reminiscent of creation from a Stephen King novel.

Image by nak_bali_ on Instagram

The mechanical monstrosity stands tall, its three legs planted firmly on the asphalt. Its head, resembling a tank, exudes an ominous presence, hinting at the formidable power. Thus, once a symbol of modern connectivity, the highway now hosts a surreal clash of worlds — the ordinary and the extraordinary, the mundane and the menacing.

Teetering at the World’s Edge

A leisurely boat sails across the sea, the sun casting a warm glow on the men lounging at its back, immersed in the serenity of the surroundings. Yet, Herri Susanto introduces a surreal twist — halfway across, the scenery bends, creating the illusion of the edge of a cubic world.

Image by nak_bali_ on Instagram

The sea cascades down this otherworldly precipice while the boat teeters at the brink. In this image, the tranquility of the seascape collides with the thrilling unpredictability of existence. The boat, seemingly on the verge of an electrifying plunge, symbolizes life’s adventures, inviting contemplation on the boundary between comfort and the exhilarating unknown.

The House Next to Planet Earth

This picturesque graphic presents a quaint street scene with a building nestled against the backdrop of a peaceful setting. The street is alive with the motion of people strolling across its path, engaged in daily activities. And the building, with its rustic charm, adds a serene touch to the urban landscape.

Image by nak_bali_ on Instagram

However, the scene takes an otherworldly turn as the background reveals a distant shot of Earth, bathed in a soft white-blue glow. While hovering in the vastness of space, the planet’s faraway presence, juxtaposed with the grounded familiarity of the cityscape, prompts us to contemplate the relationship between the every day and the cosmic.

Buildings Gone Topsy-Turvy!

In an intriguing twist reminiscent of Nolan’s Inception, editor Herri Susanto alters a cityscape through Photoshop wizardry into a stunning composition within a perspective shot. He integrated each building seamlessly into the architectural marvel, making them appear like intricate pieces of a colossal puzzle.

Image by nak_bali_ on Instagram

The visible sky at the top serves as the backdrop to this surreal city within a cube, adding to the mind-bending spectacle. Herri’s meticulous attention to detail pays homage to the cinematic brilliance of Inception, transforming the urban landscape into a visual paradox where reality and imagination merge in a captivating dance of perception.

The Human Hand of… God?

In a whimsical perspective shot, 4 buildings rise majestically from the ground into the sky. At the center of this urban ensemble, an airplane appears to be soaring through the blue sky. But suddenly, a larger-than-life human hand emerges from somewhere, dwarfing the aircraft as it hilariously grabs hold of its tail.

Image by nak_bali_ on Instagram

This photo edit by Herri draws a playful narrative where the comically oversized hand engages in an unexpected aerial interaction. However, unfolding against the backdrop of the towering buildings and the open sky, the hand can almost be seen as a representation of the hand of God controlling human plans and actions.

Escaping the Confines of Photography

A man’s hand delicately holds up a polaroid frame, capturing a scene that blends reality and memory. The image within the frame depicts a breathtaking coastal landscape — a vivid red and white lighthouse stands proudly against the horizon, enclosed by the tranquil sea.

Image by nak_bali_ on Instagram

Seagulls soar through the picture, breaking free from the confines of the photograph and seemingly flying into the tangible world beyond. Thus, this captivating fusion of the polaroid image and the actual background blurs the boundaries between what is real and what is captured with the hand as the conduit.

A Surreal Nighttime Dip

Submerged in a tranquil rooftop swimming pool, the man revels in the cool embrace of the water beneath the vast expanse of the night sky. Meanwhile, the imposing celestial behemoth, the moon, hangs in the firmament with an unnatural proximity.

Image by nak_bali_ on Instagram

Its vermillion surface not only contrasts against the inky backdrop but also shimmers on the water’s surface, creating an ethereal dance of colors and adding a surreal dimension to the man’s nocturnal dip. This scene unfolds like a poetic ode to the mystical, where the astronomical tapestry infuses into earthly pursuit.

Trekking into the Unknown

Alone in the vast desert, a solitary man takes measured steps, leaving only the imprints of his footprints in the shifting sand. The desolation is profound, with only the echoes of his own journey as his companion. On the distant horizon, a torrent of angry smoke billows upward, seeming to spell impending doom.

Image by nak_bali_ on Instagram

The man’s solitary trek and the edit of tumultuous smoke in the distance create a poignant scene where isolation meets the ominous portent of an uncertain future. The windswept desert becomes a canvas for contemplation as the man’s footsteps fade into the vastness, leaving a haunting narrative of solitude and looming threats ahead.

A Wave of Bravado

In the heart of a tumultuous sea, a fearless man embarks on a surfing escapade. However, this isn’t an ordinary wave ride. The waves have curved in on themselves, creating a colossal cylindrical water tube. Undeterred, the intrepid surfer navigates through the hollow center, precisely riding the aquatic tunnel.

Image by nak_bali_ on Instagram

The walls of the water tunnel surround him as he carves his way through it, defying the conventional dynamics of surfing. Thus, this enthralling scene captures the convergence of nature’s power and human prowess, transforming the turbulent sea into a playground where the boundaries between the surfer and the wave blur in a mesmerizing dance of water and skill.

Loneliness, the Cure of Humanity

On a desolate road in the heart of nowhere, a solitary man stands facing a sunset sky with his back towards the viewers. His silhouette against the fading daylight unveils a surreal twist — the right side of his body is edited as if disintegrating into dark tendrils of fumes, an eerie portrayal of loneliness consuming a person.

Image by nak_bali_ on Instagram

The enigmatic object cradled in his right arm adds an air of mystery to the scene, highlighting the weight of solitude taking a tangible form. This haunting edit captures the visceral impact of isolation, where the very essence of the individual seems to dissipate into the void, leaving behind a sorrowful silhouette against the twilight canvas.

A Wisp of Hope

A child stands on a hillside, surrounded by a sea of clouds in the night sky. He holds a long rope akin to flying a kite and seems gently tugging at a soul wisp of cloud. This particular cloud stands out both in color and shape, with a stark white hue against the grey backdrop.

Image by nak_bali_ on Instagram

It becomes a poignant symbol, representing the child’s endeavor to reach out to a form of hope amidst the vast cotton expanse. The contrast in color and the act of grabbing the cloud evokes a sense of resilience and the pursuit of brightness in obscurity.

Braving the Storms

In the heart of stormy seas, a solitary boat navigates the relentless tempest, its structure tested by ferocious waves. However, a dangerous twist emerges as a tornado takes shape from the dark, churning skies. More commonly associated with land, this extraordinary occurrence emphasizes the anger and violence of nature in a setting that we least expect from.

Image by nak_bali_ on Instagram

Dwarfed by the raging waves and the stormy weather, the boat becomes a pitiful symbol of vulnerability in the face of unleashed natural forces. The unusual tornado at sea further heightens the drama, underscoring the tumultuous relationship between the elements and showcasing nature’s raw, unpredictable power in a visually arresting and thought-provoking scene.

Hands of Freedom

A lone man traverses through the haunting solitude of a desolate field. Draped in shades of grey, the landscape reflects the emptiness surrounding him. However, an unsettling paradox unfolds as two hands materialize from the mist, pressed against an invisible barrier on the image, as if yearning for release from unseen captivity.

Image by nak_bali_ on Instagram

With fingers outstretched, the hands are stark in their detail against the subdued backdrop, conveying a profound sense of desperation. This contrast between the barren field and the tactile presence of the hands intensifies the emotional gravity, presenting struggles from within an isolated void.

When the Earth Defies Gravity

Amidst the vast expanse of lush greenery, a distant shot captures the insignificance of a man standing in the jagged geographical contour. His gaze fixates on a natural landscape that defies expectation — the terrain abruptly ascends upward in a perpendicular, gravity-defying manner.

Image by nak_bali_ on Instagram

Thus, the man, rendered tiny against the breathtaking scenery, becomes a poignant figure in the face of nature’s surreal spectacle. The hills and valleys, seemingly unbound by the laws of gravity, yield to the inexplicable force of the editor’s Photoshop magic and challenge conventional perspectives.

Jets Flying Through the Screen!

A hand stretches into the boundless blue sky, playfully tossing a cell phone into the air. Against the canvas of heaven, 4 jets soar by, leaving graceful trails of white smoke in their way. The phone’s screen has been deftly edited, making it transparent and leaving only its frame suspended in the air.

Image by nak_bali_ on Instagram

Through this frame, we witness the splendid scene as the planes seamlessly glide through the black silhouette of the device. The act of flinging the phone and the synchronized flight of the jets create a harmonious dance of motion through which the dynamic beauty of the sky and the fleeting trails of the planes can be admired.

A Unique Beverage

Bathed in ambient light on a tranquil balcony, a person cradles a cup of warm beverage, lost in contemplation. Unfolding from the steams, 4 miniature red AeroShell jetplanes take flight, each leaving a delicate white trail behind. These aircraft soar in different directions, injecting a touch of enchantment into the scene.

Image by nak_bali_ on Instagram

In this captivating edit, the jets embark on a transformation journey, turning the cup into a vessel of warmth and imagination. The scene on the balcony alters into a delightful fusion of everyday serenity and the boundless realms of fantasy, letting you savor the magic of unexpected moments.

Capturing the Sparks of Romance

In a glittering set-up, a man extends his phone to capture his woman’s beauty. However, the magic unfolds not on the screen but in the enchanting scene before him. Masterfully edited, the lady’s face is obscured by a burst of delicate fireworks while the mobile screen is made transparent on either end.

Image by nak_bali_ on Instagram

It allows the woman’s hands holding a sparkler to pass through the device’s screen, spreading love and light to her partner. These bright, glowy sparks not only mirror their electric chemistry but also celebrate the emotions shared between them in an unspoken language of romance.

Lunar Parachute

Gazing out of the airplane window, high above the clouds, a scene unfolds amidst the vast expanse of the sky. A solitary figure plunges through the atmosphere with an exhilarating sense of abandon. The man, a mere speck against the billowing clouds, defies gravity, his body suspended in midair.

Image by nak_bali_ on Instagram

Instead of a conventional parachute, it’s the moon that’s aiding his descent, casting a soft glow over the surreal tableau. The contrast between the earthly clouds and the celestial figure introduces an element of fantasy, transforming the ordinary act of looking out of a plane’s window into a captivating journey through the dreamlike realm of imagination.

The Life-Like Stag!

In the monochrome stillness of a hill, a majestic stag stands proudly, its imposing horns resembling a regal crown against the starlit sky. The meticulously crafted image is a testament to the editor’s skill, as the scene appears so strikingly real that discerning it as a Photoshop creation becomes a challenge.

Image by nak_bali_ on Instagram

The stag’s noble silhouette is etched against the night backdrop, and as a shooting star streaks through the distance, the seamless blend of the natural and the fantastical further underscores the editor’s artistry. The authenticity of the moment, captured in greyscale brilliance, invites viewers to lose themselves in the enchanting illusion of chiaroscuro.

The City Hanging from the Sky

Here, we see a man on a rocky ledge with a camera, poised to capture a surreal twist of urban enchantment. The cityscape of Hong Kong has undergone a mesmerizing transformation, edited upside down so that it hovers above the person like a sky of buildings.

Image by nak_bali_ on Instagram

The skyline, typically rooted to the ground, now defies gravity, creating an otherworldly landscape. Thus, the juxtaposition of the natural rocky perch and the inverted metropolis upholds a visual paradox, prompting a reimagination of the boundaries of physical reality in the captivating embrace of an upturned city.

Lunar Mysticism

At the cliff’s edge, a lone man gazes into the distance, shrouded by dark orange clouds. Emerging from the atmospheric obscurity, a colossal crescent moon bathes the scene in an ethereal glow. Its radiant presence dominates the composition, almost monopolizing the entire frame. On the contrary, the individual stands perfectly still, stunned by the view.

Image by nak_bali_ on Instagram

This juxtaposition of a solitary figure against the vast celestial spectacle creates an evocative and dreamlike ambiance. The moon, larger than life, stands as the symbol of peace and tranquility that the man is perhaps seeking. It, therefore, becomes a mesmerizing focal point in the surreal dance between earthly solitude and superterrestrial grandeur.

The Mystery of the Solitary Plane

Amidst the relentless onslaught of ocean waves, a minuscule island stands as a lone sentinel. Nestled defiantly at the heart of it, a solitary airplane rests, incongruous, against the backdrop of the open sea. The few resilient trees that cling to the isle frame the aircraft, adding an eerie touch to the scene.

Image by nak_bali_ on Instagram

However, the airplane’s presence prompts a cascade of questions. How did it find its way to this remote refuge? Does it bear the remnants of a tragic tale? The isolation intensifies the mystery, transforming the isle into a canvas of intrigue, where the waves echo secrets of the sea, and the stranded airplane becomes a silent witness to untold narratives.

The Tranquility of Meditation

Perched on a rocky outcrop, a monk in orange robes sits in serene meditation. The air is thick with clouds, enveloping the surroundings in an ethereal embrace. The monk, a solitary figure against the misty expanse, embodies tranquility amid the lofty peaks.

Image by nak_bali_ on Instagram

Meanwhile, a beautiful silver moon graces the corner of the scene, casting its gentle glow on the mountainous landscape. Thus, the juxtaposition of the monk’s meditative presence, the sea of clouds, and the celestial moon creates a harmonious composition, inviting viewers to partake in the beauty of this spiritual tableau high above the earthly realm.

The Reality-Bending Seascape!

Standing on a rocky ledge by the coast, a man gazes at the crashing ocean waves. His stare is drawn upward, captivated by a mesmerizing distortion in the distant horizon. In an extraordinary illusion, the ocean floor has been folded at the edge like a piece of paper, continuing upwards.

Image by nak_bali_ on Instagram

It converges sharply with the sky like the corner of a room where all lines unite. Thus, the juxtaposition of the man against the dynamic seascape and the perplexing convergence of elements create a visual paradox, imparting a bizarre geometric feel and a captivating optical intrigue.

A Natural Spectacle

Amidst a serene orange sunset painted with hues of yellow, a man wades through a tranquil waterbody toward a distant, undefined light source. Countless birds fly around him, adding an intriguing dimension to the frame and symbolizing the hope for a new beginning.

Image by nak_bali_ on Instagram

The scene unfolds as a poignant journey into the unknown through Herri Susanto’s expert photo editing skills. The abundance of flying birds, both distant and near, evokes a sense of awe and wonder. It’s as if nature itself orchestrates a majestic spectacle around the man, creating an enigmatic ambiance of this transcendent moment.

Beware of the Creature from the Depths!

Across the monochrome canvas of reality, a bridge spans over the water, its structure imposing against the stark backdrop. Yet, a fantastical intrusion disrupts the ordinary scene as colossal octopus tentacles emerge from the depths below, snaking upward to ensnare the architectural feat.

Image by nak_bali_ on Instagram

Meticulously edited, the image blurs the lines between myth and reality, reminiscent of a fantasy or sci-fi narrative. The massive tentacles, similar to that of the mythical Kraken, wrap themselves sinuously around the bridge’s supports. Thus, once a symbol of connection, the bridge now finds itself entwined with a creature from the depths of imagination.

The Endless Tracks of Life

Look at this edit — a man’s hand extends, presenting a cluster of printed images to the audience. At the forefront is a captivating photo of a boy and a girl playfully balancing on the edges of a deserted railway track within a serene forest.

Image by nak_bali_ on Instagram

However, the railway track defies the confines of the picture, stretching beyond the frame and continuing straight onward. This clever manipulation blurs the boundaries between the printed reality and the imaginative extension, creating a seamless visual journey that transcends the confines of a static photograph.

The Skies are Pouring

Here, we see, standing on a broad city street flanked by towering buildings and parked cars, a lone woman confronts an extraordinary deluge. With one arm raised protectively above her head, she shields herself from what initially appears to be rainfall.

Image by nak_bali_ on Instagram

However, upon closer inspection, the cascading water reveals itself as if from an invisible cosmic source high above the city. It looks like someone emptied a celestial bucket, unleashing a torrential downpour. The scene thus captures the tension between the ordinary urban landscape and the extraordinary cosmic intervention.

The Highway of Life

In this surreal edit, a busy highway, crowded with traffic and vehicles, takes an unexpected turn. About halfway through, the road bends downward over an edge, defying gravity and creating a cosmic descent. Everything continues along this unforeseen path as if the unusual is entirely ordinary, emphasizing the unpredictable nature of the roads we travel.

Image by nak_bali_ on Instagram

The bustling highway, initially a symbol of routine and order, transforms into a visual metaphor for life’s incalculable journey. The sudden bend prompts contemplation on the uncertainties that often characterize our paths. It reminds us that, like the highway’s unexpected turn, life’s twists and turns can lead us down uncharted and fantastical routes.

Seaside Tranquility

As the sun sets, its fiery red rays paint the sky, creating a warm and captivating atmosphere near the seaside. Meanwhile, a group of fishermen perched on bamboo poles installed in the water immerses themselves in the popular practice of stilt fishing.

Image by nak_bali_ on Instagram

The meticulously edited silhouettes of numerous birds gracefully flying across the scene, especially the forefront of the picture, heighten the enigma and add a layer of mystery to the frame. These avian companions become integral players in the tableau, elevating a mundane human activity to an artistic plane.

The Power of Digital Editing

In this intriguing scene near a bridge, a person stands with deliberate poise, holding a mobile phone at a perfect angle. Through meticulous editing, Herri Susanto seamlessly merges the asphalt of the road into the mobile screen, creating an enchanting optical illusion.

Image by nak_bali_ on Instagram

The way he smoothly transitions each vehicle into the screen and uses the strategic positioning of the person’s hand underscores the intricate convergence of reality and digital artistry. Thus, this detailed spectacle prompts contemplation on the expanding frontiers of technology and its immersive impact on our daily experiences.

Stationed in Space!

An extraordinary revelation occurs in a seemingly ordinary train station filled with bustling pedestrians. Instead of the expected railway tracks, the vista opens into the expansive cosmos. Below, the Earth’s curvature is visible, aglow in the night sky, forming a beautiful celestial backdrop.

Image by nak_bali_ on Instagram

Effortlessly intertwining earthly scenes with the limitless marvels of outer space, this edited image beckons us into a fantastical odyssey through the universe. Thus, with the help of Photoshop, humanity is no longer limited to terrestrial journeys but can also let you ride through space right from your home’s comfort!