30+ Hilarious Airport Pickup Signs That Would Make Anyone Book A Return Ticket

By Aileen Dometita January 16, 2024

Ever had an airport pickup that made you contemplate an immediate return ticket or at least swear off family and friends’ “welcoming” signs forever? Brace yourself for a hilarious journey through the most absurd and downright embarrassing airport pickup signs!

We have a boyband publicly disclosing that their friend pays for Tinder, and then there are some who decry that their friends went off the grid without telling them. In the midst of airport hubbub, these signs redefine the art of embarrassing reunions.

You’ll laugh, you might cringe, and you’ll probably consider an UBER for your next arrival. It’s all in good humor. Or at least that’s what your well-meaning but devilishly creative loved ones would like you to believe! All in all, these signs are all further reasons to share in belly-busting laughter after a long trip.

Red Flags

This man has an unusual welcome message for his loved ones. Instead of suffocating them with love, he instead made a list of all their travel red flags, the number of which exceeds violations committed by a rogue country at war!

Image courtesy of angiepriceaz/Instagram

But the guy swears that the welcome message is a mere joke. Lucky for him, the little ones all seem delighted to see him. Probably because they can’t read the eye-brow-raising information he just made public! Oh, to be a kid.

Cheeky Bestie

Creatively funny people are the finest species we have the honor of sharing the world with. It’s even better when you befriend one because every moment you spend with them is filled with laughter and good times, even though sometimes, it’s at your expense.

Image courtesy of ksboyd20/Reddit

For example, this guy’s wife’s bestie, Kat, was flying in to see her after a long time. Just for laughs, the woman convinced her husband to hold up this sign to meet poor Kat! Also, you’ve got to love the details in the little hearts and the broken ones on the word ‘infidelity.

Never Too Early for the Young Ones

In the world of giggles and grins, there’s no such thing as “too early”! Kids, those pint-sized jesters, are the real MVPs of humor. Just look at these two who managed to hoist up these airport signs right after they had learned their ABCs.

Image courtesy of xbritbabeReddit

Encouraging their unique sense of humor isn’t just child’s play; it’s an investment in a lifetime of laughter. So, let the little comedians blossom as they teach us that humor is a universal language, spoken fluently at any age… even if it’s at dad’s expense!

Take Us Next Time

Ever had those friends who suddenly disappear, leaving you to wonder if they’ve been abducted by aliens or just took an impromptu vacation to a secret paradise? It’s the mysterious vanishing act that piques your curiosity. Often enough, you discover you guessed right.

Image courtesy of sjs404/Reddit

It appears that this person’s friend pulled a disappearing act on them, and rather than wait to confront them about it later, they chose to take a page out of Twilight (pun intended). These two, like most of the world, must be huge fans of the franchise and a shirtless Taylor Lautner! Can’t blame them.

Quick Purchase

In today’s digital age, finding love has taken an interesting turn with the rise of mail-order brides. Yep, you read that right! It’s like online shopping but for a life partner. And this lucky guy has just received his quickest (quirkiest?) purchase yet!

Image courtesy of nwgiantsguy/Reddit

People are buzzing about this unconventional way of seeking love, sparking debates on modern romance. So, if you’re up for a unique journey in the quest for companionship, this might just be the ticket. Head directly to the Church to lock your own Nikita for life…if you haven’t yet!

Searching For Two Fun Lovers

Your favorite band is in town, and the temptation to go off the grid and hit the concert is just too strong. Plus, it’s a friend’s bachelorette party, and you know how fun those can be. So, what do you do? You gather your fellow rebels, ditch the routine, and off you go.

Image courtesy of laurapoz26/Instagram

Later, you drunk dial your partner and spill the beans. He’s a good sport, so he offers to pick you and your bestie up from the airport. When you finally spot him, you realize he’s got the cheekiest sign and an even cheeker grin on his face, but he’s happy to see you.

Enough Mileage

You glance at the gas gauge, and joy fills your tank as you realize you have enough fuel for a two-hour drive. It’s not just about the gas; it’s about the freedom, the open road, and the promise of an awesome time ahead. So, you decide to tell everyone about it at the airport.

Image courtesy of shaleah02/Instagram

Your friend Lauren is finally back from an ill-advised overseas trip to see a guy she barely knew. She’s sad, but lucky for her, you’ve got the perfect thing to cheer her up on your two-hour commute: two adorable dogs. The only problem is, something’s not really sitting well in their stomachs!

CCs Never Lie

Ever heard the saying, “Credit card statements don’t lie”? Well, they’re practically roadmaps to uncovering your employees’ latest adventures. A casual scroll through those transactions reveals the clandestine life they lead. It’s not just about the expenses; it’s a sneak peek into their darkest desires!

Image courtesy of hmcritelli/Instagram

The exotic coffee shops, the airline bookings – it’s all there. Wonder how no one thought they would be caught. So, while the numbers tell a story, it’s the uncharted destinations that unfold in your imagination. In the age of plastic, secrets are just a statement away.

She’s Back

The anticipation is real when Mom’s returning home – not just for her warm embrace but because the pantry’s echoing with culinary emptiness and one kid’s down to the last pair of undies! The excitement isn’t just about familial love; it’s a cry for sustenance and laundry salvation.

Image courtesy of peterlow100x/Instagram

As she walks through the door, the family unleashes their list of culinary demands and laundry emergencies. After all, Mom’s return isn’t just a reunion; it’s a resupply mission for the essentials – both edible and wearable. And oddly enough, Mom feels loved for being needed.

Mail Order Family

This guy had been home alone, surrounded by familiar walls and devoid of familial chaos for about a week. It wasn’t the adventure of exploring a foreign country, but he still wouldn’t take it back. So, when the day came for his family’s return, he decided to surprise them.

Image courtesy of MrGummyS**t/Reddit

Things got interesting when everyone disembarked from the plane. Taking it all in stride, Dad greeted them with a sign saying, “Looking for my mail-order family,”. It was a playful joke, and everyone couldn’t help but chuckle at it and his interesting ‘dad’ outfit!

Glitter is Always The Answer

Living with a high-maintenance daughter is like a daily comedy show. When this girl lands at the airport, her diva side comes out in full force. She can only walk past arrival upon seeing a sign that says, “Your Chariot awaits.”

Image courtesy of awaken_change/Instagram

Jokes aside, this was an airport sign made by friends as they went to meet another friend last the airport. As you may have guessed, she was blown away by the gesture. Take notes, guys; you can never go wrong with glitter.

A Little Misunderstanding

This airport welcomed passengers with a twist, courtesy of a comedian who had a special request. According to the OP, the whole ordeal was orchestrated by a silly misunderstanding. The comedian had said that he wanted to be picked up in uniform.

Image courtesy of axshonjackson/Reddit

But someone misheard that as ‘unicorn.’ We trust that you can fill in the rest of the details. Since he was a comedian, he took the situation in stride and, in true comic fashion, found a way to work it into his show!

Kegs of Liquor

It’s heartbreaking to bid a friend farewell. Even if you’re hopeful for a reunion, you can never really tell when either one of you can make time for a trip. But fortunately for this trio, they have years of drinking to catch up on.

Image courtesy of alexdugal/Instagram

The trio’s friendship, distilled in laughter and clinking glasses, promised a spirited reunion. Passersby couldn’t help but smile at the prospect of years’ worth of untold stories and cherished memories waiting to unfold. This is your sign to call up that friend you need to do this with.

Yeah, Whatever

This young lady’s arrival post cheekily announced, “Welcome back, Melissa and some other dude!”. Our guess is that this was the first time Melissa was bringing a boyfriend home. Just how do you think the “other dude” took it? Hopefully, not personally.

Image courtesy of themelissazimmerman/Instagram

Melissa’s bemused smile and her man’s good-natured shrug added to the light-hearted atmosphere. You can tell that this is a fun-loving family that consists of people who always have a trick up their sleeve. “Other Dude” had better get used to it fast.

Choosin’ Bust

Amidst chuckles and waves, a couple eagerly greeted their son and his partner home for the Iowa State Fair. They fully embraced the hillbilly spirit in denim dungarees, white undershirts, and caps. All that was left was a string of hay.

Image courtesy of buckyjonesillustration/Instagram

It must be so wonderful to have such goofy parents. Life is so much better when you’re always assured of being greeted at the airport by loving family and funny signs. We hope they all enjoyed the fair and their time together.

Need Some Lickin’

With Christmas around the corner, Rich eagerly readied a homecoming surprise for Jenn. In the spirit of holiday mischief, he couldn’t help but harbor a playful wish—that his candy cane might receive a pleasurable lick. The guy loves to share his nectar of sweetness!

Image courtesy of bestairportgreetings/Instagram

As the festive season unfolded, he looked forward to welcoming Jenn with a sprinkle of sweet and cheeky traditions, adding a delightful touch to their holiday reunion. Maybe he should have brought over some mistletoe, too, to get the mood going!


Amid the usual chaos of airport arrivals, one mischievous kid couldn’t resist a playful jest. As flights touched down, he humorously announced his brother’s return from early parole. His eyes look up in awe and curiosity, “How did it go?”

Image courtesy of Waterproof_soap/Reddit

Brian only grinned and brushed the crest of hair that had fallen over his hooded eyes. Without giving an answer, he rushed towards his little brother and rubbed the kid’s head. “It’s been a long time. Next time you’re coming with me”. He heard an audible gulp.

Definitely Wanted It

How would you feel if you chanced upon your girlfriend holding an arrival post that read some positive things about you but mostly gave the impression that you were a wanted fugitive? Could you blame her? You stole her heart and brought it with you to an unknown land!

Image courtesy of thecuriouscaribou/Instagram

But instead of a crestfallen look, she looks eagerly at you, waiting to be embraced in your newly tanned arms. Now that you have returned, she puts the sign aside and then takes a few quick strides toward the “liability” that is you.


One daring individual took humor to new heights. Welcoming a loved one back, she humorously claimed to have financed the return ticket through an unexpected source – a “money shot” on a well-known adult platform. You would never expect it from the looks of this Redditor.

Image courtesy of becsmunnsy/Instagram

Upon spotting the arrival sign, the person in question likely cracked up, greeted by a mix of surprise and laughter. She hesitated, choosing to stay safely a couple of meters away, waving her friend to roll the sign up before she came any closer!

Cutting Some Slack

Welcoming a sister back home is bittersweet. You shed a part of your freedom now that you have to sleep in a shared room, but you also secretly celebrate the return of a chore ally. With a cheeky smile, this little brother couldn’t help but rejoice at the prospect of fewer chores.

Image courtesy of loco_gringo_505/Instagram

After seeing her buoyant sister’s shoulders slump, he felt bad for a few seconds then he remembered how annoying it was doing dishes for three whole days! To him, this was a new modernized form of torture that he wanted to unsubscribe from ASAP.

Freshly Laundered

Traveling is a feat of balancing adventure, suitcase space, and cute outfits. As she returned home, this woman’s children greeted her with cheeky smiles, playfully teasing her about her lack of skills in the art of wardrobe improvisation and packing.

Image courtesy of _jake.bassett_/Instagram

We can’t really judge the lady here because if you asked anyone who knows us, they would tell you that we’re the same way. We justify it by saying that it’s better to overpack and be prepared than to have to wear an awful recycled top!

So, Here’s the Deal

In a classic case of dad-teasing, these kids pulled off the ultimate prank, insisting that ‘Larry’ wasn’t their father. With a playful smirk, they held up this sign and even readied faux paternity test results, unleashing a moment of suspense before revealing the joke.

Image courtesy of bradtegeler/Instagram

Larry took the prank like a champ, suggesting the kids and their mother chat with the “real father” for kicks. His good-humored response turned a simple joke into a hilarious family memory, proving that he was indeed the right man for the household. Can you pull something like this on your dad?

New Milestone

Long-distance relationships can be the absolute worst. The difference in geographical locations causes longing and even sadness, which are both sucky emotions. That’s why nothing beats such reunions at the airport. Ask anyone. To make theirs super special, this girl made up a sweet sign.

Image courtesy of chromnilian/Reddit

She and her LDR boyfriend were seeing each other for the first time, and since they were both huge gamers, a video game-inspired sign seemed like a cool idea. Needless to say, the execution was just as awesome. He must have felt like the luckiest guy in the world on arrival.

Even Tan

Imagine a sunny day at the nudist camp, where the older generation freely basks in the sun. Johnny, a cheeky young grandson, couldn’t help but use his airport sign to both welcome his grandparents and compliment them on their impressive tan!

Image courtesy of the conyon / Reddit

His grandparents, taken aback for a moment, burst into laughter. Far from offended, they joined in on the joke, proudly showing off their sun-kissed skin. Also, we have to mention the kid’s impressive poker face. We know we would be able to keep a straight face holding this up!

Crappy Greetings

Just back from a cross-state trip, Christine unwittingly became the center of attention among her peers and, worse, strangers. Her friends welcomed her with a handmade banner that congratulated her on her colonoscopy! See what we meant when we talked about creatively funny friends?

Image courtesy of sarcastagirly/Reddit

To make things worse, they even had balloons shaped like the poo emoji to further emphasize their point! The moment Christine laid eyes on the spectacle, her posture shifted as she tried to get as far away from them as possible. Sadly for her, she was quickly spotted.

Frequenting the Sheep Farm

This one takes the cake! If this was a friend of ours pulling a prank, we wouldn’t eat, drink, or sleep till we came up with a plan to get them back. That said, you have to acknowledge that this was a hysterical sign to hold up.

Image courtesy of TheDapperDoctor/Reddit

Our guess is that poor Ryan has never been on a sheep farm, let alone jail. But seeing as this is the kind of company he chooses to keep, we trust that he survived this airport pick-up. Who knows? Maybe he even deserved it!


What happens when everyone is in on the joke? Look no further than this family who held up banners engaging in a silent conversation where one alludes that Dad is welcoming his ‘new, young girlfriend,’ and the others are complaining that Dad doesn’t even deserve one.

Image courtesy of judyleighreed/Instagram

But of course, Mum was in on the joke. Thanks to Pilates and strict dieting, she was able to halt aging in spite of giving birth to three beautiful kids. Amongst these folks, it seems that only Dad is telling the truth.


Comparing the hardships endured abroad to prison might seem like an exaggerated analogy, but humor us. The reality is that both scenarios involve limited freedom, a lack of familiar comforts, and a constant yearning for home-cooked meals. Oh, and had we mentioned that you’d be away from family?

Image courtesy of u/deleted/Reddit

In Mom’s case, it’s battling language barriers and missing her favorite snacks; in prison, it’s deciphering cellmate chatter and longing for decent cafeteria food. The shared element? The desperate desire for a taste of home – whether it’s Dad’s pot roast or a forbidden chocolate bar.

Welcome back, My Queen

Imagine finding a golden retriever of a man eagerly awaiting the return of his queen after a trip abroad. There he is, tail wagging with excitement, ready to shower her with the unconditional love and enthusiasm only a canine or, in this case, a devoted partner can provide.

Image courtesy of melissa2338/Instagram

His eyes light up, much like a pup spotting its favorite human. He’s practically bouncing with joy. Can you imagine seeing the love of your life holding up a sign like this at the airport? We love ourselves a goofball!

A Kick Out Of

Meet the master of comedic shock, a person who delights in dropping bombshell jokes like claiming he and his wife are distant cousins who are happily married. He gets a kick out of the the awkward laughter and wide-eyed expressions that follow.

Image courtesy of mcnaught.ryan/Instagram

His humor dances on the edge of taboo, challenging societal norms with a hearty dose of irony. In a world where surprises are rare, he injects unexpected twists into everyday conversations. Funny guys are always the easiest to fall in love with but you have to be someone who can take a joke.

The Avoidant

Amidst the crowd, a welcome banner stretched across the airport, teasingly addressing an avoidant at the arrival hall. The rest of the avoidants couldn’t help but crane their necks to confirm that this wasn’t their ride home! Lucky for them, it was addressed to Jimmy.

Image courtesy of orchid_breeder/Instagram

Behind the playful facade, one truth lingered: the boyfriend’s longing for his girlfriend was profound. His eyes betrayed how overcome he felt, finally seeing his girlfriend in person after what had seemed ages. There was no way he could ignore this woman and his child…not in a million years.


As Mark strolled through the arrivals gate expecting a simple welcome sign, he was greeted by a banner that read, “Welcome back, Mark! Your Dominatrix awaits!”. Suddenly, everyone wanted to befriend Mark and tag along with him as he went home.

Image courtesy of swanhilda/Reddit

In the end, it wasn’t just Mark who experienced a warm welcome – a whole crew of strangers was entertained by his welcoming party. The only thing that would make this 1000% better is if she had dressed the part. At least the heels!


Mum has had it. She is tired of hearing her name echoing down the halls of the house, and even worse, hearing it with a list of demands. So, she has decided to abdicate the throne, and leave someone else in charge.

Image courtesy of greeneyedmama/Reddit

But of course, all of this is made in jest. She loves her kid to death, and even more so, when this kid incessantly calls her ‘mom’ just ’cause. The little tyke has to get his attention and she lavishes him with it.

To the Dark Side

In a galaxy not so far away, Star Wars geeks eagerly awaited the return of their very own Anakin Skywalker from his interstellar journey abroad. The arrivals terminal became a makeshift Tatooine, complete with lightsabers and Wookiee roars. *Cue opening credits

Image courtesy of deathstardoll/Reddit

And just like the movies, this crew waited a lengthy three-hours for Anakin’s arrival. As Anakin emerged, the Force felt unusually strong in the air. No one uttered a complaint, for their fate and that of Padme hung in the balance.

Welcome to the Family

Once again, another woman was determined to book a return trip as soon as she had stepped into the arrival halls. She spotted two of her friends in an unfamiliar dress, and worse, one of them was holding a similar one, expecting her to don it.

Image courtesy of eager_sleeper/Reddit

These must be lifelong buddies. They are the only people who would come up with suych an elaborate prank pretending to be mormons welcoming their fellow wife. In the end, she joined them and wore the dress as they all laughed and left the airport.

Teeny tiny welcoming party

Aw, this one is so sweet! Kids and their grandparents are a match made in heaven. For some reason, they always seem to gang up on you as a parent as if one of them didn’t give birth to you and you didn’t give birth to the other!

Image courtesy of the_life_of_winry/Instagram

Oh, well. It is the circle of life and hopefully one day, you will get to be on the happier side again as a grandma or grandpa. This little one had the cutest sign to welcome his nanny and popsie.

Best Picture of Her

A banner unfurls, showcasing a larger-than-life picture of a woman in her most amusing expression. The candid snapshot captures her with her mouth agape, trying to catch a fly with that gaping hole. Was she able to catch it? We can’t say for sure. But she was able to command everyone’s attention.

Image courtesy of doctor.singer/Instagram

Some things never change – like older brothers pranking their younger sisters. Of course, little sis takes things in stride, knowing that she is loved by this playful prankster who had come all the way to pick her up at the airport.

All Over

Imagine a bustling town adorned with quirky signs, but one stands out a “Wanted” poster for a heart thief. The Sketch captures the essence of a woman with a mischievous twinkle, accused of stealing hearts left and right. The reward? Smiles, stolen glances, and stolen breaths.

Image courtesy of xomckee/Instagram

In this lighthearted saga, the town embraces the delightful crime, turning a simple sign into a charming piece of local lore. We just hope that this is this woman’s last victim. Otherwise, she must be taken under custody and made to suffer for her crimes.

Note: Katie is Slender

Meet Katie, the ultimate success story from “Fat Camp.” She turned heads as she strutted out, embracing her journey with pride. Fat camp? More like Fit Camp! The transformation was not just physical; Katie’s newfound confidence radiated through her smile as she walked towards her family.

Image courtesy of dnozzle/Reddit

The only weight she cared about was the weights she lifted, and her family was there to celebrate the pounds she had finally lost. Truth be told, the only weight to be lost here is these two people holding up the sign!

After Being Wedded

Science says that although you may be attracted to someone who is somewhat dissimilar to you, you may also look for a partner who closely resembles your opposite-sex parent. So it shouldn’t come as a surprise that this man found his mate in ‘cousin Daria’ who hasn’t fallen far off the tree.

Image courtesy of MatRich/Reddit

The cheeky revelation is that Daria is not just a cousin but a dazzling girlfriend. With a sly grin, our jokester blurs the lines between familial banter and romantic intrigue, leaving the audience in stitches. They will be related soon (not to worry) after they are wed.

Surprise Surprise

Meeting an anonymous date in person is like unwrapping a mystery gift – thrilling, nerve-wracking, and filled with anticipation. The digital veil lifts, revealing the face behind the screen, and suddenly, a collection of pixels transforms into a living, breathing person.

Image courtesy of cptomgipwndu/Reddit

The nervous energy before the meeting mirrors the suspense of turning pages in an engaging novel. So we understand how much of a wreck this person is, hoping that the person they’re expecting to arrive is a female. Wonder how that turned out.


In the garden of personalities, Trevor stands out like a dill among herbs. Just like that quirky herb with its distinct flavor, Trevor adds a unique zest to life. His humor, often sharp and unexpected, is like the tangy punch of dill in a dish.

Image courtesy of darlindarthy/Reddit

However, just as too much dill can overpower a recipe, Trevor’s antics occasionally toe the line between amusing and overwhelming. Luckily, his partner appreciates that side of him, so she dressed up like this to show him that she had missed him.

Who Pays Premium?

An oversized banner reading “Brad Pays For Tinder” was spotted at an airport. Laughter erupted, turning heads and drawing smiles from strangers. What kind of a person does that? The dating scene is certainly more cruel these days but this is another level.

Image courtesy of MrCrush2U/Reddit

Then again, if it’s Brad’s last chance at true love, then who are we to judge him for subscribing to those services? In fact, it almost looks like Brad’s trip to visit his foreign lover was a success. We wouldn’t be surprised if he found someone to share his life with before these dudes.

New Bride

This lady buzzed in excitement as she prepared to welcome his dad from a trip abroad. She had done it a million times before, but this time, she wanted to do it with a twist. So, she made up a sign to welcome her dad and his mail-order bride!

Image courtesy of likealocaltravel/Instagram

Well, Dad’s mail-order bride doted on him, that was clear. The two couldn’t be separated, save for this lone instance when their daughter snuck in to have a picture taken with them. The moral of the story is that you have to trust Dad’s choice in brides.

Llama Have One

From their fuzzy fur to those soulful eyes, llamas have captured Amy’s heart. She doesn’t just admire them; she embraces llama-themed everything, from decor to accessories. Friends playfully tease her about starting a llama sanctuary, but the thing is, she’s set on getting one as a pet.

Image courtesy of amy.mauvan/ Reddit

Her fascination isn’t just a passing phase; it’s a llama-filled lifestyle. That’s why, for her return home, a couple of friends got together and made this hilarious sign. We are sure she loved their backup plan of a kiwi bird.