Artificial Absurdity: 35+ Weird And Wacky AI Photos We Couldn’t Unsee

By Aakash M December 21, 2023

AI has been a worldwide sensation for the past couple of years. Experts and the general public alike have been speculating that artificial intelligence might be the beginning of a new era in technology, but it might also have some not-so-great consequences for our civilization.

At this point, we can only say that although it seems inevitable, there’s a chance it could be a wrong prediction or an exaggeration. Either way, AI has made its way to most areas of our lives, including our Instagram accounts! There are also thousands of subreddits centered around the topic. 

Well, the future’s here, so we might as well have fun, right? In that spirit, today, we’ll feature a collection of AI images that seem to be hilarious and cursed at the same time! Enjoy.


The streets have turned him despicable, and if you ask us, we’d say that that statement is based on a Gru story. Too much? Yeah, we thought so too. The Despicable Me fan in us is screaming at the possibility that this image could inspire some kind of spin-off of the franchise!

Instagram/ hardaipics

A reboot with a darker tone is something fans would be very excited to watch. Until then, we will have to make do by getting ourselves a printed t-shirt with the image. The only question we have is, what happened to Stuart’s mouth?


Not much to see here, just two bears having the time of their lives skateboarding through the woods. Things could take a very strange turn if this happened in reality and these bears came across humans. We’d be confused about whether to run or take a video and cheer them on!

Instagram/ hardaipics

The photo itself looks eerily realistic to the point that we wouldn’t be surprised if someone came up to us and revealed that it’s actually a real image. But that’s not gonna happen because there’s a rookie error – the skateboard has four pairs of wheels! Oh, and bears don’t skate.


AI really gives you a lot to think about when you see such images. What seems to be just random images are the results of curious, creative, and wildly imaginative minds. Someone probably thought to themselves, “Do aliens also have music and concerts like us?”

Instagram/ hardaipics

But there’s still a lot of work to be done. Although we get the gist of this image, there is a simple error in it. You can see the creepy headliner singing at the top of his voice, but if you focus on the crowd, they are all looking in a different direction!


Only AI has the power to make Steve Harvey, out of everybody in this world, dress up in a cat outfit and go trick or treating. This one looks too real to ignore but, at the same time, too hilarious to imagine! 

Instagram/ hardaipics

The outfit does weirdly suit him. If there was a special Halloween episode for one of the many shows he hosts, we hope someone sees it and suggests it as a costume! Steve seems like a good sport who’s always down for a good time, so we doubt he’d refuse.

The good life

That’s a grandma with a Lamborghini, so we’ve decided to christen this photo, The Granborghini! Or even better, The Lamborgranny! It is very commonplace to see a grandma wearing knitted clothes, but it is equally rare to spot a crocheted Lamborghini. It’s something only AI could imagine.

Instagram/ hardaipics

It’s also quite rare that you spot a grandma driving a Lamborghini in the real world, but when you do, it actually looks super cool! A granny driving this supercar on the mean streets would look like a ruthless boss of an action movie or a fantasy game! La Donna!


Albert Einstein with an unknown villainous robot is quite the eyebrow-raising AI crossover. It’s quite scary when you look at their expressions. We can’t tell if Einstein is part of it or if he was forced to pose! If you’re like us, the Math on the blackboard just makes it worse!

Instagram/ hardaipics

Well, math experts have analyzed this image, and they say that all the math on the blackboard is completely fake. Only AI can create such a complex image with calculations so menacing that they intimidate people. Thank God it’s fake!

AI’s greatest

Although this AI-based image is funny, there is a genuine request and a deep message it conveys. And the message is for Apple to standardize their chargers because it’s high time! Apple has managed to amass millions of users worldwide.

Instagram/ hardaipics

But in countries where Android is more popular, this charging issue can be quite frustrating. When you accidentally forget to carry your charger, you know you’re doomed because you have to search for someone with an iPhone, which is never easy.

Artificial Lego

If AI took over the Lego space and this is what they came up with, we think that a lot of people would be up for buying it. A collaboration between a classic like Jaws and Lego? Definitely count us in!

Instagram/ hardaipics

It’s a guaranteed hit! People loved Jaws, and Lego has had so much success since its launch, so we see why someone would come up with this. They just need to work on the cover image on the box because, though it’s certainly eye-catching, they could do better.

Party time

Only AI can make a world-renowned philosopher from a different era look so good as a DJ in 2023. Everyone, well, except that one guy in the background, seems to be enjoying the concert. Ancient Greece must have had such awesome music!

Instagram/ hardaipics

According to the page, this is Socrates supposedly rocking the dance floor. After taking a look at this image, we are truly surprised and impressed by the things AI can make possible. If Socrates can hype up a rave, we wonder what Plato and Aristotle can do!

The last level

Those who have played video games might be able to relate to this one because the image looks like it’s from a super-realistic video game where this grandma is the final boss – the one you have to defeat to win the game.

Instagram/ hardaipics

Although this image has been generated by AI, it is so realistic that it feels as if it happened somewhere in the world. Though this was our first time coming across these wacky AI pics, we have to admit that we love the whole grandmas, crochet, and big cars/ bikes vibes.


This is the epic crossover we didn’t know we needed, and thanks to AI, it has finally happened. Although it is just a still, can you imagine what it would be like to overhear snippets of this conversation? Someone needs to make an audio version ASAP!

Instagram/ hardaipics

The image also looks really funny because, according to us, it looks like Gandalf is asking Yoga if he has any spare change on him. And Yoda looks as if he is shocked to hear Gandalf ask him for some.

Run for it

If AI can make a Lightning McQueen with three layers of teeth, then we must say it is surely scary! The fact that the car is chasing after Edward Cullen and almost catching up is also quite impressive. We knew McQueen was fast, but not that fast!

Instagram/ hardaipics

We’d really like to know the reason behind this rather strange chase because Edward seems to be scared for his life, while McQueen is simply having the time of his life chasing him down. Just look at that creepy smile on his face.


This image might give you a headache when you actually try to figure out the context behind it. First of all, the blur effect is creepy. It also has a very ominous vibe because it looks like a snuff version of Legend of Zelda.

Instagram/ hardaipics

The most confusing element of this image is the chicken. What’s gonna happen to it? Is the character going to launch it at someone? Is the character just showing it off? What does the donkey have to do with all this?

It’ll be $4.92

Only AI can make a normal payment situation into something so chaotic and weird. It looks like the cashier is asking for money, and although there’s a ruckus going on right in front of her, her focus is on something else.

Instagram/ hardaipics

She looks so unfazed that if we were asked to bet between her and the soldiers in a fight, our money would be on her! Maybe they lost it because she forgot to top the pizzas with pepperoni! It’s a legitimate reason because pepperoni is important!

On the loose

At first glance, this image looks really nice. The scene looks like a chase between the villain of a game and the police. Although we still haven’t figured out why there are so many bananas lying on the ground, it still grabs your attention instantly.

Instagram/ hardaipics

Another one of its perplexing elements is the strange headline full of spelling mistakes. Looks like AI also experiences trouble expressing itself from time to time. We wonder what exactly Mario did to get himself in such a strange fix.


Although this image is an AI rendition, we aren’t sure if an event like this hasn’t actually taken place. Arnold Schwarzenegger and Sylvester Stallone ruled over Hollywood during their respective eras, and they worked closely on some projects as well.

Instagram/ hardaipics

If there ever was a picture that could be described as ‘oozing masculinity,’ this one would certainly be in the running. Also, look closely at the first spectator on Arnold’s side – AI conjured up a twin for Arnold! Who do you think is going to win this one? 

Hip hop

The hip-hop industry is always reaching new heights, and all of that would have never been possible without the legends of the industry in the past and those who are doing big things in it right now. AI has a different take on it.

Instagram/ hardaipics

It looks like the future of the hip-hop industry could be this! AI can help you produce, record, and voice your own songs. So, don’t be surprised if something like this happens. Just look at that chonky fluffball! He looks so adorable and we know he would fill out stadiums all the time!


In various corners of the world, people wrestle crocodiles, people box with kangaroos, and an undefeated and retired MMA fighter from Dagestan has literally grown up wrestling bears! But, we have never even imagined, let alone witnessed, people wrestling crabs.

Instagram/ hardaipics

Firstly, that’s because there’s a huge size difference between humans and crabs. The only giant crab we knew was Tomatoa from Moana! But AI has seemingly ‘fixed’ that by creating an image of a giant crab that’s just as big as a grown man. It looks quite realistic!

Rainy day

This AI-generated image looks like a cut scene from a recent video game (hello, fans of Friday Nights at Freddy’s!) If you know this video game, the characters and setting are immediately obvious. What do you think Freddy Fazbear is saying?

Instagram/ hardaipics

Our guess is that it has something to do with pizza. After all, he and Mark are sitting outside the pizza shop on a seemingly cold, wet night. Mark was probably taking a break from all the hubbub inside the shop.

What’s cooking?

This doesn’t seem like a situation you would want to walk in on. If that’s how the first day at a new job would look like for these wizards, it’s evident that they’re both going to be in big trouble. Well, unless they know some quick cleaning speels!

Instagram/ hardaipics

Maybe they were looking to cast a spell that would help them cook all the food in an instant but then missed out on some crucial lessons at the wizard school; hence the mess you can see on the floor.


There you go! AI just revealed the secret behind the success of Domino’s Pizza. If AI keeps on advancing in this direction, we don’t wanna be pessimistic about it, but a lot of things could take a really bad turn. Just kidding! This looks so cool!

Instagram/ hardaipics

If wizards are training staff at Domino’s, then that not only explains the deliciousness of the pizzas but also why their deliveries are so quick if you compare them with any other fast-food chain. Now we get the 30-minute delivery guarantees! 


We have seen people harvesting crops, water, and a lot of other things, but we have never seen anyone harvesting Mountain Dew! Thanks to AI, now we have. You could call this gathering the ‘Annual Mountain Dew Harvest.’ Explains a lot.

Instagram/ hardaipics

That said, we couldn’t ignore the warped arms in the photo. AI has its moments, but this was certainly not one of them. The faces also look quite bizarre. To ‘enjoy’ this one, we would advise not looking at it too closely.

AI at its finest

Well, all Dwayne Johnson fans can rejoice when we say that this is AI at its finest because we finally have an image of Dwayne Johnson meeting The Rock! For those who still don’t know what we’re talking about, take a look.

Instagram/ hardaipics

Dwayne has so many fans because aside from being a very charismatic actor, he also looks like he’s a big fluffy bear on the inside. At least, that’s the vibe we get from him. Don’t believe us? Just go online and look for videos and pics of him and his daughters. You’ll see.

Money problems

Here’s an image of Spider-Man showing you the money he just received from someone who goes by the name of Tony Stark. This image can be described as outstanding thanks to the concept and the quality. There is an error, though.

Instagram/ hardaipics

Look closely at the notes, and you’ll see that the image is a little smudged. It doesn’t look like it’s supposed to. That said, we are willing to overlook that tiny error because we adore Spider-Man. This one gets a pass.

God’s plan 

Not really God’s plan, but more like AI’s plan for Drake. Dreezy will love this image if he turns out to be a fan of one of these two things – cheese and the show Tom and Jerry. We could totally see it as an album cover!

Instagram/ hardaipics

We don’t know what the theme of such a body of work would be, but we can certainly say that an album cover as distinct and innovative as this one would bring in a serious amount of attention, which means more views and more sales!

Driving crazy

Yeah, we’re asking the same question as you on this one. How? AI clearly messed up on this one. The only excuse is if it was prompted to generate an image exactly like this one. The photo makes you think hard because you wonder if the chicken and the car are relevant to each other.

Instagram/ hardaipics

Then, we come to the part where we have to address the elephant in the room. Why are there two left hands over here? How difficult would it be to just give the man a right hand? Two left hands give off a very unsettling vibe.


This image makes us worry because though we have seen a lot of expressions on Mr. Bean’s face over the years, we have never seen such a worried one. What’s wrong? Even the deer in the background is getting the creeps!

Instagram/ hardaipics

Either Mr. Bean is scared after spotting the deer in the background, or he’s scared because he’s lost in the woods and it’s dark. Well, AI certainly gets Mr. Bean right with different expressions, but one thing is missing – Teddy.


It seems AI has created a beautiful, super-clear, and high-quality image of Walter White pushing a huge boulder up a hill. He is the star of the show Breaking Bad, but we think this spin-off is called Breaking Back! That show would be worth watching.

Instagram/ hardaipics

For those who don’t know the context behind the boulder, Sisyphus was a Greek king who was forced to roll a rock up a hill as punishment. If we compare that to this, it looks like Heisenberg has finally been punished for his crimes.


Unlike Stuart, Kevin the minion doesn’t look despicable. Since we started watching the adventures of Gru and his minions, we have never imagined those little guys could ever look different (well, aside from their evil, purple versions), but this is so cool!

Instagram/ hardaipics

Why do you think he’s in such a sad mood, though? We can only think of one answer. There’s a Happy Meal in front of him, but there’s still no banana! That explains everything! If AI can buff up this minion, it should certainly conjure up a banana for him.


Well, it looks like this is what you’ll get if you ask AI to create an image of a Raptor jet fighter. It’s going to literally assume that you’re talking about a raptor! Nonetheless, that’s not a bad design. It’s pretty intimidating.

Instagram/ hardaipics

Dinosaur-themed fighter jets can be the next big thing. This particular one can be called a prehistoric F22 raptor jet. In the unforeseeable future, when the aliens come to visit us, if they are greeted by this flying beast, we’re sure that they’ll promptly be on their way back!

Biggest fight

An angel fighting the devil is something we thought you could only see on Netflix (hi, Lucifer fans!) Well, now, you can see it in movies and social media with the help of AI. We must say that this image does look kinda funny because of the background setting.

Instagram/ hardaipics

Considering that it is literally an angel from the skies above and the devil from the depths of the Earth, they could have chosen a better venue for the fight, don’t you think? Something grander with a more intense vibe.


Whenever we see images of Greek gods and warriors, there is always one thing they have in common: they are always in spectacular physical shape. Although this isn’t a Greek god or a warrior, it looks like AI is giving us a hint about their fitness secret. 

Instagram/ hardaipics

Those who work out know that deadlifts are amazing at building strength and tone! With that, AI just enhanced Jesus’ physique! Honestly, it was done pretty well. If Jesus performed deadlifts, what’s making you skip them at the gym? Careful, he’s watching!

Do or die

This is what you call a proper do-or-die situation. The staff at this Pizza stand would have never imagined an encounter as intense and as random as this one, even in their wildest dreams. But AI has given them something to think about.

Instagram/ hardaipics

Although these pizza guys look a little fearless, they only have two options. They can stand their ground and risk being killed by the ‘hangry’ gladiators, or they can simply give up the pizzas. What do you think they’ll decide to do?

Chit chat

Chris Hansen is conversing with what looks like some sort of an alien that looks like the Predator. If it’s a human and an alien, shouldn’t the conversation have been much more heated? It’s rather laid back. You can see Hansen enjoying the beverage and dropping advice.

Instagram/ hardaipics

More than that, you can even see the alien patiently listening to Chris Hansen. After looking at this image, we admit that AI’s level of creativity and innovation knows no bounds. If you had to guess, what would you say they’re talking about?


We get the gist of this image – the pie smells delicious. It’s making our mouths water, actually. The pie is so good that Drake literally floated after catching a whiff. From now on, this is what we’re using to describe delicious pie.

Instagram/ hardaipics

Honestly, if this was a Pixar movie adaptation, we wouldn’t be surprised. Drake used to be an actor before he was an award-winning rapper, so the idea of him in an animated film doesn’t sound so far-fetched. Okay, Universe, we put it out there. Now do your magic!

Chicago Drift

Most of us know about Tokyo Drift, but AI has created this image of a drift competition going on outside a Walmart. Considering those things, we can say that ‘Chicago Drift’ would be a proper name for this scenario. Looks cool!

Instagram/ hardaipics

Also, if you look closely, you’ll realize that the spelling of Walmart is wrong in the image. We admit that we had to look twice to notice this error, though! The logo was enough. However, after looking at it for way too long, our minds started seeing the word ‘Voldemort!’

Dance floor

Raccoons rocking the dance floor. What else do you need to see? If raccoons can take over the party scene this smoothly and look so good, DJs should be alarmed because their careers could soon be in jeopardy because of these guys!

Instagram/ hardaipics

The image could still use a lot of work because, as you can see, the first raccoon is literally faceless, and no, it’s not looking backward. Next, if you observe closely, you’ll also realize that the little fingers look pretty strange.

Happy Halloween!

Imagine opening your door and finding yourself face-to-face with Walter White. That could actually happen because, in his own words, he is the danger, and he’s the one who knocks! Halloween is over, but this would certainly make an awesome costume next year.

Instagram/ hardaipics

We can already picture this guy saying, “Say my name!” This guy was a legend, and it’s truly refreshing to see that we are not the only ones who liked his character. If you haven’t, do yourself a favor and go watch Breaking Bad.


If AI can give us hints through intense and thoughtful images, then it can also create super random images like this one that make no sense at all. This entry certainly falls among the most random and senseless ones on the list.

Instagram/ hardaipics

Was this a basketball match between lobsters and sharks? If so, then we kinda see the reason behind it. Although it makes no sense, it still looks pretty good. It’s something you can stare at for a while. Better luck next time, Shark! (Shaq?)

The heart of a lion

Well, this AI image has prompted us to ask this seemingly silly but honest question: Who would win the battle between a million angry lions and the fury of the Sun? These lions are focused, they can fly, and they have a lot of special abilities, as you can see.

Instagram/ hardaipics

But it’s the Sun on the other side. We live on Earth, and even from our insanely distant standpoints, we can’t directly look at the Sun with our naked eyes. It’s blinding. Imagine how hot it would be to be in such proximity. It’s worth making an action movie about.


This is another super random AI image, but we can try to make out what’s happening here. Maybe something bad happened that prompted Jesus to send an army of geese to attack Jason Vorhees. That’s our best guess. Geese are pretty badass, so we see why they were picked.

Instagram/ hardaipics

However, there’s a problem with our guess. The geese aren’t chasing Vorhees. It looks like they’re running alongside him. So, maybe it could be that somebody did something wrong, and then an army of geese AND Jason Vorhees was sent to get the person. Yeah, we know, it sounds ridiculous.

Get together

No offense to anybody, but the people in this image look like how the Amish would look if they were a little more open when it comes to fashion. Judging by this, they would look really cool and wise in such outfits!

Instagram/ hardaipics

But since AI is still learning, you can expect tiny mistakes like the one that we’re about to point out. Just take a look at the difference in the size of the shoes! It’s hilarious how one of them has giant shoes while the other has almost miniature ones.


Look how cool Garfield looks after one minor change. That one thing literally makes him go from being Garfield to being Grillfield. It looks really awesome and quite fitting on him. But we think he’s going to have problems with it.

Instagram/ hardaipics

The problem he’ll have with this change is pretty evident. If you guessed that it had something to do with lasagna, you’re right on the money! Additionally, the image made us wonder why Garfield doesn’t have canines and if he ever did. Do you remember seeing them?